How to Check Your PowerSchool Grades

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Do you want to check your grades on PowerSchool? If you really want to know about checking your grades, you have to read this text until the end. Here we are going to share information about checking your PowerSchool grades.

How to check your grades in your classes?

To check grades as a Student or Parent, you are able to go to the Grades tab in any of your classes and then select Gradebooks.

In the Grades view, you are going to see all your currently published grades for the class. At the top level of the page is going to be a Term grade for the class. Beneath the Term, you are able to see each Grading Period, including the total grade for each period. Next to each Grading Period is a percentage that represents the Weight of the grading period. In this case, grades within the first Grading Period are worth 50 percent of the total term grade, while grades within the second Grading Period are worth 50 percent. If you do not see a percentage or letter grade displayed for a Grading Period or Term, it means that your teacher may not have published these grades yet. They will need to release these grades for viewing before you are able to see them.

How to check your grades in your classes

As a Parent, if you have some students in a class, you are able to use the drop down list at the top of the Grades view to switch between each student’s grades.

Categories and Grades

To see individual assignment grades, you are able to click on a Grading Period to expand it. Grades are going to be organized under Categories, and directly next to each Category you will see its weight. In this case, the grades received for the Class Activities category create up to 20 percent of the final grade. While the grades received in the Homework category create up 20 percent. Under the Percent column for each category you are able to see the cumulative score for items in that category.

Categories and Grades

Grades are going to be listed under their respective Categories with the dated items, ordered from the oldest due date to the most recent. The grades without due dates are  going to be displayed below, sorted alphabetically. For each Gradebook Item, you are going to see the name of the item (that sometimes will be able to link directly to the graded item), the Due Date, if the item has one, the score in Points, the score in Percent, and the Letter Grade, if your teacher has already selected to display letter grades in the Gradebook. If not, you are only going to see the score in Percent and Points for each assignment.

Grades will be listed under their respective Categories

Teachers – How to check Grades in PowerSchool Learning for iPad?

Need to know that the Grades feature in your PowerSchool Learning app is going to display all published Grades in active Classes. You are able to access the Gradebooks for your classes by choosing the Grades option in the left-hand menu. To see your Gradebooks, you only need to tap the Grades icon near the bottom of the menu. This is going to take you to the list of Gradebooks for all of the active Classes in which you are a Teacher. The Gradebook names are displayed as Class Name: Gradebook Name. To see your Grades for a specific Class, you have to expand My Classes and choose the Gradebook. It is going to expand to show any Roster Sections which may be set up in the Class. Here, parts A and B are specified.

Select a Section to reveal all entries currently published in the Gradebook. Clicking any Gradebook entry is going to open an additional dropdown menu, listing each student in your Class, along with their grades, to the right of their name. If your class has a class schedule, you are also able to tap the Term menu at the top of this panel to switch between Terms and Grading Periods. Select All Categories to filter between different Categories here. Also, you are able to always use the Search icon to start searching gradebook entries across your classes

Aside from that, you are able to sort and view grades by Student. To do that, you have to select My Students in the left panel. Please select a student to reveal the Gradebooks associated with that Student in classes that you teach. To see Grade and Entry details, choose a Gradebook and then select a Gradebook entry from the list of the Latest Grades. If you have left a Comment with a grade, it is going to be indicated by a speech bubble icon. Please tap an entry for a student to see details about that Gradebook Entry. If you have left a comment for the student, it is going to be listed in the Grade block on the right-hand side.

If your Gradebook contains more than one Term or Category, those dropdown menus are going to appear here. Please tap each menu to reveal additional sorting options for Terms and Categories.

Why does grade in Learning Class not show up in PowerTeacher?

In most cases, grades which are entered into a Learning class will automatically appear in your PowerTeacher Gradebook. This will occur automatically, so if you are not seeing this, there are some things to check that could be causing trouble here. For note: This article only applies to District or School Accounts which have configured the PowerSchool Grade Integration for their domain.

Checking your Class: A badge is going to appear above the Class menu next to Grades. This is going to let you know that there are several scores which have not successfully been passed to PowerTeacher. Once you visit the PowerTeacher Logs, you are going to see whether any individual scores have not been passed over completely. If you move your cursor over the ! mark, then you are going to get additional info to help you.

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