How Much is a Raz-Kids License

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There are a lot of things to do on Raz-Kids. To experience everything, one has to purchase a license. Does it worth it? How much does a Raz-Kids license cost? Everything can be found out by reading the entire article.

As a thing under the Learning A-Z umbrella, people might think that the price of Raz-Kids is the same as the other ones from Learning A-Z. The thought is actually wrong because the prices of Learning A-Z products vary. It starts at $99.95 per classroom per year for Science A-Z and goes up to $199.95 per classroom per year for Headsprout. Then, how much is a Raz-Kids license product?

According to the official website of Learning A-Z, a Raz-Kids license costs $118.00 per year. It does not include the applicable sales tax. For two years length of license, the price is $236.00 (excluding applicable sales tax). To purchase the license for three years, the money that has to be spent is $354.00 before the applicable sales tax included.

How Much is a Raz-Kids License

Before purchasing the Raz-Kids license, you have to know that:

  • Learning A-Z Licenses, including Raz-Kids Licenses, are sold on a per classroom basis with a maximum of 36 students per classroom.
  • Every classroom that has completed the process of registration will get a unique username and password.
  • The permission to use the materials from the purchased website will only be given to the classroom that has completed the process of registration only.
  • In case the password or materials obtained by the teacher of the classroom that has been registered are shared by them, do not be surprised if the whole license is instantly canceled. The worst thing is that there will be no refund. In addition, unauthorized use is subject to change.

After understanding each point, it is time for you to know how to purchase a Raz-Kids license. Here is step by step to purchase the license:

  1. The first thing that should be done is to go to the official website of Raz-Kids at
  2. When you are there, you will find the Order Now button at the top center of the page. Since it is highlighted red, it can be noticed easily. Upon finding the button, press it.
  3. You will be taken to the Tell Us More About Your Order page by pressing the Order Now button. As you can guess from the name of the page, you will have to tell them about your order. Basically, you need to select Raz-Kids and select the length of the license.
  4. The details of your order will be listed on the right side of the page. Please check if the order that you placed is right so there will be no mistakes.
  5. If you have a discount code, you can enter it to save your wallet.
  6. After making sure that everything goes well, the last thing that you have to do is to click the Continue Order button.

Purchasing a Raz-Kids license should be able to be done easily by following each step mentioned above. Even if it is easy, it does not mean that all people can do that. Sometimes, people accidentally order duplicate licenses to the same product. In this kind of case, those people can request for a refund by sending an email to Learning A-Z. The email must include both usernames, full name of the subscriber, and the product(s) in it. Remember that refunds have to be requested in writing and each refund will be given according to the payment method that is used before.

Not only that, the customers also can request for a refund if they purchased a license by themselves and have a minimum of 30 days remaining, but their school or district purchased the same product for them. In order to get a refund, each original classroom that has been registered has to be registered under the new larger license. Plus, it is needed for the account owner of the original license to reach out to the Learning A-Z by sending a request in the form of writing. The date of the request will determine the amount of the refund. This fact contradicts the popular belief that states that it is based on the date the new license is activated. Therefore, it is important to request for a refund as soon as the classrooms are registered. Before requesting a refund, once again, do not forget that the original license needs to have more than 30 days remaining to be eligible to send a request.

Talking about the Raz-Kids license, there are a few things to take note, including:

  • It is needed for the parents of the students who want to use Learning A-Z resources, including Raz-Kids with their family to purchase a license and all of them will be considered one classroom.
  • The homeschool families who want to use Learning A-Z resources like Raz-Kids as part of the curriculum of the kid have to purchase a license and are considered one classroom.
  • It is possible for a principal, school administrator, or department director to purchase a license for classroom teachers. Keep in mind that it is a must for the license to be registered in the name of and with the contact information for the certain classroom teachers, if they want to purchase a single educator license. If they want to purchase a multi education license, they can use the contact of the purchaser as the main contact. In addition to that, each account has to be registered in the name of the certain classroom teacher. The contact information for the certain classroom teacher also has to be included.
  • An educator with 36 students or less is allowed to purchase one license. Those with more than 36 students have to purchase a license for each set of 36 students.

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