How Do You Spell Independent or Independant – Which is Correct?

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When you are writing something where you have to write or type ‘independent’, you may be confused about how to type or write it correctly. Is it ‘independent’ or ‘independant’? Let’s find out the answer about which word is correct to spell whether ‘Independent’ or ‘Independant’.

‘Independent’ or ‘Independant’?

‘Independent’ is the correct one. If you find or think that ‘Independant’ is correct, then it is wrong. The word ‘Independant’ is a misspelling of the ideal word ‘independent’. According to the School and Travel site, this misspelling comes as a result of replacing the ‘e’ in the ideal word with ‘a’ and it makes it sound towards the end as ‘ant’ instead of ‘ent’.

How Do You Spell Independent or Independant - Which is Correct

Here are some wrong examples of using ‘independant’ word from the School and Travel site with some modifications.

  • She wants to live an independant life.
  • They feel like being independant is something that needs personal decision and commitment.

As explained above, the correct one is ‘Independent’. However, do you know the meaning of this word? Being ‘independent’ means being free and self-directing and it also means not being in line with a political party as explained on the School and Travel site. Theoretically, the ideal word came from adding the prefix ‘in’ in the root word ‘dependent’ so that it becomes ‘Independent’. If this word is used related to a country, ‘independence’ relates to freedom from the reliance of a country on another country.

Here are some correct examples of using ‘independent’ word in sentences cited from the School and Travel site.

  • To be independent means you have to learn to work for what you want.
  • What year did the US gain independence?

On the Which Is Correct site, it is explained that ‘independant’ is the incorrect spelling because the core word ‘depend’ is spelled with e not a. so, ‘independant’ is a wrong spelling and the correct one is independent. On the site, it is also explained that if you want to understand this form, you have to return to its root, namely ‘depend’. In late Middle English, it was spelled dependen and its Latin origin is prefixed de- and word pendere meaning to hang. Both of these origin words are spelled with two e’s, and not with a at the end so that ‘independent’ is the correct spelling, but ‘independant’ is the wrong spelling.

That’s all the explanation about the correct spelling for ‘independent’ according to the School and Travel site and also Which Is Correct Site. And now, let’s find out the meaning of the word based on the dictionary, the use and also the synonyms and antonyms.

Definition of Independent

According to the Dictionary site, here are the definitions of ‘independent’.

As an adjective:

  • not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself:

For example: an independent thinker.

  • not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free:

For example: an independent businessman.

  • not influenced by the thought or action of others:

For example: independent research.

  • not dependent; not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc.
  • not relying on another or others for aid or support.
  • rejecting others’ aid or support; refusing to be under obligation to others.
  • possessing a competency:

For example: to be financially independent.

  • sufficient to support a person without his having to work:

For example: an independent income.

  • executed or originating outside a given unit, agency, business, etc.; external:

For example: an independent inquiry.

  • working for oneself or for a small, privately owned business.
  • expressive of a spirit of independence; self-confident; unconstrained:

For example: a free and independent citizen.

  • free from party commitments in voting:

For example: the independent voter.

  • Mathematics. (of a quantity or function) not depending upon another for its value.
  • Grammar. capable of standing syntactically as a complete sentence:

For example: an independent clause.

  • Logic.
    • (of a set of propositions) having no one proposition deducible from the others.
    • (of a proposition) belonging to such a set.
  • Statistics. statistically independent.
  • (initial capital letter)Ecclesiastical. of or relating to the Independents.

As a noun:

  • An independent person or thing
  • A small, privately owned business:

For example: The conglomerates are buying up the independents.

Other Words From ‘Independent’

According to the Dictionary site, here are other words from independent.

  • Independently (adverb)
  • Non-independent (adjective)
  • Non-independently (adverb)
  • Pre-independent (adjective)

Some Examples of Using ‘Independent’ in a Sentence

According to the, here are some examples of using ‘independent’ in a sentence.

Examples of using ‘independent’ word as an adjective in a sentence:

  • The country recently became independent.
  • They have a good deal of independent authority.
  • She has an independent income.
  • Another laboratory has provided independent confirmation of the test results.
  • She is a very independent person.
  • She has an independent mind.
  • They lead an independent life.

An example of using an ‘independent’ word as a noun in a sentence:

  • She registered to vote as an Independent.

Some Phrases Containing Independent

According to the, here are some phrases containing ‘independent’.

  • Independent assortment
  • Independent city
  • Independent contractor
  • Independent clause
  • Independent study
  • Law of independent assortment
  • Independent variable
  • Independent suspension
  • Semi-independent

Synonyms for Independent

According to The Saurus site, here are the synonyms for independent.













On one’s own














Antonyms for Independent

According to The Saurus site, here are the antonyms for independent.

  • Dependent
  • Subordinate
  • Subservient

Some FAQs About ‘Independent’ Word

According to the merriam-webster site, here are some FAQs about ‘independent’.

  • When can free be used instead of independent?

Even though in some cases ‘free’ is nearly identical to ‘independent’, but you need to know that ‘free’ emphasizes the complete absence of external rule and the full right to make all of one’s own decisions.

  • When would ‘autonomous’ be a reasonable alternative to ‘independent’?

Even though the words ‘autonomous’ and ‘independent’ have much in common, but you need to know that ‘autonomous’ emphasizes independence in matters pertaining to self-government.

  • When could ‘sovereign’ be used to replace ‘independent’?

Sometimes, the synonyms ‘sovereign’ and ‘independent’ are interchangeable, but you need to note that ‘sovereign’ emphasizes the absence of a superior power and implies supremacy within a thing’s own domain or sphere.

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