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If you are confused about how to spell “journeys,” you are not alone. Apparently, in the English language, lots of words are tricky to spell, including this one. By the way, how do you spell journeys?

About the Word “Journeys”

Before we talk about how to spell the word “journeys,” you need to know about the word “journeys” itself. For your information, the word “journeys” is the plural form of journey. By the way, what is the meaning of a journey? The meaning of the word “Journey” is traveling. It can be through sea or land, from one location to another location. The beginning of the word is the Latin word “diurnus” that transformed into “diurnum.” It has meaning “daily portion.” The word “Journey” is the origin of the Old French word “jornee.” Usually, people used it to explain a day’s travel, a day, or work.

How Do You Spell Journeys

How Do You Spell Journeys?

Correct spelling for the word “Journeys” is [d͡ʒˈɜːnɪz], [d‍ʒˈɜːnɪz], [dʒ_ˈɜː_n_ɪ_z]

As we explain above, the word “journeys” is the plural form of journey. Why is the word “journeys” the plural form of journey? Because the word “journeys” is an exception to the rule that says the words which end in “y” in their plural form, it will change to “ies.”

Also, in the previous paragraph, we explain that the word “Journey” comes from the Old French word French “journee,” meaning a day (day’s journey). Original spelling shows journey being the correct form, thus the plural form will be journeys. While words ending with “y” after a consonant transform this consonant to ie when adding s at the end (berry → berries), journey ends with vowel+y, that is why you do not transform this letter (just like boy → boys). That is the reason why “journies” is incorrect.

Common Misspellings for the Word “Journeys”

Below is the list of common misspellings for the word “journeys.”

  • jeourny
  • courtneys
  • journo’s
  • jouney
  • jounreys
  • jourmeys
  • journay
  • journet
  • journls
  • journed
  • yourneys
  • journel
  • journied
  • journeied
  • jounrey
  • journlas
  • jonees
  • jouries
  • journies
  • journry
  • courney
  • counrey
  • journeal
  • jurney
  • jouerny
  • joiurny
  • journy
  • gourney
  • journels
  • tournys
  • jorney
  • juronys
  • jouneys
  • jorneys
  • torneys
  • jeourney
  • journesy
  • journyes
  • journeyd
  • journery
  • jurnoey
  • jounries
  • journe
  • jurseys
  • courners
  • juorney
  • jurneys
  • jeurney
  • joirney
  • couny’s
  • journeies
  • journys
  • tougness
  • journays
  • jounery
  • jones’s
  • journety

Exception to the Rule

There is a rule when a word ends in “y” to create the plural form the “y” is going to be changed to “ies.” However, the word “journeys” is an exception to the rule. With words which end in “vowel+y,” you are able to add “s” at the end to make the plural form of that word. Thus, this is why the plural form of the word “journey” is “journeys,” because the end of the word is “ey.”

Here are some other words with “vowel+y ending” and their Plural form:

  • Abbey – Abbeys
  • Boy – Boys
  • Day – Days
  • Delay – Delays
  • Donkey – Donkeys
  • Essay – Essays
  • Guy – Guys
  • Key – Keys
  • Kidney – Kidneys
  • Monkey – Monkeys
  • Play – Plays
  • Survey – Surveys
  • Toy – Toys
  • Trolley – Trolleys
  • Turkey – Turkeys
  • Valley – Valleys
  • Way – Ways

What Are the Synonyms Of the Word “Journeys”?

Apparently, there are many words that have similar meanings to journeys:

  • Adventure
  • Crossing
  • Cruise
  • Drive
  • Expedition
  • Exploration
  • Flight
  • Hike
  • Jaunts
  • Migration
  • Odyssey
  • Passage
  • Pilgrimages
  • Ride
  • Route
  • Safari
  • Tour
  • Travels
  • Trip
  • Voyage
  • Wandering

Example Sentences Using the Word “Journeys”

Below are example sentences using the word Journeys.

  • She paid her own expenses in all her journeys and received no public reward.
  • Mrs. Christine was growing suspicious of her frequent journeys.
  • This journey was simpler than the past several journeys, as no opponent territory stood between his kingdom and his ally.
  • This work involved a few journeys to Europe. And, it was performed with a thoroughness approaching finality.
  • For her constant journeys she required two horses, one for herself and one for her attendant.
  • The members of that expedition made a few other long journeys.
  • Accompanied by ten chosen warriors, she journeys to Europa.
  • In the course of her research she made a few journeys in the West.
  • In 1995 she started on a series of journeys, which interested her in ethnological studies.
  • They made long journeys in Gaul, in Italy, and as far as Belgium.
  • They made frequent journeys into the neighboring regions as far north as the Matabele country.
  • Her journeys occupied her for about fourteen years.
  • You are able to try riding a bicycle for several of your journeys.
  • If you have to make some journeys, ensure to disinfect your footwear and vehicles.
  • Everyone who cannot use public vehicles alone is allowed to drive 15 journeys per month by taxi inside one’s hometown.
  • Through your journeys on the Internet, you may have found this guy who expresses a fair bit of anger toward a few of the video games.
  • In his journeys, Michael often runs into several obstacles.
  • They have purchased a home on wheels for their journeys.
  • She made a few journeys to Constantinople, where she enjoyed the favour of the empress Theodora.
  • The results of Mr Mike’s three journeys were crucial and valuable.
  • They spent much time on journeys, going to the chief courts of Europe, and they seemed to desire to preserve close friendship with other nations, mainly with Russia and Great Britain.
  • He journeys to different countries every month.
  • Juliet journeys to Ontario every month to see her grandkids.
  • Clara journeys to work every day by train.
  • These journeys were long, but I think that it was great in the end.
  • There were more than 15 journeys made on the train last month.
  • In our life, we all have different journeys.
  • On holiday, you are able to take some journeys to your favorite cities.
  • They plan some journeys for learning about the culture and culinary traditions.
  • Their family will take a few journeys to various countries.
  • They are very enjoying their journeys right now.
  • He began his journeys two years ago. There is no doubt that his journeys taught him his purpose in life.
  • He worked hard so he was able to pay the expenses of his last journeys to Europa.

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