How to Get Photomath Plus for Free

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Photomath is a trusted solution app to solve mathematical problems, check the homework and also learn more about math subjects that the students have not received yet at their class. This is such a great way to help the students in facing the school exams and also the upcoming ACT/SAT.

Photomath provides free trial and paid plans that you can choose. However, the free trial option will not allow you to access the premium and additional features within the app. With free trial, you may only get the step-by-step explanations. So, is it possible for you to get premium features with a free trial plan?

Is It Possible to Get Photomath+ Without Subscriptions?

How to Get Photomath Plus for Free

You may already know that Photomath offers three payment plans for you, they are free trial , 1 month subscription ($9.99/ month) and 12 months subscription ($4.99/ month). If you can choose a free trial option,  you cannot get the premium features within.

In fact, the monthly subscription provides a bunch of features within the app including step-by-step explanations, custom visual aids, extra ‘how’ and ‘why’ tips and deep-dive solutions for hundreds of textbooks. Otherwise, a free trial plan only provides step-by-step explanations, without any great additional features.

The good news! You can now enjoy the premium features within the Photomath app without subscription cost. Is it possible?

Yeah… You can really gain the Photomath’s premium features for free by using third-party. The third-party is a kind of website called that allows you to unlock the premium and additional features with their free App Tweak Tool.

The site has hundreds of amazing mods for apps and games that prompt you for subscription. With the help of this mod, you will be able to unlock everything for free. So as with Photomath, you can get the premium service without spending your money for a subscription.

This Photomath Plus mod allows you to scan and solve all your mathematical test problems and obtain the detailed explanations for each solved problem and many more. The Photomath Plus Free is available on both Android and iOS. So, you can try to download the Photomath+ app for free through

How to Get Photomath+ For Free?

The only one way to get Photomath+ for free is by downloading the app through To download the Photomath+ for free, you can access the As the Photomath is a mobile app, you surely have to access the on your mobile browser, especially Google Chrome.

How to Get Photomath+ For Free

Once you access the, you can see a list of apps that can be downloaded within the Of course, the app listed on this mod is initially a paid-app where you may need to spend a certain amount of money for subscriptions.With the help of Apphat mod, you do not need to pay for these apps.

To download Photomath+ for free, you just simply type ‘Photomath Plus ’ on the available search bar. The Photomath+ for free that can be downloaded on is for 1 year free subscription. Then, click on the ‘Photomath Plus’ to continue.

After clicking the ‘Photomath Plus’ on the list, there will be a pop up window that informs you of the ‘Installation Required’. After that, click on the ‘Start Installation’ and then follow the instructions on the next screen.

You will get a pop up notification where it is connecting with your phone. After the final stage of installation, you will see a list of apps that you should download. The mobile apps here are such the Sponsors.

Keep in mind, to get Photomath+ for free, you will need to download at least two free sponsor apps first. The site promises that Photomath+ for free will be automatically downloaded on your mobile after downloading the two free apps.

We think it’s such an easy way for you to only download two free apps on your mobile. So, you can click on one app and it will take you into Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS. Then, click the ‘Install’ button to continue installation. Wait for a while until this free app is installed on your mobile Phone.

Then, you should go back to the previous page on to download one remaining free app. To download it, you just repeat the way that we’ve mentioned above. Make sure to download two free apps on your mobile to get Photomath+ for free.

If you have downloaded two free apps on your mobile, the Photomath+ for free will be automatically downloaded on your mobile. Once the Photomath+ for free is completely downloaded, the Photomath++ app will appear on your mobile phone screen.

Of course, you can then use the app to solve mathematical problems and also learn more about math through a handful of apps. That’s how to get the Photomath + for free app and you can use this free app just like using a paid-app or subscription.

So, it is your turn to try downloading the Photomath+ app for free through, a paid-app mod. Let’s see if the way that we have explained above is working or not.

How to Use Photomath+ App?

Photomath+ app is a great solution for the students who get homework and prepare for an exam. To use this app, you just simply scan your worksheet and handwritten math problems using your phone’s camera. Aside from that, you can also type and edit equations with their scientific calculator.

Once you scan your handwritten or printed worksheet, Photomath+ app will break down every your math problem into easy-to-understand and simple steps. Of course, you will really understand the core math concepts, so you will be able to answer the questions with confidence.

The Photomath+ app also provides a bunch of features that you can use when looking for a solution for your math problems. Here are the features:

  • Scan reading books (printed) AND handwritten questions
  • Scientific calculator
  • Step-by-step explanation for each solution
  • Various solving methods
  • Support 30+ languages
  • Interactive

For more information, you will get a solution for any mathematical topics within the Photomath+ app including Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry/ Precalculus and many others.

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