How Many Interviews Does Bank of America Do?

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For those who are going to have an interview with Bank of America or if you are going to apply for a position at Bank of America, you might be wondering about how many interviews this company does. According to Target Jobs, during its recruitment process, Bank of America does either two or three interviews. As per the past candidates, these interviews cover competencies, motivation and bank, market, or technical knowledge. As a candidate, it is also possible for you to be asked to make a certain investment recommendation if you have $100,000 to spend. As for the technologies, you might be asked to describe the Java collection framework.

Before going to the interviews, you are highly recommended to prepare for it well. Below are some questions that are usually asked and their best answers:

How Many Interviews Does Bank of America Do

  1. Question: Tell us about yourself!

Hint: The main focus should be on your personality, experience, education and professional interests. Actually, it does not matter if you want to show an outgoing and honest personality as it is suitable for many banking jobs. You can mention one or two things that are on your mind while you are not working.

Answer examples:

  • I am twenty one years old, like to spend time with all kinds of people and socialize. I am keen to learn more about banking industry and finance in general. I graduated from the Michigan High School just recently. In my free time, I like to play sports, learn something new, and spend time with my friends.
  • Hi, my name is Samantha. I am from Utah. I graduated from Cambridge University. Currently I am looking for a job where I can utilize my communication skills and knowledge from my studies. I believe that teller position would be a great start for my career. In my free time I like to read books and walk in the nature.
  1. Question: Why do you want to work for us?

Hint: The main focus should be on personal preferences for Bank of America, their vision, culture, working environment, portfolio, and so on. It is important for you to focus on something that makes them different from the other competitors, a kind of thing that makes the interviewers proud.

Most interviewers, if not all, are aware that almost every candidate would be glad to get hired at any bank and not limited to Back of America. However, as a candidate, it is better for you to convince them that Back of America is your first option. Please do some research for this.

Answer examples:

  • I believe that I would fit here, at least considering from what I have observed as a client of this bank. That’s why I prefer to work at Bank of America. Though I submitted my job applications also to other banks, you will always be my first choice.
  • I really like Bank of America. I, as well as other members of my family belong to the millions of satisfied clients of your bank. I believe this bank offers the widest portfolio of products, services and solutions for their clients. That’s why I would love to work here and would be proud of that.
  1. Question: What can you tell us about Bank of America?


The good things should be your main focus. Try your best to give them a compliment. If you want, you can speak numbers and facts. Please avoid talking about the history of the bank or something similar.

Answer examples:

  • Bank of America is the most popular and biggest bank in the US, in terms of assets. It is widely recognized for its leading online banking services, top notch customer service and friendly tellers. I hope to become one of these tellers.
  • Bank of America is well known with its friendly working culture, good possibilities for career growth and fair system of employee benefits. It’s also my dream place of work. Of course, I read a lot about goals, values and history of your institution, but I believe it’s not something you want to talk about right now.
  1. Question: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?


The interviewers want to hire the candidates who want to stay for long and grow professionally in the bank. Usually, they have a career plan for about every entry level job, going all the way up to managerial roles. Keep in mind that your answer should correspond with every possibility they offer to the candidates.

Answer examples:

  • I would like to have a managerial position in a bank in five years time. Ideal scenario would be to start working here as a teller, improve my skills and knowledge over time, do a good job, and end up working as a assistant manager in five years time. Let’s see if we can make it happen.
  • I would like to have a senior financial analyst position in five years time. I know I need to learn a lot, and gain experience, but I am ready to commit my time and best effort to this dream. The entry level position in wealth management I am applying for sounds like a perfect foundation stone on my way to the job of a senior financial analyst.
  1. Question: What is your greatest weakness?


Do not deny that you have a weakness or state strength as a weakness. When you state your weakness, you should make sure to say that you are doing to make everything better.

Answer examples:

  • My greatest weakness is time management. I have always been very detail-oriented, so it sometimes takes me longer to finish a project than I initially think it will. This is why I started using time-tracking software in my last job. It made me more conscious of the time a task takes me and helped me never miss a deadline again.
  • My greatest weakness is that I’m too critical of myself and often feel like I’m not giving my best, or like I disappoint the people I work with. This often led me to overwork myself, burn out, or feel inferior to my colleagues, although my supervisors hadn’t complained about my performance. During the past year, I have been working on myself actively, trying to be fairer with myself.

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