How Does MasterClass Work? 7 Pros & Cons to Consider

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When talking about one of the best online learning platforms, you cannot exclude MasterClass. This one is one of the most popular. One of the things that make it popular is the fact that a lot of public figures teach its online classes. There are a number of celebrity and VIP instructors. Each of them is always ready to share their knowledge, passion, and experience to you. It makes it possible for you to learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay. If you are a fan of Stephen Curry, you can also learn basketball from him. If you love the singer-songwriter named Alicia Keys, you have a chance to also learn from her.

MasterClass has been around since 2014. Since then, it has earned a lot of people who are eager to learn something. Currently, there are more than 150 classes to choose from and all of them are divided into a total of 11 categories, including photography, cooking, writing, acting, music, sports and more. Usually, a class has around 20 lessons and each lesson is usually around 10 minutes long.

How Does MasterClass Work- 7 Pros & Cons to Consider

Who is MasterClass for? There is no exact answer to this question. Basically, this platform is made for everyone who wants to learn a certain topic such as adventure photography or Middle Eastern cooking. In case you have no idea where to start, you are suggested to click on My Categories and then choose one or more of the options of What brings you to MasterClass today?. By following the step, you will be given the option to choose the categories that you are interested in the most. After choosing one, do not forget to click submit by picks. In the end, your custom result will display all the recommended classes based on the category that you picked before. With it, you will know the right direction when getting started with MasterClass.

Just like any other things, MasterClass has some pros and cons. Here is the list of 7 pros and cons to consider MasterClass:


  • Affordable: While it is true that MasterClass is billed annually, you can tell that it is actually affordable for the number of classes that you can access when you break down the price month to month.
  • Well produced: You can tell that MasterClass videos are well produced even after just watching 10 seconds of the first video. Each of them has a very engaging cinematic aura.
  • Top VIP instructors: One of the good things about MasterClass is the chance to learn a craft from the professionals from around the world. All of them are well recognized. Some of these professionals include Yotam Ottolenghi who teaches Modern Easter Cooking and Bobbi Brown who teaches Makeup and Beauty.
  • Generous refund policy: After purchasing the MasterClass membership account, you will get 30 days to request a refund, which is not that bad.


  • No free classes or trials: The sad news is that there are no free versions of the courses and there are also no trials with MasterClass. It means there is no way for you to be able to check any course without paying for a membership.
  • No certificates: Aside from no free classes or trials, there is also no way for you to get a completion certificate when you have successfully completed a class with MasterClass.
  • Lacking reviews: While it is true that there are several reviews given by the past members on the homepage, no one of them gives the details. No one of them focuses on a specific class. So, you have no idea about the experience of the previous learners.

If you are interested in MasterClass, you have to know that it works on a total of three different subscription models. When landing on MasterClass, the first thing that you have to do is to add your email and click GET STARTED. Then, you will be directed to choosing an annual MasterClass membership. Below is the list of the membership:

  • Individual: It costs $15 per month or $180 when billed annually.
  • Duo: It costs $20 per month or $240 when billed annually.
  • Family: It costs $23 per month or $276 when billed annually.

Take note that all the plans above are billed annually. There are not many differences between these three, except that the Duo and Family ones allow you to download for online viewing. Besides, they also have the ability to use numerous devices at the same time on the MasterClass platform.

If your money is not enough or if you are not satisfied with MasterClass or if you have other reasons, it is possible for you to cancel your membership renewal through your account page. If you want to cancel it, all that you have to do is to follow the prompts on the Settings page and just like that your membership will not renew for the next year.

Everything about MasterClass is really easy, including opening an account. If you want to open a MasterClass account, here is step by step to follow:

  1. First of all, you should visit the official website of MasterClass at
  2. When you are on the site, enter your email address and then click GET STARTED.
  3. Then, choose a membership plan.
  4. After choosing it, you will be taken to the page where you can add your card information.
  5. The last thing that you have to do is to click PLACE SECURE ORDER.

It should be easy for you to open a MasterClass account if you follow every single thing well. When everything is done, you will be up and can start browsing the classes at MasterClass and experience the best thing offered by the platform.

For more information about how MasterClass works, it is better for you to visit the official website of MasterClass. If you want to know some other pros and cons, you are encouraged to find the reviews from the other MasterClass users. These kinds of things can usually be found online.

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