How to Pass GEICO Interview

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Geico will commonly call the qualified candidates who have applied for certain positions in this company virtually, during the pandemic of Covid-19. Either a virtual job interview or in-person one must be taken seriously, as your interview condict can be just as big of a factor in your hiring.

If this is your first time you just got a job interview from Geico, you surely need to prepare yourself to be ready for the interview. Thankfully, this post will show you a bunch of tips and tricks to successfully pass a Geico interview. So, let’s learn one-by-one  through our post below!

How to Pass GEICO Interview

Passing the Geico Interview, Here’s How!

The hiring process commonly consists in an online application, online assessment and an interview in one of the branches of Geico. In the interview, you will be presented with several questions where you should answer them correctly.

Generally, there are some questions that will trap you to answer it logically. Here are some tips and tricks to pass the Geico’s interview:

  1. Make sure to tell yourself briefly

At the beginning of the interview, Geico’s HRD staff usually asks you to tell yourself. Make sure to tell yourself briefly, that it’s not wrong to talk about your interests and hobbies. When telling about your working experience, you have to focus on related working experience, if you have.

You also need to try to focus on the good things that you did in your former jobs, lessons you have learned and how they prepared you for the job with Geico, what things you achieved in the company.

In sales and customer service, anything is a relevant experience. If you have lack of experience, that’s not a showstopper, since Geico provides a decent training program for all new hires. Geico will not consider your lack of experience as a huge disadvantage, as long as you have good communication skills and motivation to learn.

  1. Tell your strong reason to work at Geico

Just like other companies, Geico will also ask you to tell why you want to work at their company, and why not choose their competitor. When they ask a question about it, you can try to show some positive associations you have with Geico’s brand.

You can also give opinions on their brand building activities, entertaining ads and marketing campaigns and also the way Geico presents itself to the outside world. Tell them that you are more interested in Geico than the presentation of other insurance giants.

Alternatively, you can also refer to their core principles and values that they try to promote in their workplace, diverse teams, feeling of community and fair and rewarding system of bonuses for everyone in the company. Geico should feel that you did Geico as your first option and that you did not select them only, as you could not find a better offer at the moment.

If you also have a great experience with one of their sales representatives, in person or on the phone, you can give an opinion that Geico’s services are worth it.

  1. Tell the reason why you leave your last job

You may be asked to tell your reason why you left your last job. The key is to explain something that you did not find in your last job. However, it can be found in your new occupation realistically, while working for Geico.

You may not feel appropriately rewarded for your attempt in work or you couldn’t benefit from a huge and established brand in your sales efforts or you did not like the working culture. If Geico terminates your contract, you must be honest.

Make sure not to blame the others and admit making a mistake. Certainly, you made a mistake and should go because of it. However, you learned your lesson and do not plan to repeat the same mistake while working at Geico.

  1. Set goals for yourself in the job

At Geico, all things are monitored and quantified. They took micromanagement to extremes, owning a metric for everything. Therefore, you must love goals whether someone else sets them for you in your job or you set them for yourself.

You also need to assure the interviewers which goals are not stressful for you. On the other hand, it’s nice to have a target, something you can aspire to. This is a benchmark that you can try to meet or exceed each month.

  1. Make sure that Geico’s customer is your first priority

When Geico gives you a situation when a customer complains about the service that they received from you, you also need to assure the interviewers that a quality customer service is your first priority.

Therefore, you need to listen to the customer cautiously and try to identify the main problem. Perhaps, you made a mistake and they just misunderstood something. However, you can listen and try to handle the customer’s complaint without emotions that focus on the solution of the problem.

Additionally, you can try to learn from the situation, so you will not repeat the same mistake when you experience a similar situation with another customer. Hopefully, you will know how to do things better.

  1. Make sure you have realistic experience about the work

In your job, you will not hear only words of praise. Some people may be upset and  others will reject your offer. That’s the way it will go in any customer service or sales job. Of course, you must assure the interviewers that you have a realistic experience about the work and count with negative aspects of the job.

First and most important thing is to understand that people will not reject you, but reject your offer. Sure, it is a fundamental difference, even though that is hard to get our head around. Second, you should know that a sales job is no walk in the part. Don’t be surprised if you more often hear no, than yes.

Okay, those are some tips and tricks you can take to pass the job interview with Geico.

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