How Much Does GEICO Pay an Hour (GEICO Career)

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As the second largest auto insurance company with headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Geico reportedly has around 40,000 employees worldwide with a number of positions within. Additionally, this auto insurer always gives opportunities for those who are motivated to work and join a team to develop this company.

If you have a plan to apply for a position at Geico, you may need to know how much Geico will pay you an hour. Additionally, Geico provides a number of positions that you can apply for. So, make sure to find out the information about what position you will apply and how much you will earn through that position. Let’s learn about the Geico salary through our post below!

How Much Does GEICO Pay an Hour (GEICO Career)

How Much Does Geico Pay You an Hour?

According to some sources, an employee will receive an average salary roughly $22.16 an hour, or $46,089 per year when working at Geico. If you are in the bottom 10th percentile, you will earn under $26,000 per year, while if you’re in the top 90th percentile, you will earn more than $79,000.

Need to know, the employees at Geico in different departments tend to have different salaries too. For instance, if you work in the Engineering function, you will earn an average yearly salary of $91,305. If you work in the IT function, you may earn an average yearly salary of $85,306.

In addition to different organization functions, the geographic location can also impact salary for Geico’s employees. According to, Geico employees in Woodbury, NY and Boston, MA actually get paid the most. Reportedly, Geico is a company in the Insurance industry with yearly revenue in that > $1 billion range.

  • Average salary by position

Here’s a list of average salary by position at Geico:

Rank Job Title Average GEICO Salary Hourly Rate
1 Senior Systems Engineer $106,636 $51.27
2 Java/J2ee Developer $101,252 $48.68
3 Senior Programmer Analyst $97,444 $46.85
4 Software Engineer $92,410 $44.43
5 Business Analyst $87,071 $41.86
6 Total Loss Specialist $81,509 $39.19
7 Staff Counsel $80,423 $38.66
8 Underwriter $80,005 $38.46
9 NET Developer $78,143 $37.57
10 Claim Specialist $68,251 $32.81
11 Bodily Injury Adjuster $65,587 $31.53
12 Supervisor $55,953 $26.90
13 Claims Adjuster $49,713 $23.90
14 Management Development Program $49,244 $23.68
15 Trainee $45,740 $21.99
16 Legal Secretary $45,609 $21.93
17 Emergency Services Dispatcher $42,945 $20.65
18 Insurance Agent $42,265 $20.32
19 Insurance Sales Agent $41,215 $19.81
  • Average salary by locations

When you select a place to work, it is very important for you to consider the cost of living when negotiating a salary in a job interview. You might have found some data where Geico employees actually earn more in some areas than others.

As we’ve mentioned, the average salary of Geico’s employees also depends on the locations. Well, the city that stands out to have the highest pay is Woodbury, New York. Those who work at Geico in this city will earn an average salary of $56,385. If we compare Boston, MA, you can find that Geico employees will earn an average salary of $54,917.

Here’s a list of average salary by location at Geico:

Rank Location Average GEICO Salary Hourly Rate
1 Woodbury, NY $56,385 $27.11
2 Boston, MA $54,917 $26.40
3 Woodbury, CT $54,157 $26.04
4 Marlton, NJ $54,119 $26.02
5 Anchorage, AK $52,954 $25.46
6 Urban Honolulu, HI $52,546 $25.26
7 Washington, DC $52,489 $25.24
8 Providence, RI $50,822 $24.43
9 San Diego, CA $50,039 $24.06
10 Renton, WA $49,218 $23.66
11 Chevy Chase, MD $48,353 $23.25
12 Philadelphia, PA $48,312 $23.23
13 Milwaukee, WI $47,703 $22.93
14 Minneapolis, MN $47,410 $22.79
15 Portland, ME $47,146 $22.67
16 Portland, OR $46,811 $22.51
17 Ann Arbor, MI $46,578 $22.39
18 Chicago, IL $45,267 $21.76
19 Columbus, OH $44,746 $21.51
20 Virginia Beach, VA $44,513 $21.40
  • Average salary by department

At Geico, the employees will earn different salaries depending on the department or organizational function that they work in. For example, the employees who work in Engineering will earn the highest wages at Geico with an average salary of $91,305.

The IT organizational function at Geico will also pay high compared to other departments in which the employees will earn $85,306. At Geico, the lowest paying organizational functions are Customer Services and Retail in which the employees will earn $36,675 and $38,618, respectively.

Here’s a list of average salary by department at Geico:

Rank Department Average GEICO Salary Hourly Rate
1 Engineering $91,305 $43.90
2 IT $85,306 $41.01
3 Finance $51,949 $24.98
4 Sales $45,036 $21.65
5 Administrative $38,956 $18.73
6 Retail $38,619 $18.57
  • Average salary of customer service position salaries

Here’s a list of average salary of customer service position:

Rank Position Average GEICO Salary Hourly Rate
1 Claims Service Representative $36,757 $17.67
2 Claims Associate $36,149 $17.38
3 Customer Service Representative $35,628 $17.13
  • Best paying finance position salaries

Here’s a list of best paying finance position salary:

Rank Position Average GEICO Salary Hourly Rate
1 Performance Analyst $82,443 $39.64
2 Total Loss Specialist $81,509 $39.19
3 Underwriter $80,005 $38.46
4 Underwriting Clerks Supervisor $75,670 $36.38
5 Claim Specialist $68,251 $32.81
6 Bodily Injury Adjuster $65,587 $31.53
7 Budget Analyst $65,547 $31.51
8 Claims Adjuster $49,713 $23.90
9 Management Development Program $49,244 $23.68
10 Litigation Examiner $48,229 $23.19
11 Claims Representative $45,070 $21.67
12 Underwriting Technician $40,245 $19.35
13 Claim Processor $38,949 $18.73
14 Payment Processor $34,028 $16.36
15 Billing Agent $33,079 $15.90

What Are the Coverage Types that Geico Provides?

There are five main coverage types that Geico provides for customers, here they are:

  • Liability Coverages
    This type damages for physical or death injuries as a result from an accident in which the policyholder is at fault, or damages to someone else’s property from an accident where the policyholder is at fault.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverages
    This type may assist compensate the policyholder for injuries or property damage caused by a driver without insurance or insufficient coverage.
  • Medical Coverages
    This type may help compensate for medical expenses that are related to medical treatment, a car accident or for loss of wages and other accident-related costs regarding who caused the accident.
  • Vehicle Coverages
    This type may pay for collision damages or other damages, as a result from vandalism, flood, fire, theft or other covered losses.
  • Others
    Geico also provides insurance coverages for rental reimbursement, mechanical breakdowns and emergency road service.

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