How to Apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Life

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What is the hierarchy of needs? And how does it apply in real life? Well, here we are going to explain what the hierarchy of needs is and how to apply it in real life. So, make sure you will read this article until the end to get this great information.

What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Need to know that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory in psychology. It consists of a five-tier model of human needs, frequently described as hierarchical levels within a pyramid. The lowest requirement in Maslow’s hierarchy must be satisfied before moving to higher levels. Here are those five needs:

  1. Physiological Needs: Water, food, shelter, sleep, excretion, etc.
  2. Safety Needs: A sense of security of the self, health security, job security, and safe environment.
  3. Social Needs: Love relationships, strong bonds.
  4. Esteem Needs: Good reputation, Self-confidence, and respect.
  5. Self-Actualization: Spontaneity, morality, and acceptance.

How to Apply Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Life

Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Real Life

Below is an explanation about how to apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs in real life.

Physiological Needs

These physiological needs represent health and biological requirements for survival.

  • Do you have a house with clean water, heat, and food in it?
  • Is it a safe refuge?

Abraham Maslow considered these as the most important needs of all. In his model, the others are considered secondary.

Safety Needs

Humans have an innate need for safety so that their nervous systems will be able to relax and not be in fight all the time. Whether this safety is compromised by a neighborhood’s crime rate, the pandemic, the flooding of shootings in the country, that would be external safety. Abraham Maslow’s safety needs hold an assumption that externally there may not be safety, however in one’s own home, there is.

In the year of 2021, we are able to say safely that whether physically or emotionally lots of people who do not internally feel safe in their homes. It could be due to financial ruin and losing the home or more wicked reasons. It could be due to domestic partner violence in the home and chaotic family dynamics.

Abraham Maslow’s model of assuming safety in the house. That threats are externally out of the house is not the truth today. The foundation of a house does not mean safety.

Social Needs

Under Maslow’s hierarchy, this is the middle group, the need which falls neatly. This is one of the most important needs because it has to do with a sense of being able to receive and give love to family, friendships, children, etc. It assumes that there is good faith, friendship, intimacy, trust and acceptance which is assumed to be in a reciprocal arrangement.

Esteem Needs

Here, Maslow’s model assumes that a person’s personal desires are a stable positive evaluation of one’s own potential and vision of themselves. The bar assumes that people are going to discover meaningful work equivalent to their own skills, the feeling of achievement, competence, and self-mastery.


In this traditional read of the top, pinnacle of motivation of the pyramid is self-actualization which is seemingly secular or lacking spiritual or consciousness. This is based on a material sense and the false hope right now. The hierarchical triangle will assume that as each need from the bottom up is met, there is no method a man cannot be self-actualized as if you can dream it, you are able to see it.

Some Daily Life Examples of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Now let us check some daily life examples of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Breathing, Drinking and Eating

Imagine a world without oxygen for five seconds; are going to start dying. Oxygen is a crucial requirement for the survival of all living beings. Also, eating and drinking are vital for staying healthy. Food and water are the two basic requirements for our survival. Water, air, and food come under physiological needs that must be satisfied before moving on to other needs.

Cleansing, Dressing, and Excreting

Likewise drinking and eating, excretion is an important part of our daily life activities, though this is regarded as a highly private activity. Bathing and dressing are necessary to fulfill our basic needs. Also, it belongs to physiological needs.

Employment and Job Security

Employment is the basic need of any individual to get a livelihood and satisfy our basic needs. Also, a secured career is the dream of everyone. For instance, being fired and not having savings will make our safety needs very difficult to get fulfilled. This falls in the category of safety needs.

Salary and Stable Environment

After getting a job, of course a salary and a safe working environment are the two requirements of every employee. Throughout their career, the employees strive to get into a safe and secure work environment. Also, it belongs to safety needs.

Pensions and Benefits

You may have seen your grandparents getting monthly pensions. Of course, getting a pension makes them feel independent. Thus, benefits like pensions are an essential part of the social needs that make the individual satisfied physically and emotionally. This is an example of safety needs.

Family and Friends

Perfect family relationships or friendships are what an individual hopes for. Not having a good family relationship, support from loved ones, and good friends will make the individual feel lonely. This will not help you to satisfy your needs of love and belongingness. To avoid issues such as loneliness, depression, or anxiety, it is very important for you to have a healthy social life.

Job Titles and Recognition

Having a good job title will increase the respect of the employees at the workplace as well in their society.  A good job title will lead to a rise in his worth. People who can satisfy the esteem needs by reaching good self-esteem and the recognition of others tend to feel confident in their own abilities.

Acceptance and Creativity

Life is not about making much money, and having a luxurious home, it is about knowing ourselves. A human being will feel most satisfied when she/he understands that she/he realizes her/his full potential. It comes under self-actualization where a person understands her/his core strengths.

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