How to Get a Job at Bank of America

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You may want to get a job at Bank of America, but you do not know where to go and what you have to do. Here, I have some explanation about it and you can read it below.

Getting a Job at Bank of America

According to the Bank of America site, you are able to search for open positions on the Bank of America site in the Career section. You can search for open positions by desired location or by keyword. On that site, it is also explained that keyword searches will scan position titles and job descriptions for a match and it will provide you with results based on relevance. All results are able to be filtered by career area and also by company division and it permits you to be able to further refine your list of available opportunities.

How to Get a Job at Bank of America

Applying a Job at Bank of America

On the Bank of America site on Careers section, it is also explained that you are able to apply for a position by clicking the Apply button on the positions’ job description page. If you click on the Apply button, you will be taken into the Bank of America application portal where you can upload your resume or import your information from LinkedIn. You may also be asked to answer questions specific to the role that you are applying for.

You will have to create an account or log into your existing account before you begin the process of application. It will permit you to save an in-progress application if you are not able to submit all in one sitting.

Here are several things that you need to know about applying to Bank of America according to the Bank of America site.

  • You have to submit your application via the Bank of America application system to be considered.
  • Resumes will only be accepted via Bank of America online application. They do not accept paper copies in  lieu of a digital submission.
  • You are allowed to apply for the position through your mobile device.
  • They can accept applications from individuals not currently residing in the city or country the role is in. Their goal is to find the strongest candidate for the position. So, if you are not in the location of the position but you would be willing to relocate, you are able to apply to that position.
  • Let’s say that you are already employed at Bank of America. If so, you have to make sure to notify your manager if you are chosen to interview for another position as they may be asked for performance feedback at any point in the process. If you are chosen to interview, your manager will be contacted.

After you have submitted your application, then a confirmation email will be received by you. If you are chosen to interview, a Talent Acquisition representative will contact you. However, if you are not chosen to continue in the hiring process for a specific job opening, you are able to continue to search the Bank of America Careers site and apply for other positions that are suitable with your skills and experience. It is important for you to know that your candidate profile and resume will also be available to their Talent Acquisition team to be considered for alternative vacancies.

Interview For a Position at Bank of America

As explained on the Bank of America Careers site, you may be asked to take part in competency-based job interviews. If so, the number of interviews may vary depending on some factors such as country, role or line of business. It is also explained on that site that every situation differs, but you are able to expect interviews to be a mix of phone calls, in-person conversations, conference calls and/ or video interviews.

Every interview that they conduct introduces candidates to Bank of America’s products and services, history and mission and also they are always interested in a prospective teammate’s aspirations, character and values. You will be involved in lively discussions with HR team members, business managers and possible peers. They will find how you would fit their culture and help them deliver even better results for their clients.

They interview for competencies and they may use competency-based exercises, assessments and screenings to measure key aptitudes, attributes and values that you will need. Interviewers will hone in the suitable competencies and they will ask applicable questions for the role.

Here are some questions and scenarios posed to candidates according to the Bank of America Careers site.

  • “As you know, businesses, the financial market and technology are changing faster than ever. Tell us how you keep up with changes in technology, the market or your field. And give us an example of something new you recently learned?”
  • “Teams are often made up of people with perspectives and ideas different from your own. Tell us about a time when you worked on such a team? How did the differing perspectives lead to team success?”

Tips For Applying

When you are applying for a job online, you have to make sure that you read the job description thoroughly. When you apply for a position at Bank of America, you also have to do that and then you have to edit your resume according to the requirements of the job description. Also, you have to make sure that you focus on the relevant skills and work experience that you have which makes you a good fit for the position that you are applying for.

If you get an email from the recruiter, you have to be familiar with the job description before you interview. Also, you have to know the salary range and benefits that the job offers.

Best Entry-Level Positions at Bank of America

According to the Land Your Life, Bank of America offers a number of entry-level positions for applicants and these positions work directly with customers and provide superior banking services.

  • Bank Teller
    This position is responsible for handling all monetary transactions with customers.
  • Personal Banker
    This position is responsible for providing financial services and products to all customers. So, you must help customers to find out what their financial needs are.
  • Relationship Banker
    This position is responsible for helping customers who enter the lobby. If you become a relationship banker, you will greet all customers and give them the information they are looking for.

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