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After claiming your CFA digital badge, you can then share it to your social media platform, especially LinkedIn. Why should it be on LinkedIn? On LinkedIn, of course, you can show your profile as professionally as possible, so that the HRD of any company will notice your profile a lot, so you may find a job easier.

Unfortunately, many CFA badge holders do not yet know how to add their CFA badge to LinkedIn. Whereas, adding the CFA badge to LinkedIn is pretty easy to do. If you happen to look for the guide to add your CFA badge to LinkedIn, you can dive into our post to find the guide. Let’s check the guide out!

Adding the CFA Badge to LinkedIn, Here’s How!

It’s pretty simple to add the CFA badge to LinkedIn, as long as your CFA badge has been claimed first. Before adding your CFA badge to LinkedIn, you surely have to claim your CFA badge first through Basno.

It is known that CFA Institute points Basno, a leading digital badge vendor, to distribute CFA digital badges frequently. Once you have claimed your CFA digital badge through Basno, you will receive an email from CFA Institute to allow you to add or share it to LinkedIn. Let’s do the following steps to add your CFA digital badge to LinkedIn!

  • First, you have to log into LinkedIn.
  • Then, you need to go to your profile.
  • After that,  you can select the ‘Add Profile’ section.
  • Select the pencil edit icon under About on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Then, select the ‘Link’option.
  • In the next page, you should paste your digital badge URL and then select ‘Add’.
  • To show your profile accurately, you may have to provide a clear description especially if you’ve completed all three levels of the CFA program, but you’ve not completed the requirement of work experience. The example description you can provide is ‘Passed all three levels of the CFA Program and may be awarded the charter upon completion of the required work experience.’
  • If the description is clear enough, you can then select ‘Apply’.
  • Last, click on the ‘Save’ button to continue adding your CFA digital badge to LinkedIn.

Now, it is a great time for you to add your CFA badge to LinkedIn and show off your CFA credential on LinkedIn to boost your profile, so you may get a job easier.

Claiming Your CFA Digital Badge, Here’s How!

As we’ve mentioned, you can share or add your CFA digital badge to LinkedIn or other social media after claiming your CFA digital badge via Basno. Keep in mind, you can claim your CFA badge after you receive an email from CFA Institute. If you also need the guide to claim your CFA digital badge, you can do the following steps:

  • Once you receive an email from CFA Institute, select ‘Claim your badge’ link in the email.
  • After clicking the link, it will take you to the Basno website.
  • If  you are at Basno page, you must sign up for Basno. To register with Basno, you can use your email address or Facebook.
  • The next page will then redirect you to your digital badge page in which you want to claim your badge.
  • Last, you can share your CFA badge to LinkedIn or any social media.

That’s how to claim your CFA badge via Basno. Claiming your CFA digital badge is pretty straightforward to do, isn’t it?

Get to Know About Basno

CFA Institute points Basno to distribute the CFA digital badge on a daily basis. Even though you’re familiar with Basno, you may not know it deeply. It is known that Basno is a platform to create and gather digital badges.

Badges on Basno actually recognize excellent accomplishments, commitments, skills and expertise. Of course, people are proud to have the badge on Basno and of course they proudly share them with family or friends and meet other accomplished badge owners.

Furthermore, badges on Basno will grant the owner’s recognition from family, friends and businesses. We think that behind every great badge is such a story and a community of excellent people doing extraordinary things.

How does Basno work? Basno allows people to create a badge and share it to their friends, family and colleagues via their social media platform. With Basno, an individual accomplishes, thinks up or commits to something amazing, badge worthy and deserving of recognition.

The creators of the badge will give it a name and description. After that, they will upload their own design or work with the Basno team to make a beautiful and unique badge. Afterwards, they will also customize how to distribute the badge, for example the invitation only, allowing owners to invite other owners or requiring proof.

Of course, people will be invited to have or prove that they have obtained the badge. Afterwards, they will share their badges and speak with other badge owners, making a community of shared experiences in which each owner will be recognized with a unique digital badge.

How Helpful Is Basno for People?

With the use of Basno to issue credentials, the institution or individual can positively impact the way people package and promote their experience and skills. Of course, Basno is very helpful for people to easily get their credentials from any institutions they’re engaged in.

Through Basno, the institutions or individuals can easily distribute credentials within ease and total control. Distributing the people’s credentials is just as easy as sending an email. People will also receive unique invitations, so that only the right people can claim a badge.

To make issuing dynamic and adapt to your systems, they can really use Basno’s tools and integrations. Basno will also allow the institution or individual to attach the option to download or print an eCertificate to any badge and vice versa.

With the use of Basno, the institutions or individuals can easily supervise how people engage with the badges that they invite them to have. They can also see who claims their credentials that people posted on their social media platform.

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