How Much Does Tuition for UTSA Per Semester

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If you have a plan to be a student of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), it is important for you to know the tuition for UTSA. So, you will be ready for the amount that you need to have.

UTSA Cost of Attendance

According to the website of UTSA, it is explained that UTSA determines a cost of attendance (COA) each year. It includes not only your tuition and fees, but also it is an estimated average of additional costs that involve most expenses students will incur while attending The University of Texas at San Antonio.

How Much Does Tuition for UTSA Per Semester

According to the website of UTSA, the estimated 2021-2022 cost of attendance can be seen below. The costs which are presented below reflect the status of a full-time undergraduate student enrolled for both the fall and spring semester.

  • Home with Parents

Tuition and Fees: $10,966
Housing and Meals: $4,212
Books and Supplies: $1,000
Transportation: $2,688
Miscellaneous: $1,476
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance: $20,410

  • On-Campus

Tuition and Fees: $10,966
Housing and Meals: $12,934
Books and Supplies: $1,000
Transportation: $696
Miscellaneous: $2,088
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance: $27,752

  • Off-Campus

Tuition & Fees: $10,966
Housing & Meals: $9,972
Books and Supplies: $1,000
Transportation: $3,308
Miscellaneous: $2,052
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance: $26,352
How about the students out of state or international tuition? As explained on the website of UTSA, out of state and international students pay all the similar expenses except tuition and fees. The tuition and fees for out of state students is $26,352.

You Must Understand Your Costs

As you are able to see from the information above that the cost of attendance includes tuition and fees, housing and meals, books and supplies, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. It is important for you to understand each of these aspects. And here is the explanation about each of them according to the website of UTSA.

  • Tuition and Fees are the average cost of tuition and fees for a typical undergraduate student. It is based on full time or part time enrollment.
    • Full time undergraduate: 30 hours per year.
    • Part time undergraduate: 18 hours per year
    • Full time graduate: 18 hours per year
    • Part time graduate: 12 hours per year.

If you want to know more details about the information about tuition and fees of UTSA, you are able to access the fiscal services webpage.

  • Housing and Meals are an estimate which is reasonable about what it would cost to live in San Antonio while you are attending school. However, the actual costs can be different depending on individual choices related to location and circumstances. Average costs are counted based on whether you are living on campus, off campus or at home with your parents.
  • Books and Supplies are the average expense of books and supplies for a typical student for a whole academic year.
  • Transportation is the cost of transportation that you will use. Average transportation costs for at home students and off-campus students are based on an average 30 mile round trip campus. How about average transportation expenses for on campus students? It is based on a VIA bus pass and two trips home per year.
  • Miscellaneous are the potential expenses that you may spend. It is calculated based on potential expenses that you may spend based on whether you are living on campus, off campus or at home with your parents.

Using Net Price Calculator

Access the website of UTSA and you are able to use the net price calculator. The net price calculator in UTSA is created to be able to help current and prospective students, their families and other consumers estimate the net price of a given higher education institution. With it, you are able to calculate a potential financial aid offer which includes grants, scholarships, loans and work study eligibility.

There is a Freshman Net Price Calculator and Transfer Net Price Calculator. With these, you are able to know an estimate of what it will cost you to attend UTSA . Also, it will calculate a potential financial aid offer that includes grants, scholarships, loan and work study. The calculator also gives you estimated direct and indirect costs of attendance and total estimated funds where these are needed to attend for the academic year.

UTSA Payment Options

Talking about students’ tuition and fees, it is also important to know the payment options offered in UTSA. The tuition and fees bill of students need to be paid in full by the published payment deadline for each semester. The biggest one is through financial aid.

  • Financial Aid

It will automatically be applied to the tuition and fees of students. Students need to apply and they must be accepted for financial aid.

  • UTSA Bold Promise

This is the commitment to offer education which is high quality and affordable to incoming freshmen who come from middle and low income Texan families. Do the students qualify? If so,  they will have their tuition and fees covered 100% for eight fall/spring semesters taken in a 4 year time period. Costs are encompassed by grants, scholarships or tuition exemptions for state, federal and/ or institutional funds.

  • Installment Plans and Payment Extensions

Do you have an outstanding balance for your tuition and fees? If so, as explained on UTSA website that you could consider an installment plan or a payment extension named a Tuition and Fee Loan.

  • Texas Tomorrow Fund and other 529 Plans

Let’s say that you invested in the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP) or another 529 Plan and you want to use it to pay for your tuition and fees. It can be done through the Office of Fiscal Services. The request form can be downloaded and completed every academic year. Then, you can email the form which has been completed and also copy of your myUTSA ID Cards and TGTP card or any official TGTP document listing my contract number to

  • 3rd Party Payments

You are able to notify Fiscal Services for payments to be applied if your place of employment or another outside agency will pay your tuition and fees.

  • Tuition Exemptions and Waivers

What are Exemptions? These are a type of financial assistance. It permits some Texas residents to be able to attend a public college or university in Texas without having to pay tuition and even sometimes tuition and fees.

  • Out of Pocket

As a student, you are able to pay any portion of your tuition and fees bill through credit card or e-check through RowdyPay. It can be found on your ASAP student portal.

Even though there are some options of payments, it is better for you to choose the one without interest.

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