How Long Does It Take for Course Hero to Answer Questions

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Course Hero is an online learning platform that helps the students graduate confident and prepared through the course-specific study resources. In other words, Course Hero provides the resources that a lot of students are looking for.

In addition to learning the specific course, the students can also ask the questions related to the subjects they are studying at their school. However, the Course Hero does not answer the questions directly. So, you may wonder how long Course Hero will answer your questions. Let’s find out that information about it in our post!

How Long Does It Take for Course Hero to Answer the People’s Questions?

According to Wikipedia, Course Hero offers tutoring services where a tutor will answer the people’s questions within 3 days. However, there’s also information that most questions will receive explanations within 25 minutes of submission.

Moreover, this service offers 24/7 access to online tutors. Certainly, this access will be charged per use via ‘credits’ for Premier Users, but the basic subscribers need to pay per question.

If you upload the documents, Course Hero will take up to 24 hours to process and credit to their Course Hero account. In case your document has not been processed within this time frame, you can contact Course Hero’s Support Team through the Contact Us option found on the official Course Hero website.

It’s important to note, the uploaded documents should be automatically processed before they are added to Course Hero’s database and credited to your account. You should know that you won’t receive credit for documents which are denied by Course Hero’s automated processing system.

Since a duplicate version of the document already exists on Course Hero, your documents are most usually denied. Aside from that, your documents that contain random or irrelevant content will also be denied. To avoid refusal of uploading your documents, the minimum upload requirements should be met in order to get Unlocks.

How to Answer a Question on Course Hero?

If you already become a tutor on Course Hero, the questions related to your basics will appear on your profile. Sure, you will find the questions to answer.

To answer the questions, you just simply click on the ‘Continue answering question’ option. Then, you have to choose the categories for answering the questions. After that, you can click on the ‘Start Tutoring’ button.

In the answering text box, you should write the given questions, give the direct and specific answer and answer the question attractively. In the explanation box, you have to summarize and expand the explanation based on your answer. Make sure to connect to the topic and be organized.

In the way of answering the question, make sure to answer with your own words, it doesn’t belong to someone else. To check your questions to avoid copyright, you can use

How to Ask Questions on Course Hero?

If you are a new subscriber to Course Hero, you may don’t yet know how to ask questions on Course Hero. However, asking a question on Course Hero is pretty easy to do. You just simply visit Course Hero’s 24/7 Homework Help Here.

After you are on the Course Hero Homework Help page, you will see the ‘ask a question’ dashboard. Here, you can type your question in the text box. Once you type your question on the available text box, click on the ‘Next’ button.

You also have to choose the best subject. There are a number of subjects that you can choose related to your questions including

  • Business
  • Science
  • Math
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Social Science
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Etc.

In the case of choosing the subject, make sure to select the appropriate one based on your question. After you choose the subject of your question, you also have to enter the course code to match you with the best available tutor. If you have entered the course code, you can click on the ‘Submit Question’ button.

After submitting your question on Course Hero, you should wait about 3 days for tutors to respond and answer your question. That’s how to ask questions on Course Hero. Asking questions on Course Hero is quite easy, isn’t it?

If you need further information about asking the question on Course Hero in detail, you can scroll down on that page to see any tips for asking a question and also get the sample questions.

If you have no available questions, those questions will be charged to the credit card on file after a tutor explanation has been posted. Additionally, you can also find and update your credit card information by heading toward your Account Settings.

Tips and Tricks to Write a Good Question

When you want to ask a question on Course Hero, you should also know the tips and tricks to write a good question. It’s better for you to take the time to write your questions specifically, clearly and even thoroughly. The clear and specific questions will allow the tutors to answer your questions with the most helpful step-by-step explanations. So, you will receive the tutor’s help as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips and tricks on writing the questions to submit on Course Hero:

  • Make sure your questions obey the Course Hero’s Honor code policy as well as your instructors and your school’s academic integrity codes.
  • Your document is written or paraphrased in your own words and does not attach any copyright infringement. It’s important to note that the questions must never be copy-pasted directly from another source.
  • Your document should be clearly focused on one single question and multiple questions. The component of your questions must be contained within the same question.
  • Make sure to provide all of the relevant information, so the tutor will know how to best help with your question.
  • You shouldn’t include profanity or other inappropriate words/ phrases.
  • Your question is tagged to the correct course.

Keep in mind, all submitted questions have to go through a standard quality check before you send it to the tutors. If those requirements above are not adhered to, you may be prompted to create appropriate revisions before the tutors will start providing the explanations of your questions, thus extending the time it will take to get the help you need.

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