How to Improve Lexile Levels in Achieve3000

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A Lexile measure is an important tool that can be used for parents, teachers and also students to measure for reading ability level and also to measure how difficult a text is. By using Lexile measures, you will really know at what level your reading skill.

Considering this tool is worth, the Lexile measure has been adopted by plenty of schools especially in the United States for reading growth. Well, MetaMetrics Lexile Framework has become the most widely used reading metric in its 30-year history in the world.

So, if reading skill is one of the requirements that you should have to get a career, we think that understanding Lexile measures to improve your reading skill is a must for you. That means you should improve your reading skill to increase your Lexile levels.

Here’s how to improve your Lexile levels in Achieve3000!

Look for the reading materials with comprehension

The first way that you can do to improve your level Lexile is by looking for reading materials with a comprehensive “sweet spot” of 100L below to 50L above your Lexile measure. By reading materials in this range, it surely will provide an ideal of challenge while maintaining comprehension. Moreover, the Lexile Framework for reading is different from any other reading score you get as you can use it to help accelerate your skill.

Use Lexile & Quantile Tools

If you do not find the suitable book based on your Lexile level, alternatively, you can try to use a Lexile & quantile tool which can help you to get the appropriate books. Try to access the tool here.

Once accessing this tool, you will have a bunch of menus which will navigate you. In order to get a proper book based on your Lexile level, you can try to type the title, author, keyword or also ISBN on the Quick Search bar. You can also search by grade and Lexile measure and by interest. After you completely fill the bar, you can continue by clicking on Search button.

Of course, before going on looking for books, you should create an account first.

Find books which match with your Lexile level

The Lexile levels are mathematically and scientifically staged which is assigned based on the readability and difficulty of a book or other reading forms. After you know your Lexile level, you surely have to look for the books based on your Lexile level to encourage your daily reading practice at home.

In the way of finding the books, you can also use the Lexile database to search by Lexile level, title, or also subject to find books where you will enjoy and be more capable to read without becoming discouraged.

Use magazine to look for ideal reading material

Aside from books, you can also try to find a magazine. For example, if your Lexile level is at 770, of course, you have to use a magazine with a 770 L. You may already know that the reading levels per classroom are wide-ranging and varied. Sure, there are plenty of factors which go into matching a student to his and her ideal text.

In this case, you can use the Lexile Framework to start in finding the suitable magazine at the right Lexile levels due to it targets areas in need of intervention which can push achievement across grade levels and curriculum.

Read passages as much as possible

Sure, Lexile level cannot be separated from the LevelSet in Achieve3000. That means if you want to improve your Lexile level, you also have to increase your LevelSet. So, by reading passages as much as possible, it will help you to improve your Lexile level. You should take your time to read the passage, practice for answering the question and choose the correct answer.

Increase your LevelSet score

Why we recommend you to increase your LevelSet score, it’s because LevelSet is the most accurate results to give your best efforts. When you take the LevelSet test, you should take your time to read carefully and answer the question correctly as you cannot go back to change an answer on a previous section. Finally, the test will stop when your Lexile score has been determined.

Well, those are plenty of ways that you can try for improving your Lexile levels in Achieve3000.

Lexile Levels for Reading Ability

Lexile Framework’s goal is to measure someone’s reading ability with complex texts on a single development scale. Lexile measures are displayed as a number with an “L” after them – 880L means 880 Lexile. Lexile measures of students were obtained from tests or reading programs. For example, suppose a student who received the 880L on the final reading test is a Lexile 880 reader.

Here are some points about Lexile Measure:

  • A higher lexile size will indicate a higher reading ability.
  • Lexile measure can range from under 200L for new readers to over 1600L for advanced readers.
  • Someone who scores below 0L will receive BR for Beginner Readers. In some cases, the code of BR is followed by a number and an L, for example, BR150L. The lexile  BR150L will indicate that the Lexile reader measure is 150 units under 0L.

Funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the Lexile Framework for Reading has been carried out on over 20 years of extensive research. This study used a fairly different approach to measuring readership and text to result in adoption by education departments in nearly half of the states and school districts in all 50 states.

Today, tens of millions of students around the world have received Lexile measurements that can be used as a reference to help them choose the articles, books and websites that are available. This is because major book retailers, text publishers, testing companies, and use Lexile measurements.

After more than 20 years, the Lexile Framework for Reading is recognized as the most tested and widely used reading metric as a powerful tool for connecting students with material at the right level of challenge and monitoring their progress towards achieving their goals and standards.

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