How Much Does a Doordash Driver Make Per Delivery

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Looking for a job in this modern era is not easy. As it is not easy to get a job, a lot of people don’t mind working even as a driver, as long as they get paid. There are a few jobs as a driver to choose from. In the world when everything is instant and fast and is done online, the food delivery driver is one of the jobs that are preferred by many. This job is actually promising as the demand is high.

One of the companies that offer the online food delivery service is called DoorCash. If you need money for living and you are fine with being a driver or if you are looking for a job to spend your free time, you can consider this company. Then, how much does a DoorDash driver make per delivery?

According to Zip Recruiter, as of March 10, 2022, the average payment for a DashDoor delivery driver in the United States is $3,047 per month or $14,500 to $64,000 per year with a national average of $36,565. One of the most popular websites, Indeed, states that a DoorDash driver can make $18,178 to $50,738 every year. As for Glassdoor, it mentions that the salary of a DoorDash driver ranges from $19,000 to $45,000 per year with a national average of $27,000.

If you need a decent amount of money soon, you can consider working as a DoorDash driver in one of the following cities:

1. San Mateo, CA

Annual Salary: $45,079
Hourly Salary: $21.67

2. Berkeley, CA

Annual Salary: $43,551
Hourly Salary: $20.94

3. Daly City, CA

Annual Salary: $43,429
Hourly Salary: $20.88

4. Richmond, CA

Annual Salary: $42,292
Hourly Salary: $20.33

5. Stamford, CT

Annual Salary: $41,182
Hourly Salary: $19.80

6. Bellevue, WA

Annual Salary: $41,069
Hourly Salary: $19.74

7. San Francisco, CA

Annual Salary: $40,715
Hourly Salary: $19.57

8. Brooklyn, NY

Annual Salary: $40,435
Hourly Salary: $19.44

9. Lakes, AK

Annual Salary: $40,268
Hourly Salary: $19.36

10. Knik-Fairview, AK

Annual Salary: $40,217
Hourly Salary: $19.33

Apparently, every DoorDash driver earns income per delivery through a system. There are several factors that usually influence the amount of money a driver gets: base pay, tips, and promotional incentives. Here is the brief information of these three:

· Base pay

Base pay refers to a fixed amount that the driver gets with every food delivery service. A DooDash driver can get as much as $10 per order or as little as $2. Everything depends on their urban area or region. Once this amount is set, this can be considered as the base rate of pay per delivery. There are a few things that determine this rate, including the distance of the travel, time, and the level of demand. Talking about this system of setting a base pay, actually, many find it confusing. Some people think that the level of demand lacks definition. Not only that, sometimes, the travel distance does not seem to match well.

· Promotions from DoorDash

If you are the kind of person who always wants to do well, you can take more orders than average to increase the chance to get a bonus or higher pay for your work. Most of these promotions are part of the referral program of DoorDash. These kinds of promotions are usually able to be applied at the register.

Just like the base pay structure, the promotion pay is divided into challenges, peak pay and drive. The second one is the one that offers an additional amount or bonus to a certain area on a map. For instance, you may see a $2 extra note as an incentive to take these delivery jobs. Besides, it is also possible for peak pay to apply to specific time frames when the demand for food delivery services is higher compared to usual. Some examples are during dinner or over the weekend.

A driver can also get bonus or incentive pay if they manage to maintain the high acceptance rate, which is usually around 80%, and complete a certain number of orders.

· Tips from customers

Every customer of DoorDash is encouraged to give the driver a tip once the order is delivered. Tips are meant a lot for the drivers as they are a great way to collect a bit more than expected. The option to give a tip to the driver is available on the DoorDash app. The customers are free to select a set amount or percentage to tip. Apart from that, they can also offer this incentive in cash once the process of delivery is done.

When do you get paid as a DoorDash driver? For your information, every DoorDash driver is paid every week for the deliveries completed during the previous week. The deliveries of every week are based on a Monday to Sunday pay schedule. The statement means if you complete a total of 10 deliveries during this time frame, you will get paid on the following Wednesday. Go check your bank account around midnight as it is usually sent around that time.

There are a total of two ways to get payments through the DoorDash Driver app, as follows:

· Bank deposits

If you prefer the bank deposit payments, you will get the funds of your DoorDash drive income within a two or three day period. Depending on your bank, the speed of this payment method varies. Aside from the bank, it also depends on the financial institution.

· Fast pay

The second method that you can try is DoorDash fast pay. In this option, you will get payments to a prepaid card known as DasherDirect card. This option is recommended and is better compared to the first one as it offers a much faster way to get your payment without having to wait for a few days. However, you will need to pay a small fee of around $1.99 if you want to use this service. While it is not free, it is still worth it.

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