How to Create a Kahoot Quiz for Free

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It will be fun if you can create a quiz for your students. One of the ways that you can do for creating quiz is using Kahoot. In Kahoot, you are able to create a quiz and there are a number of question types that you can choose to create.

How To Create a Kahoot Quiz in Browser

If you want to create a kahoot quiz in your browser, you are able to follow the steps below.

  • The first step that you must take is to log into your Kahoot account. So, make sure you have a Kahoot account first. If not, you can create it.
  • After you log in to your Kahoot account, then you must click on the Create button which is able to be found in the top navigation bar.
  • Then, you must choose New Kahoot.
  • In this step, you need to start typing your first quiz question and you can add 2 to 4 answer alternatives. You do not need to be worried if you make changes because the change will be saved automatically.
  • On the right side, you need to adjust the timer and also do not forget to choose the amount of points to award for a correct answer. adjust the timer and choose how many points
  • And here, if you want to create more questions, you must click on the Add Question. It is important for you to note that depending on your subscription, you have the ability to add the other question types in addition to multiple-choice quizzes. From the list below, you are able to see the other question types in Kahoot.
    • Type Answer
      Type answer is a question type where students will be asked to type a short correct answer.
    • True or False
      This is a question type which allows students to decide whether a statement is true or false.
    • Poll
      This is a question type which collects opinions of students.
    • Puzzle
      This is a question type where students have to place answers in the correct order.
    • Open-ended
      This is a question type where students are asked to type a long answer and it can be a good way to collect in-depth feedback.
    • Slide
      Slide is a question type which gives more context to a topic.
    • Word cloud
      Word cloud is a question type which collects short free-form responses.

If you want to change the question type, you can do that on the right side and you do not have to retype it.

  • In this step, you are able to make the question more engaging. To make it, you can add an image or video. You can upload an image from your computer or you are able to choose one from Kahoot’s built-in image library.
  • Then, if it is needed, you can change their order by dragging and dropping questions.Drag and drop questions to change their order, if neede
  • Now, you must add a title by clicking on the Enter Kahoot Title and you can do the other settings here as well. In the Summary screen, you are able to set who can see your kahoot.
  • Finally, you must press Done.

Question Bank for Helping You Create Quiz in Kahoot

When you create a question in Kahoot, actually you can try to search questions from the existing ones in Kahoot’s question bank. So, you do not need to type the question from the start. If you use the question bank for creating questions in Kahoot, you will be helped to create kahoots up to 3 times faster.

How to use a question bank? First, you must click the Question Bank button where it is able to be found in the left side panel when you are creating your kahoot. Then, start typing a question and review autosuggestions. When a relevant question is found, you have to click Add.Question Bank for Helping You Create Quiz in Kahoot

Importing Presentations and Creating Interactive Lessons

In Kahoot, you can subscribe to Kahoot Premium+ or Kahoot Edu. If you subscribe to it, you have the ability to import existing slides from PDF, PowerPoint or Keynote. After that, you are able to combine them with question types so that it creates an interactive lesson. Below, you can see the steps to import presentations.

  • First, you must click on the Import Slides which can be found on the left side.
  • And then, you are required to follow the steps to upload a file with a presentation. The slide importer in Kahoot is able to support some file formats including PDF, .ppt (PowerPoint) and .key (Keynote) presentation formats.
  • If you have uploaded it, you are able to move your slides around or you are able to delete some of them. However, note that you are not able to edit the content.
  • And now, you must add interactive questions to engage students and increase participation.

Creating a Kahoot in Kahoot App

Do you know that you are able to create a Kahoot in Kahoot app? Using the kahoot app makes it easier for you in creating a quiz because you can create it anywhere anytime.

  • To create a kahoot quiz in kahoot app, you must open the Kahoot app. And then, you must make sure that you are logged in to your account.
  • After that, you have to tap Create at the bottom of the screen.
  • You must add the title and description or you are able to go back to this screen later.
  • Here, you must tap Add Question and then choose a question type that you want to use. Or, you are able to use the search field above if you want to access the question bank.
  • In this step, you must add the question and answer options and also the images.
  • Previewing your kahoot can be done here to check the look of your quiz. You are able to preview by tapping the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen and then you have to choose Preview.
  • After you finish making the quiz, then you are able to hit the Save button. Let’s say that ¬†there is some important info which is missing. If so, the kahoot checklist will notify you.

Importing Quiz Questions from a Spreadsheet

Do you know that in kahoot there is a spreadsheet importer? With it, you will be helped in using the existing multiple-choice questions from other tools. The spreadsheet template is able to be downloaded and then you are able to follow it to prepare questions, answers and time limits for each question. When your kahoot is being created, upload the filled template by clicking on the  Import Spreadsheet.

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