How to Not Get Caught Using Course Hero

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You may want to use Course Hero, but you are afraid that you will be caught by your teachers. You are able to use Course Hero without having to be caught by your teachers if you use the platform wisely.

Using Course Hero Without Being Caught by Teachers

Course Hero is present to help you to solve your problems in your study. However, it does not mean that you can copy-paste any content from Course Hero. Course Hero is able to be used by you to supplement your studies, expand your resume skills orĀ  increase your understanding of a topic.

If you want to use Course Hero without being caught by your teacher, here are some tips to use Course Hero according to the GradeBees site.

  • The first tip is that you have to paraphrase the answer. It means that you have to formulate your answer by yourself. To do that, the first thing that you have to do is to read the answer given on Course Hero. While reading it, you have to understand it. After you understand it, then you are able to write what you have understood on your own.
  • You have to avoid the same copies. You have to avoid writing the same copy of what is given on Course Hero. To avoid it, you are able to use synonyms, reword sentences and change the voice of the sentences.
  • You have to use different viewpoints. If the answers which are given on Course Hero are stated in short summaries and it is not explained, you are able to use the points to give your own explanation. You may have different views on the points and it is not a must that you have the view given on the answer. However, you also need to note that you have to avoid plagiarism by not copying the points directly.
  • You have to use Course Hero for comparisons only. By using it for comparison only, it is not categorized into cheating so that you will not get caught by your teachers. When you have finished your work and completed it, you are able to use the answers given by Course Hero to compare your arguments to those answers in Course Hero. If you think that there is a mistake in your answer or statement, you are able to make corrections. For your information, Course Hero may have used a different method to arrive at an answer. So, you will know other methods to answer a question. In Course Hero, there are also textbooks and resources which can be rented by students. These textbooks and resources can be used by students to read on certain topics from which questions arise and get more understanding about them so that you are able to be comfortable in answering the questions. This platform is an important feature for the academic life of students as long as they use it wisely and for the right reasons. If you use Course Hero just for copying and pasting the answers from that platform, then it is better for you not to use it. It is important for you to know that knowledge that you get from the platform is more important than the score that you get from cheating. If you insist on using Course Hero for cheating, the consequences of what you are doing can be severe.

The Way Your Teachers Know that You Copied from Course Hero

How can our teachers know that we copied answers from Course Hero. There are several methods which are done by your teachers whether your answers are original or not. As explained on the GradeBees site, here are the methods that your teachers do to know whether you copied answers from Course Hero or not.

  • Your teachers will check the paper structure. Some students usually copy and paste the answers from Course Hero carelessly which means that they do not edit the answers when they copy it. If your teachers are keen, they will notice it and they will investigate the source of the work. When your teachers have found work from Course Hero, and they know the font size and style used, they are likely to suggest that the work was obtained from there. If the teachers or professors call Course Hero to help to investigate such papers, Course Hero will cooperate fully to prove whether the work was taken from their site.
  • Your teachers will check your work with a plagiarism checker. There are a lot of Course Hero papers available online. Or, when you get an answer from Course Hero, you may just copy and paste it without doing modification at all. If so, when your teachers use plagiarism checkers, they will find that you take the answers or paper from Course Hero. Plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin have the ability to check Course Hero content.
  • Your teacher will check the quality of the paper. A lot of papers have poor quality where they have mostly false information. If there are some papers which have wrong information and they are submitted to your teachers or professors, your teachers or professors may source for the origin of the work. Course Hero is used by a lot of students so that it is possible for a lot of students to submit the same paper. When teachers or lecturers find the same papers submitted by different students, they may know that the papers have been gained from the same source. After they do an investigation, they will finally know that the paper is from Course Hero.

So, if you want to use Course Hero, you have to make sure that you use it wisely. It means that you only use it as a resource to understand about a topic, not for copying and pasting the answers. If you want to get answers from Course Hero, you can do that. However, make sure that you make your own sentences after you understand the explanation of the answers so that it is not categorized into plagiarism and you can stay safe.

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