How Many Courses Are Available on Skillsoft Platform

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Skillsoft has grown quickly to become the global leader in eLearning. With 2,500 employees across many locations in North America, EMEA and APAC, Skillsoft platform trains more professionals than any other company in the world. By the way, how many courses are available on Skillsoft? Read this entire article to find that answer.

How Many Courses Are Available on Skillsoft?

According to research, Skillsoft platform has already trained more than 400 million users with over a billion learning modules. The content of Skillsoft is accessed more than 130 million times every month.

Original content of the Skillsoft platform includes over 120,000 different learning modules, including:

  • 7,000 courses
  • 65,000 videos
  • 46,000 book options

They enable collaboration across the world in 160 countries and 29 languages.

Skillsoft has some key product lines. Those key product lines are Business & Leadership Skills, IT Skills and Certification, Digital Skills and Compliance.

How Many Courses Are Available on Skillsoft Platform

What is Skillsoft Platform?

Established in 1998, Skillsoft has grown quickly to become the global leader in corporate learning. With 2,500 employees across many locations in North America, EMEA and APAC, Skillsoft platform trains more professionals than any other company in the world. They are trusted by the leading organizations in the world, including 65% of the Fortune 500.

Today they train over 45 million users and their content is accessed more than 130 million times every month. Over the last 20 years, they have already trained more than 400 million users with over one billion learning modules. With a library of more than 500,000 assets which enable learners to read, watch, listen and practice, Skillsoft platform offers unrivaled access to the biggest and most comprehensive set of corporate training assets in the world.

Technology and Developer

Skillsoft provides training to more technology professionals than any other corporate learning company. Every year, they deliver 26 million hours of learning content to more than 5 million learners worldwide. Continual learning is an organization’s most crucial tool in adapting to this unprecedented technology transformation where the new roles are fast evolving and the new skill sets are needed.

To enable retain talent, organizations need to give enterprise technology professionals and also software developers with access to many resources to prepare for certification exams, trouble-shoot on demand, or obtain new technical skills. Eventually, an area frequently overlooked for technology professionals is soft skills. Those are vital for developing effective leaders and communicators.

Skillsoft platform offers an unparalleled solution that developed in conjunction with their industry-leading experts who carefully arrange multi-modal resources into hundreds of learning channels. Those channels incorporate some learning modalities including video learning, virtual mentoring, hands-on practice labs, and access to the biggest library of leading certification prep books and audiobooks.

Leadership Development

The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program discuss the changing way in which organizations require to develop their leaders by giving a scalable, cost-effective, and engaging leadership development experience that designed for the modern digital learners. For your information, the courses support the following new competencies for leading in the digital economy, including:

  • The Agile Leader: Perseverance and Flexibility
  • Leading Virtually
  • Leading Innovation
  • Leading Through the Challenge of Change
  • Embracing Diversity in Leadership
  • Leading with Digital Technology
  • Leading Through Disruption
  • Leading a Customer-Centric Culture
  • And more

With unique learning design and scenario-based pedagogy, it make the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program apart in the market. The unique approach of Skillsoft leverages a common set of the characters throughout the curriculum, including a leader mentor. Through compelling drama and pragmatic storytelling, Skillsoft platform models the critical human-interaction elements of the leadership and demonstrates effective implementation strategies within the team context, letting the learners to tie learning to on-the-job leadership behaviors. Also, learners benefit from many tools and application resources, including knowledge checks, facilitation guides, reflection questions, post-course assessments, leader-led activities and exercises.

Skillsoft Features


  • Skill Gap Analysis
    Skillsoft platform provides skill gap analysis features to spotlight exactly what skills need work
  • Skill Assessment
    Based on some Skillsoft reviews, Skillsoft platform contain a pre-course assessment for all skill development courses
  • Projects
    Skillsoft platform gives the students projects to demonstrate their technical skill acquisition
  • Comprehension Checks
    Skillsoft gives in-course short assessments to assess learner comprehension and also test knowledge retention
  • Learning Paths
    Contains externally curated courses made by experts or vendors for the learners to choose. An example is AWS made and offering a course for an AWS administrator that would include content they deem relevant to the role.
  • Channels
    Skillsoft serves team-wide courses to solve skill gaps introduced by team or company-wide changes


  • Interactive Content
    Based on the some Skillsoft reviews, Skillsoft platform contains fun and interactive content for the courses.
  • Video Content
    Skillsoft platform contains lots of video contents to support the course material.

Training & eLearning

  • Manager Portals
    Based on the Skillsoft reviews, Skillsoft platform allows the Managers and the parents to see progress of the team members or the children
  • Content Libraries
    As reported in Skillsoft reviews, Skillsoft platform gives pre-created content on standard topics which can be used as part of a curriculum.


  • Personalized recommendations
    It generates personalized course recommendations or suggested learning paths depend on pre-assessment results.
  • High-quality content
    Skillsoft offers lessons with interactive and high-quality content.
  • Video content
    This includes relevant video content in lessons.
  • Projects
    Skillsoft contains projects based on the real-world scenarios which allow the learners to practice their own skills.
  • In-course assessments
    Skillsoft gives in-course assessments to assess learners’ mastery of the material.
  • Certification practice tests
    This includes practice tests to assist the learners prepare for professional certification exams.


  • Team-level monitoring
    Skillsoft allows administrators to set courses and monitor activities of the teams or subsets of the users.
  • Administrative dashboard
    Skillsoft provides administrators access to analytics dashboards with data on learners’ usage and proficiency levels.
  • Certificates
    Skillsoft will award certificates for completing courses or learning paths.


  • Mobile compatibility
    Skillsoft is compatible with mobile devices.
  • Offline access
    Skillsoft enables offline access to course materials.
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
    Skillsoft gives single-sign on capabilities for the learners.

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