How Long is the Free Trial for Raz-Kids

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Learning A-Z offers a free trial to those who want to get an experience using Raz-Kids without having to spend any. This offering is helpful because no money is wasted if they do not like it after experiencing it for, for example, a day.

Usually, a free trial lasts 30 days. Is it the same for Raz-Kids free trial? Unfortunately, the answer to the question is no. Raz-Kids has a short period of free trial, just like the other things under Learning A-Z. For those who are curious, one can only enjoy the moment for only 14 days or two weeks. It means they will have to purchase a license once the free trial period is over, unless they want their experience to stop.

How Long is the Free Trial for Raz-Kids

Talking about Raz-Kids free trial, keep in mind that it is intended for review purposes. It means it is not for extended use in the classroom beyond the trial period.

Before starting the free trial, it is important for you to know about the system requirements. Everything is explained below:

Minimum Requirement PC Mac ChromeBook
Internet Browser Internet Explorer 11.0

Microsoft Edge 16

Mozilla Firefox 72

Google Chrome 74

Mozilla Firefox 72

Google Chrome 74

Safari 12

Google Chrome 74
Operating System Windows 7 OS 10.10 11895
Screen Resolution 1024×768*
PDF Reader Adobe Reader 10.0 Built-in MAC PDF Reader or Adobe Reader 10.0 Built-in PDF Viewer plugin
JavaScript Enabled JavaScript has to be enabled.
Cookies Enabled Cookies need to be enabled.

For everyone who wants to start the Raz-Kids free trial, here is step by step to follow:

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to open the official website of Raz-Kids:
  2. When you are on its homepage, find the button that can lead you to get the free trial. There are two buttons that you can choose to click. The first one is the Free Trial button. This one is located on the top center of the page. The second one is Start My Free Trial. Just like the first one, it is also easy to be found as it is found on the same page and is close to the first one. Feel free to click any button that you want as both of them will direct you to the Free Trial Sign Up for Raz-Kids page.
  3. On the Free Trial Sign Up for Raz-Kids page, you will be asked whether you are signing up for a classroom/institution or home/family. Please select one.
  4. By selecting one of them, you will be asked if you are new or a returning customer. Click the one that is based on your situation.
  5. For the new ones who are not registered users of the Learning A-Z website, it is needed for you to fill out the short form so that they can set up your username and password for immediate access to Raz-Kids during your two weeks trial. The information that should be entered include the first and the last name, the zip or postal code, the country, the email address. The occupation, and the school or the organization.
  6. After providing everything, do not forget to create your username.
  7. When everything is done, please click the blue Continue button.
  8. By clicking the Continue button, you will receive an email that should be clicked to activate your free trial. To activate it, go check your inbox, find that email from Learning A-Z, open it, and click the I Give Permission button.
  9. The next thing to be done is to log in by entering your username and password.
  10. Once you are in, you will be able to do everything on Raz-Kids.

If you are considered as a returning customer as you have used Raz-Kids before, instead of choosing New Customer, please choose Existing Learning A-Z Account. Being a returning customer means you already have a username and password for any of the Learning A-Z website and you may want to use the same username and password to try the first trial offered by Raz-Kids. While there are a lot of information to be provided by the new customer, the returning customer only has to enter the username and the password. In case you forget the password since it has been a while since the last time you used it, there is a Forgot Password? link to click. The new password will be sent through email by entering the email address that you provided for your contact information.

When your Raz-Kids free trial period ends but you are satisfied with it and still want to use the platform, you can purchase a Raz-Kids license. Below is the guide to order a Raz-Kids license:

  1. First of all, go to the official website of Raz-Kids at
  2. When you are there, you will find the Order Now button at the top center of the page. Since it is highlighted red, it can be noticed easily. Upon finding the button, press it.
  3. You will be taken to the Tell Us More About Your Order page by pressing the Order Now button. As you can guess from the name of the page, you will have to tell them about your order. Basically, you need to select Raz-Kids and select the length of the license.
  4. The details of your order will be listed on the right side of the page. Please check if the order that you placed is right so there will be no mistakes.
  5. If you have a discount code, you can enter it to save your wallet.
  6. After making sure that everything goes well, the last thing that you have to do is to click the Continue Order button.

For further information about Raz-Kids free trial, it is always better to visit the official website of Raz-Kids at Go call 866-889-3729 (Us toll free) or 520-232-5000 (direct) if you want to talk directly to its customer support to ask some questions.

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