How Does Respondus LockDown Browser Detect Cheating Without Webcam

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Recently, there are some students who talk about how Respondus LockDown Browser detects cheating without a webcam. By the way, is it possible for Respondus LockDown Browser to detect cheating without a webcam? Let us find the correct answer here.

How Does LockDown Browser Detect Cheating Without Webcam?

You have to know that Respondus LockDown Browser is an application or tool that records the student via webcam while taking an online test. The students must have access to a computer and a webcam. By default, Respondus Monitor is going to record both video and audio. So, Respondus LockDown Browser cannot detect cheating without a webcam.

Respondus LockDown Browser requires your permission to use your webcam. On its own, it will not be able to access your Respondus LockDown Browser webcam. The webcam is frequently used to monitor students during non-proctored online tests. By the way, does Respondus LockDown Browser always record? It does not always record. Respondus LockDown Browser works with your microphone and the app checks to make sure that both features are working properly. The functionality is named Respondus Monitor.

Does Respondus Lockdown Browser use your Webcam?

A webcam is an important component that the Respondus LockDown Browser utilizes to detect cheating in any form. It combines webcam services to search for any unusual activity on the part of the student during the online exam. At the start of your online exam, the first screen to appear is a webcam check. This step will enable you to check whether your webcam is functioning properly or not. Occasionally, there are times when your instructor asks you to record a brief video of your exam environment using the webcam before you start your exam.

How does Respondus LockDown Browser work and detect cheating?

This Respondus LockDown browser needs some permissions before it will be able to detect cheating. It means that you need to give it access to several functions on your laptop. The Respondus LockDown browser needs access to your microphone and camera. With those two features available to the program, the instructors are able to monitor the student’s activities while doing the exam. Also, it will be able to reveal any sharp movement or inactivity and cause suspicion.

Respondus LockDown browser does not allow the students to open any tab once the examination page is open and the exam has started. You cannot minimize the examination page window. Also, you will not be able to connect another keyboard mouse or monitor to one system. In fact, the Respondus LockDown browser is designed to check for screen-sharing applications. Its algorithm checks from time to time. Aside from that, you also cannot open any app or messenger on your laptop or PC.

By the way, does LockDown Browser record your screen? When the exam starts, Respondus LockDown Browser records the entire duration of the examination. When the test is started, the instructors are going to ask you to make a demo video of five seconds at least. It allows the instructors to check your position and check whether you change position during the exam. If you move too much during the online exam or look away for long, it is going to be marked as cheating by the application. The instructors are going to investigate this to determine whether it is true. Also, if the app hears another voice that is not yours, it is going to mark it and you could be disqualified.

This is why the students are suggested to use an isolated room for their online examination. Also, it should have a good internet connection and could interfere with the exam. It needs good webcams and microphones as well. Aside from that, the room should also be well lit. The students are not allowed to wear dark glasses, hats, or a cap. The students also cannot wear a scarf which covers the face or any part of it. The students cannot also stand up from their seats or eat or drink during their online exam. Of course, saving notes, books, or other study materials is also prohibited. Lastly, the students cannot take phone calls or have a phone present during the examination.

If you cheat with Lockdown Browser, can you get caught?

As far now, we have seen that Respondus LockDown Browser has put stringent measures to catch any cheating attempt. But, with professional and high-tech methods, you are able to bypass the browser without getting caught at all. Thus, the students will be able to do any way of cheating with Respondus LockDown Browser without an issue. You need to keep in mind that a webcam and screen record technology are the secrets to catch any cheating and suspicious attempts. If you are able to bypass these two easily, you are able to be sure to play your cards right and win the game.

Some things that make you get caught:

  • You are going to get caught if you become nervous during the bypass process.
  • You are going to get caught if you move your head and hands suspiciously.
  • You are going to get caught if you have any prohibited material in the vicinity of the exam environment.

Otherwise, nothing should discourage you that cheating in Respondus LockDown Browser is a futile exercise. In fact, we get information that there are lots of students who have done it before, and successfully managed to cheat and score the top grades. Here, you are not an exception, and you are able to make it as they did. You only need to be diligent in following the steps above to the core, and you are going to come out of your exam smiling. Of course, this is going to surprise your teacher or professor how you managed to get top grades while sitting on your computer all that while. So, what is keeping you from giving it a try right now? Just go ahead and show the whole world how smart you are.

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