How Many Exams Are in Penn Foster High School

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If you are new to online school or want to know how Penn Foster works before enrolling in a program, you may be wondering how many exams are in Penn Foster High School. Here is everything you need to know about Penn Foster High School exams, proctored exams, and how your tests and assignments are graded.

How Many Exams Are in Penn Foster High School?

When you complete a lesson, you also have to complete and submit an exam by using the Penn Foster online exam system. Need to know that most exams consist of multiple-choice questions. Also, lessons feature helpful self-checks, such as flash cards and self-tests that you are able to use to determine how well you understand the new concepts you have learned. Future lessons will be available online when you submit exams, so you have to avoid delays in your studies by submitting exams promptly.

By the way, how many exams are in Penn Foster High School? There are 15 exams in Penn Foster High School. At the end of each semester, students have to complete exams. Usually, the length of an exam is almost one hour. When the students are doing their examinations, they are required to take between two and four proctored exams on various subjects at the end of semester.

How to Take Exams in Penn Foster High School?

Actually, taking tests in online classes is not different from taking exams at in-person schools. You will need to put in the study time, review your notes, and ensure you are prepared before you start your exam. But, unlike an in-person, classroom setting, you are able to take your exams whenever you are ready, there are no scheduled test dates. It means that if you are not feeling confident you have got a handle on the subject you studied, you still have plenty of time to reread your study and really prepare to do that exam.

On the other hand, if you feel like you know your stuff and do not need extra study time, you do not have to wait for a test date to jump in and take the exam. No matter what Penn Foster program you are working on, most of your tests will be short, multiple-choice exams which you are going to take after each lesson. Most classes have approximately 2-6 lessons each.

The Credits You Need to Graduate from Penn Foster High School

Apparently, there are 21.5 credits in Penn Foster high school program including 16.5 credits for basic education requirements such as Math, Social Studies, English, Science, Health & Physical Education and Arts & Humanities.

Also, the students of Penn Foster High School are able to choose five elective credits. Those range from academic subject fields such as American Literature or Algebra to a number of career electives such as veterinarian assistant and auto repair.

The courses are divided into mobile, small lessons so that they are very easy to work with and comprehend. Whether or not the students are looking to get into the workforce immediately or continue to college, the students are going to be taught the knowledge which are needed to be successful.

How Do Grades Work at Penn Foster?

They use a number-letter system of grading for all Penn Foster programs. Completed exams and assignments are going to receive a number grade and then, after the class is completed, you are going to be assigned a letter grade for the whole course. Passing grades and grading in general will work a little bit differently depending on what type of program you are taking.

  • High School Grading
    You have to know that in online high school classes, 65 is considered the minimum passing grade. And it is equivalent to a letter grade of D.
  • Career Program Grading
    Similar to high school grading, generally you are going to need a minimum grade of 65 to pass your exams and classes. But several career programs and certificates require that you obtain at least a 70 to pass the overall program.
  • College-Level Grading
    Actually, grading for college-level courses is more complicated. They still use the number-letter system, so you are going to receive number grades for your exams and assignments, including any exams you need to take. The letter grade for each course is calculated by counting the average of your exam grades as two-thirds of the course grade and the examination grade as one-third. Then, letter grades are converted into a quality point average (QPA), ranging from 0 to 4.0, with a 4.0 being the best. To pass your exams and get your degree, you will need at least a 70 in your classes and an overall quality point average (QPA) of 2.0.

What Happens If You Fail an Exam?

Keep in mind that not every subject comes as easily to you as other people, thus it is not expected that you are going to get perfect grades on every exam and assignment. That is okay. If you fail an exam within your program, or even if you are not satisfied with your grade and know you can do better, then you are going to have the opportunity to retake that exam within 30 days. After you retake an exam, they honor whatever your highest grade was, so for instance, if you took a test and got an 80, then you are able to retake it and get a 90. Your final grade for that lesson is 90. If you fail a class, you may need to retake the class over again to graduate. Usually, you are going to retake any failed courses at the end of your program.

How to be Successful in Penn Foster?

Because Penn Foster is completely online and self-paced, there is plenty of flexibility that allows you to be successful in your courses. You are able to study at the pace which works best for you and take exams only when you are ready, ensuring you have got the tools you need to pass your classes.

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