How to Get Free Course Hero Access

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Do you want to use Course Hero but you do not want to subscribe to it? Well, actually you are still able to access Course Hero even though you are not a paid member because Course Hero has a Basic Membership which is free to use. But, how do we get this free Course Hero access?

Getting Free Course Hero Access

As explained on the Course Hero site, there are a number of ways that you can do to unblur or unlock documents and use Course Hero for free. Uploaded documents can be accessed for free and you are also able to help others learn when you upload your own original study materials and documents.

How to Get Free Course Hero Access

Yes, you have to upload documents to Course Hero platform so that you are able to unblur or unlock documents in Course Hero. If you upload documents, you will be given Unlocks and any Unlocks that you get are good for 30 days. You can use Unlocks to unlock or unblur and view full Course Hero documents, Textbook Solutions and Explanations and Q&As. Questions that you get are also good for 30 days and they are able to be used to ask questions of Course Hero’s online tutors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furthermore about accessing content in Course Hero for free can be read below.

Several Ways to Get Free Course Hero Access

Even though you do not subscribe to Course Hero, but you are still able to get access to Course Hero. This platform offers you some ways to be able to access Course Hero content for free.

  • Uploading Resources
    The first way to be able to get free access to Course Hero is to upload your original study materials to help students learn. So, you will get free unlocks for sharing your knowledge. If you submit 10 documents, you will get 5 unlocks.
  • Content Stats
    You are able to get unlocks if your content gets unlocked or gets a thumbs-up rating from other users. When 5 of your documents get unlocked, you will earn 1 free unlock. When your document gets 5 thumbs-ups, you will earn 1 free unlock.
  • Rating and Review Content
    If you give feedback, it can help make Course Hero better for everyone. You will be given more free unlocks by Course Hero to thank you for rating and reviewing the content you have unlocked. If you rate 5 documents or 5 questions, you will get 1 free unlock. If you review 5 documents, you will get 1 free unlock.
  • Referring Your Friends
    Another way to be able to unlock content in Course Hero is by referring your friends. You can tell your friends how awesome Course Hero is. Then, they will get 20% off when they sign up and you will get 8 tutor questions for each friend who joins.

Course Hero Subscription

If you want to access a lot of content in Course Hero without having to do the ways above, it means that you have to register for a paid subscription. As explained on the G2 site and Review42 site, Course Hero offers three pricing options as you are able to check below.

  • $39.99/ month
    If you register for this subscription, you will get 1 month of access and you can ask up to 10 tutor questions.
  • $19.95/ month
    If you register for this subscription, you will have 3 month of access and you are able to ask up to 20 tutor questions. Every 3 months, you will be billed $59.85.
  • $9.95/ month
    If you register for this subscription, you will be able to get 12 months of access and you are able to ask up to 40 tutor questions. Every 12 months, you will also be billed $119.40.

As you are able to read from the subscription options above, if you select the annual membership, you will be able to save more money in the course of the year. You can compare it to the 3-month membership and you will find that the annual membership will cost you $120 less per year. Meanwhile, if you select the monthly membership, it will cost four times the monthly payment of an annual membership.

When you decide to subscribe to Course Hero, you need to note that Course Hero will not interrupt your service. The meaning is that at the end of your commitment period, your subscription will renew automatically. If you want, you are permitted to cancel your subscription anytime.

Canceling Course Hero Subscription

As explained earlier, if you have subscribed to Course Hero, you are able to cancel it anytime. If you want to cancel your Course Hero recurring subscription, you can do that by following the instructions below.

  • Did you sign up through Course Hero website? If so, you can follow the steps below to cancel your recurring subscription.
    • The first thing that you have to do is to log in to your account and then you have to hover over your profile picture and go to your Account Settings.
    • After that, you need to click on the Stop Recurring Membership button.
    • Then, you have to follow the instructions on the page to confirm cancellation.
  • If you signed up through iTunes, the cancellation can be done directly through your iTunes account. You are able to contact Apple directly for any billing related questions.
  • What do we have to do if we signed up through the Google Play store? If so, you are able to cancel your subscription directly through your Google Play account. You are able to contact Google Play Support if you have questions related to any billing.

After you have finished the process of cancellation, then you will receive an email which confirms that your membership has been canceled successfully. After the period of your membership expires, your account will change to a Basic Membership.

It is important for you to note that cancellation will be effective within 7 business days. Before cancellation can take effect, all debts and fees need to be paid.

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