How to Host a Live Kahoot on Zoom

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Kahoot actually bridges you to get e-learning or remote training flexibly. Aside from learning Kahoot by yourself at home, Kahoot can also be used to learn live remotely through video conferencing tools. One of the most popular tools that have been used by a lot of people is Zoom.

Of course, you can use Zoom to host a Kahoot with your students, colleagues and others. If you are the host and want to share a Kahoot live on Zoom, you definitely have to follow some extra ways to ease you hosting your Kahoot on Zoom. So, let’s see a guide of how to host a live Kahoot on Zoom!

Here’s How to Host a Live Kahoot on Zoom!

After your Kahoot is ready, you can then load up the game and collect the players. If you are the host, you may need to host your Kahoot remotely through Zoom. However, hosting your Kahoot with your friends and colleagues is pretty easy to do. Keep in mind, to host a live Kahoot, you should get your Kahoot all set up.

To host a live Kahoot, here’s what you can do:

  • First, go to the Kahoot site.
  • After accessing the Kahoot site, you may need to log into your Kahoot account. Then, find your Kahoot to host.
  • Then, you will need to connect to the Zoom. In this way, ensure your webcam, speaker and microphone are turned on.
  • You can then click on the ‘Play’ button to launch the Kahoot. It will bring you the lobby that shows the game PIN.
  • Here, you have to share your screen to allow others to join and see the game PIN.
  • You can then host the Kahoot as usual. In this session, you should be careful to not speak over the music that plays during the timer countdown. Here, you have to wait until the final answer responses that will be shown to talk, or you can mute your speaker to talk over the game music.

That’s it! You successfully host your Kahoots through Zoom and let people play your Kahoot easily.

How to Host a Live Kahoot on Zoom

In addition to hosting a live Kahoot, you may also need to share the link. In this case, all Kahoot games can be played at any time. So, you can also add a direct link to your Kahoot games to your Google Classroom notes or through emails to your students. Furthermore, you can offer your students to play your Kahoot in their own time, or call up a friend to play together.

Tips and Tricks to Host a Live Kahoot on Zoom

To make it successful for you to host a live Kahoot on Zoom, you may need to do some pro tips and tricks that we will share with you below.

  1. Before you host your Kahoots, it would be better for you to do a dry run. This way aims to know the setup with your computer and Zoom. Before starting to host your Kahoot, you may also need to check your webcam, muting your microphone and also muting your speaker.
  2. Avoid turning on more than the microphone or speaker in the room at the same time to reduce feedback.
  3. Make sure to close other tabs or windows to reduce pressure on your web browser loading speed.
  4. You can also re-share images and video in between questions to spark discussion.
  5. Ensure to include a word cloud question to give your audience a voice, no matter where they are and create your game more inclusive.

If you do the tips and tricks that we’ve shown above, it should put you in a successful way in hosting a live Kahoot on Zoom.

What Will You Need to Play Kahoot on Zoom?

Kahoot will require each player to have their own controller. In this case, the answers should be input through the controller while the Zoom window displays the game questions. There are at least two ways to answer those questions while playing Kahoot, either by using a browser or through Kahoot mobile app.

So, here’s what you need to play Kahoot on Zoom!

  • The host of the game is very necessary to share his screen with the rest using Zoom or also other video conferencing tool.
  • The players will need a PC to find the questions by running the video conferencing app. They will also need a device to use as a controller (phone).

It is important to note, you can play Kahoot only using a PC. However, you have to keep swapping between the questions on Zoom and also the browser. As the questions have time limits, this way may not be advised.

How to Identify Learners in Zoom?

You may have access to the player identifier feature, depending on your Kahoot for business subscription. However, it allows you to match player scores to names, emails or also other parameters. Before joining the live game or challenge, the players will be required to enter their emails or real names before they enter a nickname. Well, this way will help you identify the players and see their performance.

How to Prepare Your Live Kahoot Quiz?

If you want to share your live Kahoot quizzes with your friends, you may need to set up your Zoom first. It means that you should create your Zoom account and practice with your sound levels, sharing your screen and also webcam settings.

The next step, you may need to create your questions by setting up your Kahoot account and adding your questions. You can run your quizzes by yourself first to check if it works with the correct time. After you have set up the Kahoot quiz, you will get a link and share it with your participants.

Last, you can send out an invite by including the link to the Zoom and the Kahoot quiz. In this case, the participants will not need to download Zoom to join. They only need a microphone and camera that are linked to the device that they use.

After all requirements are met, you can then easily host your Kahoot quizzes with your friends through Zoom Meeting.

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