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For some reason, you may want to edit or replace your answers in Course Hero. After finding the wrong part of your question, you may feel guilty for providing wrong answers or unclear explanations to the students who have spent their money for subscriptions.

Especially if this is your first time answering the student’s questions, you may still be confused about how to answer the question and how to provide the explanation as clearly as possible. After submitting your answer, you may wonder whether you can edit your answer in Course Hero or not. To find out the real information about it, let’s dive into our post below!

Is It Possible to Edit Your Answer in Course Hero?

That’s very impossible for you to edit your answer in Course Hero, after you submit it. For the terms & conditions, you cannot edit or replace your answer, though some parts of your questions are wrong.

Aside from that, there’s no ‘Edit’ option or button available in Course Hero that allows you to edit or replace your answer, after you submit your answer. Of course, it’s a parameter that you cannot edit or replace your answer with.

How if you submit an incorrect answer? If you’ve submitted a wrong answer or also an explanation, you may need to clarify any doubt in the comment box and tell them the correct answer. Even though it may be a rare chance, we hope that the students will understand and keep giving you a good rating.

In this case, we suggest you carefully look for the sources for your reference in answering the student’s question. Make sure to always re-check your answer before you submit it to the student.

Answering the Questions in Course Hero, How to Do!

To answer the questions in Course Hero, you need to click on the ‘Continue answering question’ option. After that, you must select the categories and also sub-categories related to the questions. The categories that will appear including:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Business
  • Social Science
  • Arts & Humanities
  • History
  • Foreign Language
  • Etc.

After you find appropriate categories and sub-categories related to the question, you can tick them as many as possible, as long as they match the question. After you tick the categories and sub-categories, you must then click on the ‘Start Tutoring’ button to answer the question.

In order to answer the student’s question, you have to write your question in the available bar. To answer your question, you can write the given question, answer the question specifically and clearly and also provide the direct and specific answer based on the questions in the answering box.

To expand and summarize the explanation based on your answer, you can write it in the explanation box. You have to ensure to connect the topic organizedly.

When you are answering the student’s question, make sure to answer it with your own words. It means that your answer shouldn’t belong to someone else. To ensure your answer is not plagiat, you can also check your answer through to avoid copyright.

Here are tips and tricks of answering the student’s question:

  • Provide a step-by-step explanation

If you provide your answer and explanation step-by-step, it will allow the student to get an easy problem solving. This way is commonly useful when answering the question of science technology engineering and mathematics.

  • Explain the underlying concepts behind a problem

When answering the student’s question, you may need to explain the principles and approaches, so that the students can apply the concept in solving other problems.

  • Provide links to outside examples and resources

When your answer and explanation are relevant, you can also include links to outside examples and resources. In this case, a link will add context that makes your answer more trustworthy and help the students to  learn.

  • Check for grammar and accuracy

Before you submit your answer, you can also check for grammar and accuracy first. Keep in mind, the mistakes will confuse the students and make it more difficult for them to understand your solution.

  • Make sure your answer original

In answering the student’s question, your answer should be original, meaning you have to use your own words to avoid plagiarism and copyright issues. If you copy the answer from another source, your account may be blocked. To check plagiarism, you can use a seo tool that will help you find out the originality of your answer. Well, you visit

Okay, those are some tips and tricks that you can take when answering the student’s question.

Becoming a Course Hero Tutor, Here’s How!

If you are interested in being a Course Hero tutor, you may need to know a bunch of requirements that you should meet before you apply for becoming a tutor. Here are some requirements that you should meet to be a Course Hero tutor:

  • Make sure to provide your proof of education such as certificate, diploma and unofficial transcript, etc.
  • Show your valid ID either government ID or school issued
  • Provide your photo with the submitted ID to allow the hiring manager to verify your identity easily.

After you meet those requirements, you can then create a Course Hero account by following some steps below!

  • First, head toward creating a Course Hero tutor account page here.
  • After that, you can start creating your Course Hero account by entering your email address, username and password. To create a Course Hero account, you can click on the ‘Sign Up as Tutor’ button.
  • Once creating a Course Hero account, you may need to select the subjects that you would like to be a tutor for.
  • Make sure to complete the application form available.
  • You should also upload your ID, a photo of you holding your ID and your academic credentials.
  • You will get approved and be allowed to start tutoring if you are eligible as a Course Hero tutor.

That’s it! You successfully created an account as a Course Hero tutor. Now, it’s your turn to start earning money and enjoy your tutor’s way.

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