How Many Students Attend Penn Foster High School?

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Pen Foster has operated more than 125 years. A lot of people graduate each year and if we count it, there will be a large number. You may wonder the amount of students of Penn Foster and also the graduates. Here, we will inform you about it along with the other information related to Penn Foster High School.

The Number of Students of Penn Foster High School

In 1956, Penn Foster High School was built with the aim to provide young people and adults an alternative to traditional high school and equivalency exams. One of the advantages of study at this institution is that even though there is financial aid, Penn Foster offers affordable prices.

How many students do attend at Penn Foster? There are over 60,000 students and each year there are over 25,000 students who graduate. With this number, it makes Penn Foster one of the largest privately licensed high schools in America.

How Many Students Attend Penn Foster High School

How Penn Foster Started

Thomas J. Foster was a newspaper editor who founded the school in 1890 with the aim to provide coal miners with the education they needed to advance in their careers and also increase the safety of workers. Then, the school was officially known as the International Correspondence Schools (ICS). There was one out of every 27 adults in the US which has taken an ICS course. Until now, Penn Foster has continued to evolve to be able to meet the needs of learners now and tomorrow.

Penn Foster High School was founded in 1956 with the aim to be able to provide an affordable alternative to traditional high school and equivalency exams for young people and adults.

What Makes Penn Foster High School Different

Penn Foster is respected and proven. Each year, this institution can graduate more high school students than any other school. A lot of benefits that you are able to get by being a student at Penn Foster High School from its success coaching model, mobile learning platform which is developed with the online learner in mind, custom-designed, 0% interest on payment plans and affordable tuition.

Mission and Goals of Penn Foster

As explained on Penn Foster website, Penn Foster has a mission to enhance the lives of their students and clients through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and credentials which is able to help them work to their goals of advancing in the field that they choose, beginning a new career or chasing lifelong learning.

What are the institutional goals of Penn Foster? Here are the institutional goals of this institution.

  • Penn Foster wants to provide educational programs which can be self-motivated, independent learners to get core competencies in the technical and professional fields that they choose.
  • This institution wants to use contemporary learning strategies based on academic standards of good practice in distance education.
  • Penn Foster wants to establish and communicate high standards of academic performance for students and the institution.
  • It assesses student learning and institutional effectiveness systematically to be able to improve student performance.
  • Penn Foster provides an extensive suite of student support services based on student needs and interests.
  • Penn Foster wants to conduct fiscally responsible planning which balances the commitment of the institution to academic excellence with its concern for profitable financial performance.

The mission which is owned by Penn Foster gets support from an admissions policy which permits students with suitable prior education to register in programs without considering the race, gender, religion, age, national origin, color or physical disability. Regularly, the school also assesses fulfillment of its mission and achievements of its institutional goals via ongoing studies of student learning, evaluation of career outcomes of graduates and measurement of student satisfaction.

Penn Foster Serves Student with Disabilities

Penn Foster is dedicated to working towards meeting the needs of their students. In an ongoing process, they have engaged to extend the accessibility and usability of their portals and program content for all of students including students with disabilities and those of vision, hearing and manual dexterity.

Penn Foster keeps with their core company values of integrity, compliance and inclusiveness and they are committed to providing online experience which is accessible and high quality for all students.

Does Every College or University Accept High School Diploma from Penn Foster?

Before you enroll at Penn Foster High School, you may wonder whether every college or university accepts a high school diploma from Penn Foster or not. The answer is up to the individual college whether they will accept the diploma from Penn Foster or not. So, acceptance of a high school diploma can vary depending on the college or university. However, Penn Foster graduates have continued to study at a lot of universities nationwide.

If you are worried about Penn Foster accreditation, you do not have to because Penn Foster High School is accredited regionally for grades through adult by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Besides, the school is also accredited nationally by the Advanced Accreditation Commission and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and also has a license from the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools.

Online School Experience at Penn Foster High School

It is important for you to note that Penn Foster High School experience is not your typical high school online classroom experience. The course of this institution travels with you and can fit easily into your schedule. Penn Foster has instructors, student support, coaching and technology which can help you increase your confidence so that you can reach your goals with an accredited high school diploma online.

The New PFx learning experience which is owned by this institution combines interactive courses, fun, easy to use and support from personal coaches to be able to help every student to be successful.

Online experience at Penn Foster High School is created to help the success of students by learning, applying and achieving so that they can be successful in their personal life, academic and also professional life.

Social Groups and Clubs at Penn Foster

There are a number of social groups and clubs at Penn Foster including:

  • Friends of Hope
  • Photography Club
  • DIY Club
  • 20’s Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Stand Strong
  • Night Owls
  • Book Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Student Council
  • Quote Club
  • Science Club
  • Words of Faith
  • Penn Foster Pet Club
  • Writers and Poetry Club

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