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To make it easier for authors to showcase their academic publications such as journals, theses, abstracts, dissertations, etc., Google Scholar Citation comes to make it happen. With the use of Google Scholar Citations, the authors will be able to check who is citing their writings, count several citation metrics and graph citations over time.

The more your writing is quoted by others, the more trusted your writings are. Of course, you can make your Google Scholar Citations public to make your writings to be found easier and faster by people.

Well, there are a number of ways you can take to increase your Google Scholar Citations count. If you are currently looking for ways to increase your Google Scholar Citation count, don’t waste your time, let’s dive into our post to find them!

1) Make sure your writings solved practical problems

When writing a research paper, you will need to pay keen attention to make sure your paper has an immediate impact on society. In other words, your paper must be able to solve any practical problems. Your paper must always be able to handle the challenges and introduce new technology.

2) No wrong to cite your past writings

Of course, you can cite your previous writings in the present if it is relevant to a new manuscript. The citations must be related to the present paper. Even though self-citation can increase your citation count, but make sure to not reference every paper you have written just to increase your citation count.

3) Always link evidence to your paper

To make your writings trusted, you always have to provide links to the supporting evidence to give evidence to the statement presented in your paper. If you add relevant links in the reference of a research paper, of course, it can increase your Google Scholar citation count.

Furthermore, it will be possible for a reader to easily access the related sources and evidence for your research paper. Some authors may prefer the research papers with more reference. Of course, citing it in their own work can really increase their citation count.

4) Make sure to carefully choose your keyword

Choosing  a keyword for your research paper is a must, since it will lead your writings to appear in a database search. As a reference, you may need to choose at least four keywords for your paper.

Once choosing a keyword, you may need to repeat it properly throughout your research paper including in the abstract, introduction, body and also conclusion. To make it easier for you to choose the right keyword, we’ll show you some clues to writing the title, headings and abstract. Here are they:

  • Title: To make a title, you may need to write around 60 words including the keyword related to the topic and of course, the title should be short and descriptive. When creating a title for your research paper, make sure to write it in a clear, precise and brief manner.
  • Headings: When writing a research paper, you may need to divide your research paper into a good number of paragraphs and make sure to include keywords. However, the keywords can help Google Scholar identify the context of your research paper.
  • Abstract: In a research paper, abstract is a very important part and must include at least 4 to 6 keywords. Those keywords must describe the main idea of your research paper. If you optimize your keywords, Google Scholar can rank your papers higher.

5) Make sure your paper easily accessible

Accessibility is a very crucial aspect in increasing your Google Scholar citations count. That means you should provide easy-access for people to find your paper. To make your paper easily accessed, you can try to publish it in an open-access journal and post your pre- or post- publication prints to a respiratory.

To increase your citations count, your research paper should be shared widely. When sharing your writings, make sure to check SHERPA RoMEO to find your publisher’s copyright and self-archiving policies regardless of sharing your published manuscript.

6) Promote your research paper

One of the faster ways to increase your Google Scholar citations count is by promoting your paper among other authors. You can publish your paper on some scholarly website such as ResearchGate, Science Direct, Kudos, etc.

So far, these websites will give you a platform to share your research paper among peers, get their suggestions and also improve the visibility of the paper. When visibility increases, your citation count will also increase.

7) Use social media to promote your paper

Since your paper should be shared widely, you can also use social media to promote your paper faster. You can share your paper on some social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Of course, the research papers which are easily accessible and available to the public will have a good number of citations.

8) Make sure the information on your writings is original

If your research paper has an original idea, it will be more effective than one which is based on it. Therefore, a research paper which publishes a breakthrough result is likely to have more citations.

Furthermore, an effective paper is one which has experiments that can be performed practically with actual results. Well, those results and findings can be used by others in their work. Of course, it can really increase your citation count.

9) Use a consistent form of your name on all of your papers

To make it easier for others to find all of your published papers, you need to use a consistent form of your name. If your name is very common, make sure to consider obtaining a research identifier such as an ORCID. Of course, you can provide your ORCID in your email signature and make sure to link that ID to your publications list.

10) Collaborate with fellow authors

Collaborating with famous authors/ researchers is considered as the most effective way to increase your citation count for your research paper. If you want to take this way, make sure to always consider selecting authors/ researchers who have already published their famous articles and whose writings are actually trusted.

Okay, those are several ways to increase your Google Scholar citations count.

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