How Often Does Udemy Have Sales?

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Udemy makes it to the list of one of the biggest online platforms. It has more than 46 million students and it offers more than 183,000 courses. Besides, it also teaches in more than 75 languages. There is no doubt that this site is popular worldwide.

For those who have been browsing the Udemy courses, you may realize that something is strange. One day, you might see that the Udemy courses cost $10 each. However, the price might change to something like $90 when you visit next week. After seeing this kind of thing, you might be wondering how often Udemy has sales. Keep going to find out the answer to the question and to find out what is really going on behind the scenes to have such wild fluctuations in the price.

How Often Does Udemy Have Sales'
The reason why Udemy prices are always changing is that it is due to their strategy known as Urgency Marketing. Aside from the price, you might also see a countdown clock and a marketing slogan that says something like “End the year strong, sale ends October 24”. It is their strategy to add the sense of urgency to trigger the users to tact on this sale. Everyone who knows how the business works will know that it makes perfect sense as this strategy has been proven to work.

The sad news is that the prices can increase to up to $199, which is more than 10 times of the original price, if you do not make a decision upon the sale. In fact, nothing has changed. The prices are still the same. Many believe that they have only increased in price on your computer or device. If you see the price that is higher compared to the first time you saw in the past and you want for the original price to come back, you can try these following methods:

  • Method 1: Visit Udemy in an incognito browser

While being the first time buyer is good as there are a lot of sales and discounts, it does not mean those who have already signed up or purchased a Udemy course do not get anything. For those who have already signed up or purchased a Udemy course, they can still get the best prices. If you are one of them, you can try to use Incognito or private browsing. By doing, you will be able to be presented with much lower prices on the same Udemy page. Not only that, another thing that you can try is to use a VPN to search for courses.

  • Method 2: Clear cookies or cache on your browser

In addition to all of them mentioned above, clearing cache and cookies is also worth trying to find the best prices. By doing this and then refreshing the main course landing page, you should be able to find that the price or sale has decreased significantly.

If you want to get the best price for your Udemy course, aside from trying the methods above, there is also another method that you can try, which is to buy first time. One of the best ways to get low prices on any Udemy course is being a first time buyer. If you are the first time buyer, the chance of you getting a lot of sales and discounts is high, which is good as it means you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right course.

When does Udemy have sales? It should be noted that Udemy courses are always on sale. In other words, all the courses offered by Coursera are at normal rates and then inflated after a specific amount of time. However, everything can go back to the original situation after doing some of the methods explained above.

Once again, the schedule of Udemy’s sales is basically all the time because these courses are designed to be individually priced and purchased. While it opens the possibility that an individual course may not be on sale or the same is not one that you are interested in, there is a chance that the courses that you are interested in will be on sale at a different time.

As a business, Udemy takes advantage of the holidays and events when the sales tend to be a lot more frequent compared to the common days. Sometimes, they also have specific sales, such as Back To School. Make sure to check out the price of the course that you want to take at and around certain dates and holidays. Here is the list of some particular times to look out for:

  • January: New Year Sale (every course is discounted on the site), End of the Month Three-Day Flash Sale
  • February: Valentine’s Day Sale
  • March: ‘Buy More, Save More’ (you will be able to get more discounts if you buy more courses)
  • April: ‘Own Your Education’ Sale, Easter Sales
  • May: Mother’s Day Sale
  • June/July: Summer sales
  • August/September: ‘Back to School Sale
  • October/November: Halloween sales, thanksgiving sales, ‘Black Friday’ Sale, ‘Cyber Monday’ Sale
  • December: Christmas Sale

Actually, there is no need for you to wait for a Udemy sale. However, due to the fact that they are so frequent, the chance of the course that you want to take will be on sale at some point is high. Do not forget to keep refreshing the page until you get the best offers.

When is the next Udemy sale? If you are a new customer or if you clear your browser cookies or if you use an incognito browser tab, it means the next Udemy sale is basically available to you now. If you want to find the courses that you want to learn from, do not waste your time and go to the official website of Udemy now.

Meanwhile, if you are already a customer and do not want to mess around with your browser settings, you can just check out the inbox of your email regularly just in case there is the next Udemy promotion. For your information, it happens almost every month of the year.

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