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As a tutor, you may only answer the student’s questions partly, as you have not yet found a correct answer to the question, right? But, can you skip the questions that you answer in Course Hero? Of course, the information about it will be needed for those who are just a new tutor in Course Hero.

However, there will be a penalty when answering the questions unclearly or unspecifically. The penalty here can be your Course Hero account blocking. That’s so sad, isn’t it? Okay, let’s see our post to find out the information about it!

Can You Skip Answering Questions in Course Hero?

Yes, you can really skip the student’s questions in Course Hero, as many questions as you want. Certainly, there will be a bunch of reasons why you skip the student’s questions, here are they:

  • Too long or difficult: You can really skip the question when it’s too long and out of your knowledge.
  • Missing information: If the question is missing the information, you can also skip it.
  • Others: You may skip the student’s question because of an incorrect subject, not a legitimate question and other reasons.

However, most students who ask the questions on Course Hero make a note for the tutor where they really hope the tutor answers all their questions, and don’t skip a question. From the student’s note, we can conclude that it would be better for you to not skip a question.However, they really need the answer of the questions that they already ask to you on Course Hero.

One thing that may happen when a tutor skips a question is because they didn’t get the correct answer yet or they doubt the answer, so the tutors leaves the question unanswered. Sure, if you skip the question to answer, it will affect your rating where the students will provide feedback and give you a lower rating at all.

Even if you cannot answer the questions, you can tell the students that you will be looking for the answers of the questions and will give them as quickly as possible. It may help you to gain a good rating, though you don’t answer their questions fully.

This case also refers to what Course Hero wants. They really want the students to gain the most out of their tutor experience. Well, once the tutor has submitted an answer and while the question is still open, the students will be encouraged to follow up with their tutor to request clarification or additional information.

After following up with their tutor, if the students do not feel the answer that they have is correct or complete, they can mark the answer as ‘unhelpful’ and flag a Question Processor. The Question Processor can address the situation and if necessary, the students can cancel the questions.

It’s important to note, the inquiries should be reported within 30 days of the requested deadline.

How to Answer the Student’s Questions in Course Hero?

In Course Hero, the questions are what members can use to get help from a number of online tutors. If you are a student and have created an account, you will get two free questions, within 30 days.

You may also purchase additional questions for $3 per piece. Depending on the membership package, each Premier Membership will come with a designated number of questions. Then, unused questions will expire after the expiration or cancellation of a membership package and cannot be redeemed for cash.

If you are a new tutor in Course Hero, you may also need the clear guide of answering the student’s questions in Course Hero. Keep in mind, you will be provided the questions that are based on your basics. Then, the questions related to your academic basics will appear on your profile.

To answer the questions in Course Hero, you have to click on the ‘Continue answering question’ option. Then, you have to select the categories for answering the questions. You may need to click the following categories appear on the questions:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Business
  • Social Science
  • Arts & Humanities
  • History
  • Foreign Language
  • Etc

The category that we show above also has the sub-categories, so you have to tick each category or subcategory related to the questions.

Once you tick the categories and sub-categories, you can then click on the  ‘Start Tutoring’ button to answer the students’ questions. In case you are answering the questions, you should fill your answer and your explanation in each text box.

In the answering text box, you have to write the given questions, provide the direct and specific answer and answer the question clearly and specifically based on the student’s questions. In the explanation box, you may need to summarize and expand the explanation based on your answer. Make sure to connect to the topic organizedly.

When answering the student’s questions, ensure to answer it with your own words, meaning your answer doesn’t belong to someone else. Before you submit your answer, you can check your questions to avoid copyright first through use

Can You Edit Your Answer in Course Hero?

For some reason, you may want to edit or change your answers. If this is your first time answering the student’s questions and you want some parts to edit or even replace, you may wonder whether you can edit your answer or not. Well, this question has been also discussed on some forums or Q&A’s Course Hero.

In this chance, we emphasize that you cannot edit or replace your answers, because of terms and conditions. After you submit your answer to the students, there’s no available option or button that allows you to edit or replace your answer.

If you have submitted your question and find the wrong answer or explanation, alternatively you can clarify any doubt in the comment box. Hopefully, the students will understand and keep giving you a good rating.

We suggest you carefully answer the student’s question. Before you submit the question to the students, make sure to always re-check your answer based on the sources.

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