How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently from Your House by Using This Method

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It can feel like a nightmare, if you have bed bugs in your home. Do not worry, here we are going to share some ways to get rid of bed bugs permanently from your house. Make sure you read the entire text from this page.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently? 

Here are some steps you can do to get rid of bed bugs permanently from your house:

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently from Your House by Using This Method

Step 1: Watch for the First Signs of Infestation

You may not know that you have bed bugs until they have started feasting on you. By the way, do you have bites anywhere on your body? Usually, bed bug bites are raised, red bumps which follow a zigzag pattern. They are able to be itchy, blisters, or they may not feel like anything at all. Rust-coloured excrement spots on your bedding is another sign of bed bugs. Actually, this is from your blood after they have bitten you and digested the blood. In severe cases, bed bugs are able to give off a musky odour. If you notice a strange smell in your bedroom, or any other room, you have to investigate for other signs of bed bugs. Lot of different types of pests will give off a scent. Therefore, be prepared for other infestation problems other than bed bugs.

Step 2: Wash All Your Fabrics

After you have discovered signs of bed bugs in your home, it is time to get to work. Need to know that heat is an effective killer of bed bugs. Thus, start washing your belongings in hot water. Bed bugs removal from your clothes, towels, bedding, pet beds, and stuffed animals is important. Anything which is made from fabric must be put in the washing machine at high heat. Then, you are able to dry them in your dryer at the highest heat level possible. For items you do not want to put in the washing machine, like your shoes, you are still able to put them in the dryer for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Deep Clean Your Mattress

While bed bugs are not restricted to beds only, mattresses are a common place to discover them. Start by using a stiff brush to scrub at the seams of your own mattress. This makes their eggs and shells come loose. Then, you have to vacuum every side of the mattress. Remember that your vacuum could be infested by the bugs and their eggs. When you are done with it, you have to place it in a sealed plastic bag and put it outside the house. Just leave it out there for several days so that the bugs suffocate.

Step 4: Fill in All Wall Cracks

Tiny cracks in the plaster of your walls are hiding spots for bed bugs. You should do a thorough inspection of your home’s walls. Check the walls for damage and areas bed bugs could be hiding. You are able to use wallpaper glue to seal down lifting edges or remove the paper altogether. Fill in all wall cracks with plaster or caulk.

Step 5: Declutter Your Own Home

You have to do an intense decluttering of your own home. Cool and dry areas make perfect environments for bed bugs to breed. Go to the boxes under your bed and in your closet to get rid of bed bugs. Declutter your books, magazines, and clothes. At the end of the process, you have to know where every belonging is and when it was cleaned last.

Step 6: Seal What Cannot Be Cleaned

What about the items which cannot go in the washer or dryer, like chairs and tables? Those items need to be sealed off in plastic cases. If the bed bugs are hiding in their cracks or corners, sealing them for up to a year will kill them. For several items, you may be better off getting rid of them.

Step 7: Steam Clean Often  

The steamers are a nice tool for maintaining a bed bug-free home. The heat of the steam will be able to kill bed bugs and their bed bug eggs. Please take your steamer and slowly spray each room with it. You have to pay attention to the closet shelves, baseboards, window trim, and the carpet. Ensure the steamer is set to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit and also use a low setting for the airflow. For note: Too much airflow may cause the bed bugs to scatter.

Step 8: Discover a Pest Control Service in Barrie

All DIY bed bugs pest control treatments can work, however, they are not as effective as a professional service’s methods. Please look for pest control services in Barrie which have many years of experience as well as plenty of good reviews. You are able to ask for their bed bugs control price. They have to be thorough in their inspection and realistic on the outcomes of their service. Frequently, a second treatment is required after the first to make sure the infestation is really eradicated. To get rid of bed bugs permanently, you have to stay on top of preventative measures.

Step 9: Prepare Your Own House for Treatment

After you have booked a bed bugs control service, then you have to prepare your own house for the visit. Keep in mind that the treatment will be at least 6 hours. Therefore, make plans for your family to be out of the home. Please launder and seal all your belongings, including your furniture. Do not move large furniture away from walls. Keep your dresser, bed, and couches where they usually are in your house.

Step 10: Get Regular Inspections

After your home’s treatment is completed, then you have to be proactive about the future. You are able to schedule regular inspections of your home with a reputable pest control company. Keep an eye out for signs of the bed bugs in your own home. Let the professionals take a deeper look. If you want to get rid of bed bugs permanently, ongoing maintenance is key. We get information that Mr. Pest Control has been giving pest control services in Barrie for over 20 years. Their experienced and highly trained technicians will effectively remove bed bug infestations from homes and commercial settings.

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