How Do You Get Unlimited Stars on Raz Kids 2021

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Do you want to get unlimited stars on Raz Kids? You may imagined that if you have unlimited stars, you will be able to buy any items that you want for your Avatar Builder or Raz Rocket. But, is there any way to do to get unlimited stars? Let’s find out the information about it here.

Getting Unlimited Stars on Raz Kids

There is no way to get unlimited stars on Raz Kids. The rule is that you have to read the books as much as possible on Raz Kids so that you will earn stars. On Youtube, there may be some videos about getting unlimited stars or hack it and usually it uses Inspect Element. Well, for your information, it just changes the number on your screen and actually it does not change the value at all.

So, just make sure that you do your best on Raz Kids for getting a lot of stars and never ever to think of cheating.

Student Incentives and Awards

Stars are rewarded to students if they can practice, complete or success with different activities. Let’s say that they just finished listening to the book on Raz Kids, then they will earn stars. The stars that they earn will be able to be used to buy fun items so that they are able to personalize the Raz Rocket and to create a customized avatar by using the Avatar Builder.

How many stars do students get for every activity on Raz Kids? For every activity, the stars that students will earn are different. You can check the amount of stars to get in every activity in the Star System below.

  • Practice ¬†Recording

Stars earned: 10

  • Listen Book

Stars earned: 10

  • Read Book

Stars earned: 50

  • Quiz passed

Stars earned: 100

  • Interactivity Not Passed

Stars earned: 100

  • Perfect Quiz

Stars earned: 150

  • Interactivity Passed

Stars earned: 200

  • Interactivity Perfect

Stars earned: 300

  • Assessment Complete

Stars earned: 300

  • Assignment Complete

Stars earned: 100/ 500

Avatar Builder on Raz Kids

As we have explained earlier that if you have stars, then you can spend it to buy items so that you can create a customized avatar using the Avatar Builder. With it, students will be helped to personalize their online experience so that learning on Raz Kids will be more fun to do. Here are the things to know about Avatar Builder on Raz Kids.

  • The stars that have earned by students can be used to buy parts and accessories so that students can customize the appearance of the avatar.
  • Same as the Raz Rocket, the Avatar Builder is enabled by teachers from the Roster or individual student pages.

It is important to note that all students will get 500 bonus stars when they first get into the new Avatar Builder.

There are also seasonal avatars. What are they? They are items which are available to students for 60 days at a time, with new seasonal items presented every quarter. Students can keep purchased seasonal items beyond the season, but those not bought will disappear from the availability.

Raz Rocket on Raz-Kids

This is another fund feature on Raz-Kids where students are allowed to create a room in their Raz Rocket with furniture, aliens, plants, equipment, robots and other items that they may want in space-themed environment.

Raz Rocket is enabled by teachers from the Roster for the whole class or individual student pages. Students use stars that they earned to buy items from the catalog to be able to personalized their Raz Rocket.

It is important to note that teachers are able to turn on or off students access to the Raz Rocket or Avatar Builder. Teachers can do it by customizing the student Incentives settings in your Roster or on individual student pages.

Badges on Raz Kids

Besides earning stars, students can also earn Badges on Raz Kids. Students can earn badges if they achieve milestones. Students are able to see the progress that they are making toward each badge from the My Stats area on their dashboard.

The badges which are unearned will be seen in gray and turn to color when students have earned it. A celebratory animation can be seen by students upon earning a badge. Teachers are able to present students with printed version of badges to celebrate achievement.

Awards and Certificates to Download on Raz-Kids

If you access Raz-Kids website exactly on the Student Incentives and Awards page, there are a number of downloadable and printable awards and certificates which can encourage students and help them celebrate achievements or success. Here are some themes of the downloadable and printable awards and certificates on Raz Kids.

  • Reading Star
  • Bookworm
  • Teachergram
  • Amazing
  • Way to Go
  • Moving Up
  • Round of Applause
  • Award of Achievement

About Raz-Kids

Raz-Kids is a platform which can be used by kids to practice reading. Raz-Kids has hundreds of interactive, leveled e-Books which consist of 29 levels.  There are more than 400 eBooks and open-book eQuizzes that can be accessed  by students. The new books are added every month and there are books in Spanish as well.

On Raz-Kids, students will be given corresponding eQuizzes test comprehension and it provides teachers with skill reports for data driven instruction. There are online running records as well. What are they? They allow teachers to asses each student digitally so that teachers can save valuable classroom time.

As we also have explained earlier that on Raz-Kids, there is the motivational Raz Rocket. It makes students excited about reading and also it can strengthen the school-to-home connection.

Another positive thing from Raz-Kids is that this platform has won a number of awards such as CODiE and EDDIE Awards and a Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom.

If you are interested in this platform and you want your child to use it for their reading practice, you are able to register on Raz Kids. There is a good news that you have free trial for 14 days so that you can try it first for your child without having to pay.

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