How to Get a Job as a Phlebotomist with No Experience

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Applying for a job as a phlebotomy when you do not have any experience is nothing to be ashamed of, particularly if you just graduated from the phlebotomy program. In fact, there are a lot of candidates that just graduated from their study when applying for a job.

To apply for a job as a phlebotomist without experience, there are some tips and tricks that you should take in order to be considered by HRD. If you want to be a phlebotomist but you don’t have any experience, let’s see a bunch of tips and tricks  in our post below!

How to Get a Job as a Phlebotomist with No Experience

Applying for a Job As a Phlebotomist Without Experience, How to Do?

To get a job  as a phlebotomist without much experience, the most important thing you should notice is in your resume. You may need to know how to create a solid resume. If you do not have many previous jobs to provide on your resume, instead you can rely on your education and skills to enhance your resume.

It’s important to note, a good resume will be brief and to the point, as the cleaner and more concise your resume, the more likely your resume will be read and considered. On your resume, you should provide a clear objective statement which suggests the job that you want.

Afterwards, you can also list where you have received your education and any extra certifications that you may have obtained. If you have any professional experience, it will be useful when applying for a job without much experience.

If not, you may need to focus on listing your personal characteristics and skills which will be precious in your future career. Here are some traits that a phlebotomist will need:

  • Patience
  • An even temper
  • Kindness
  • Good bedside manner
  • Stamina
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Strong customer service skills

Before applying for a job as a phlebotomy, you may need to list your phlebotomy skills and achievements that include any areas of training where you excelled. For instance, you may be exceptional at using a butterfly syringe. You can also list that you have completed 100 successful venipunctures.

Keep in mind when applying for a job as a phlebotomist, you need to search for the job postings which will suit your skills. Make sure to look for job postings that do not require much more experience.

In case of seeking a phlebotomy job, you may need to visit the website of local hospitals and clinics. In fact, most sites will have a section in which you can see their current job openings. You can still try to apply for another position, even if they do not hire for a phlebotomy.

It is likely that they will keep your resume and you may have a bit of a chance by being at the top of the resume list when they are hiring. Another alternative, you can also go to certain healthcare facilities in person nearby.

However, it’s not wrong to ask what is currently being offered. So, you can drop your resume off in the process. By getting a face-to-face interaction with someone will sometimes make a significant difference. Then, they may be likely to remember you as a job becomes available.

What Should You Do to Get a Phlebotomy Job Without Experience?

To get a phlebotomy job without experience, the qualifications you need include training and patient care skills. Certainly, there are some ways to start on this career path. One of them is to enroll in a phlebotomy program at a vocational school.

You can also try to pursue certification or a degree in medical assisting that commonly includes phlebotomy training. You can also look for professional accreditation from the National Phlebotomy Association and the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). In this case, the certification will require clinical practice and classroom. You definitely should complete on-the-job training, as some states do not require a degree or certification.

Even though being a phlebotomist does not require much experience including entry-level positions in blood donation centers or labs in medical facilities, it’s likely easier to get a job if you have much experience in the phlebotomy field.

Why do you need to try to apply for a phlebotomist unpaid? That’s because some employers will give opportunities for new phlebotomists to get clinical experience. In those jobs, you can collect blood samples from patients for diagnostic purposes, labeling and documenting each sample correctly.

If you collect blood from donors, you should be responsible for positioning each contributor, drawing blood and also recording the details of each donation. Perhaps, some entry-level phlebotomists will find employment in mobile donation centers or during blood drivers. Well, other positions may be available on weekends or in the evenings. So, what you should do is just wait for the chance to come up.

Where to Find a Job as A Phlebotomist?

It’s important to note that hospital is not the only option to apply for a phlebotomy job, meaning phlebotomy can work in some places. Certainly, you should expand your options by thinking outside the box.

There are other options that you can apply for phlebotomy job, here they are:

  • Emergency Clinics

The Emergency clinics are different from hospitals, although they’re both open 24/7. If people have a severe medical problem, they will go to emergency clinics voluntarily, however it is not severe enough to require an ambulance.

  • Private Practices

Keep in mind, small doctor’s offices do not always need a phlebotomist on site, but many do. Even though it is not a full-time position, you can try to apply for this position in a small doctor’s office. By doing so, you will gain experience and also offer you a cozy working environment for learning the ropes. When you do not limit yourself based on your basic to specific employment, more chances may come up for you.

Well, if you want to gain experience, you can try to apply for phlebotomist voluntarily. We guarantee that they will help you get experience, which in turn will help you to get a paid-job faster and easier.

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