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On Achieve3000, the students are allowed to take the LevelSet to set their initial Lexile size. LevelSet is the initial assessment to measure the students’ reading skill and to put them at the right reading level. Sure, every student should start receiving information in Achieve3000 on their independent reading level.

In addition, a Lexile size is a really important tool for parents, teachers and also students. This tool provides two unique functions which refer to the measure of how difficult a text is and a measure of a student’s reading ability level.

Named as LevelSet, does not mean you have to set the LevelSet. Otherwise, the assessments will be sent automatically to students as they are first time login to Achieve3000. LevelTest is only available to students during school hours or the time frame you set.

Then, you may wonder how many questions are available in LevelSet on Achieve3000. The LevelSet provides 30 questions for each version. At least, there are five versions of LevelSet in both English and Spanish.

Most students will receive 30 questions, however some of them may receive fewer (or more) depending on how they are capable of answering the questions. For the Post-Test, the students will receive a test based on their Lexile level, not based on grade level.

When students take the test, the system adapts to an easier version of the test to ensure students can complete the test items that match their reading level. This system will also automatically work if several consecutive items are missed.

How to Take LevelSet on Achieve3000 Successfully?

Of course, if you want to successfully pass the LevelSet, you should read the directions carefully. After that, you can begin the assessments. Please take your time and do your very best to get a high score. On LevelSet, you will find many things to read on all kinds of topics from the sports topic to world news topics as well as activities and games. However, you should take a reading test.

Once you are at the page of LevelSet, you can then click on Next button to begin the LevelSet test. Please read each passage in the test slowly and carefully. After that, answer the question by determining which words fit in the blank. If you’re sure with the answer, choose the option and pick the letter of the correct answer.

Here’s one of samples of questions that you will find in LevelSet test:

“The people from Louisiana voted in November 2002. Two people ran: Mary Landrieu and Suzanne Terrel. That vote was very close. Landrieu almost won. She needed half of the votes. But she did not get enough.

That is why the people in Louisiana went to vote again. The second vote was in December 2002. Who won? Landrieu. It was a very close vote. But this time she had more than half of the votes.”

The questions:

The people in Louisiana had trouble….

A. Deciding

B. Fishing

C. Listening

D. Sleeping

Once you answer each question, you can then click on Submit button.

How to See Your Lexile Tracker?

Once you completely answered all questions of LevelSet, you will be taken to see your Lexile tracker into the Achieve3000 platform. To continue, you will find Home Page. Then, you can click on the GO TO CAREER CENTER button.

Afterwards, choose one of interest to you from the categories of careers presented. You can then scroll down and hit FIND CAREERS. Here, you need to read the descriptions which are provided and the educational requirements. On the result for the careers, you should note your Lexile measure in the green bar which is located on the right side next to the career result.

Then, you can click on the MARK AS MY TOP CAREER button. By doing that, it will activate a Lexile tracker from the top of your Home Page. To see your Lexile tracker, you can now click Top Career option.

How to Improve Your Lexile Levels?

The Lexile measure is adopted by plenty of schools especially in the United States for reading growth. MetaMetrics Lexile Framework totally has become the most widely used reading metric in its 30-year history in the world.

Sure, MetaMetrics Lexile Framework is an exact measure of your reading ability. If reading skill is one of the requirements that you should have to get a career, we think that understanding Lexile measures is a must for you. Of course, by understanding how to use Lexile measure, you can improve your Lexile level in Achieve3000. Here are a bunch of ways that you can do to improve Lexile level in Achieve3000:

  • Increase your LevelSet score

Why we recommend you to increase your LevelSet score, it’s because LevelSet is the most accurate results to give your best efforts. When you take the LevelSet test, you should take your time to read carefully and answer the question correctly as you cannot go back to change an answer on a previous section. Finally, the test will stop when your Lexile score has been determined.

  • Try finding books based on your Lexile level

One of the ways that you can do to improve your level Lexile is by finding the books which match with your Lexile level. Need to know, the Lexile levels are mathematically and scientifically staged which is assigned based on the readability and difficulty of a book or other reading forms. After you know your Lexile level, you surely have to look for the books based on your Lexile level to encourage your daily reading practice at home.

In the way of finding the books, you can also use the Lexile database to search by Lexile level, title, or also subject to find books where you will enjoy and be more capable to read without becoming discouraged.

  • Read passages as much as possible

Sure, Lexile level cannot be separated from the LevelSet in Achieve3000. That means if you want to improve your Lexile level, you also have to increase your LevelSet. So, by reading passages as much as possible, it will help you to improve your Lexile level. You should take your time to read the passage, practice for answering the question and choose the correct answer.

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