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Do you use Achieve3000 as your learning tool? When you use it, you may find some difficulties in answering the questions of the activity. So, is there any tips to get every answer right on Achieve3000? We have some explanation about it.

Tips to Get Every Answer Right on Achieve3000

After reading a text in Achieve3000, you have to answer the questions. When you try to answer the questions, you may feel that it is difficult so that you need some tips about how to get every answer right on Achieve3000. Here, we have some tips about how to get every answer right on Achieve3000 that may be useful for you.

  • You have to read the text carefully.
  • When you read the text, make sure that you do not do it in a rush.
  • You need to read the text not only to read it, but understand it. So, make sure that you understand it well.
  • You are able to read the text again if you think you do not understand it yet.

Answering The Questions After Reading Text

In the lowest class such as pre K, students will just have to learn how to write letters. Then, in the upper classes, students will learn to read a text based on their level. The difficulty level will based on their grades and levels.

If they can read, they will be given a text. After they read text, there will be some questions that they have to answer in multiple choices. The questions will be about the text. The questions are presented to test the comprehension of students. If they understand the text, they should be able to answer the questions well.

If you want to answer the questions well, you have to make sure that you read the text carefully. When you read the text, take your time, don’t do it in a rush. So, you will be able to get everything from the text.

Never ever try to cheat. So far, we do not find any cheating way. However, if there is a cheating way, never do it. If you cheat on answering the questions just for earning the best points, you will get nothing. Reading the text and answering the question

Achieve3000 Offers You Learning to Read and Reading to Learn

Achieve3000 has some programs and one of them is Smarty Ants. In the Smarty Ants, the students will learn how to read from the very basic thing. And then, they will be able to read a simple and short text to a complicated text based on their grades. By the time, their ability to read will improve so that the complexity of text which is given to them will also change.

Students who have mastered their foundational and decoding skills transition to improve the comprehension of their reading. After the students graduate from Smarty Ants, then they will be able to transition easily to expanding their vocabulary and getting content-area knowledge through their fiction and non fiction reading assignments in Achieve3000 Literacy.

In the Smarty Ants, students will be given the practice by level. Here are the lessons of Smarty Ants.

  • PreK

Levels 1 – 2

There are 19 lessons.

The lessons that students learn in these levels are Upper & Lower-case Letter Names and Simple Word Building.

  • Kindergarten

Levels 3 – 6

There are 37 lessons.

The lessons that students learn are Letter Sounds, CVC Words, Silent ‘e’, Consonant Blends, and Consonant Digraphs.

  • First Grade

Levels 7 – 11

There are 30 lessons.

The lessons that students learn are R-Controlled Vowels, Letter Combinations, Vowel Digraphs/ Diphthongs, Compound Words, Suffixes and Prefixes, and Pronouns and Possessives.

  • Second Grade

Levels 12 – 18

There are 27 lessons.

The lessons that students learn are Authentic Literature from Candlewick Press, Reading Comprehension and Oral Fluency, and Nonfiction Science Texts including Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science.

Achieve3000 Literacy

Achieve3000 Literacy empower all teachers in English language arts, social studies and science to be able to differentiate literacy and content-area instruction easily. So, they are able to give every student the chance to get and stay on track for success after graduation.

In the Achieve3000 Literacy, you will get differentiated instruction. It is the process of adapting instruction to meet the needs of each individual student. It begins with getting to know the interests and abilities of your students. Then, it will end with watching them engage, learn and grow.

With Achieve3000 Literacy, you will also see accelerated literacy growth which happens when the actual growth of students exceeds what is expected based on their current reading level and the length of time they engage in instruction.

The success of a student can be checked with a systematic and flexible approach to measuring growth, forecasting performance, targeting instruction and creating a culture of literacy that celebrates and supports every student.

About Achieve3000

Achieve3000 is an edtech which was founded in 2000. Then, the company was a pioneer in the use of differentiated instruction both inside and outside the classroom. For 20 years, Achieve3000 has been guiding the transition of educators to online learning. Now, they are present to be able to give a help to districts to navigate the shift between teaching students at school and at home. They do this to ensure every kid especially those most at risk, stays on track.

Achieve3000 has a mission. Their mission is to be able to accelerate and deepen learning for students everywhere.

  • Mission

Their mission is that together to unlock potential and accelerate learning for every student.

  • Vision

Their vision is that to inspire and lead the transformation of literacy worldwide.

  • Values

Their values include membership, innovation, passion, credibility, adaptability and transparency.

Learning platforms of Achieve3000 include Smarty Ants, Achieve3000 Literacy, Actively Learn, and Achieve3000 Math. The key benefits of Achieve3000 solutions are as listed below.

  • They provide equity and access for all.
  • They offer culturally relevant content.
  • They accelerate learning growth.
  • They promote deeper learning.
  • It is designed for maximum flexibility.
  • They deliver proven learning gains.

Do you want to join with Achieve3000? Make sure that your kids can get the best way to learn to read and then read to learn.

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