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In this page, we are going to share information about Guns Germs and Steel answers for Episode 2. If you want to know that information, you have to read the following text carefully. Make sure you get all information here.

Answer Key – Guns, Germs, and Steel Episode 2

Before you watch the film, you should read each question below, so you are going to know what information and ideas you have to be looking for when you watch Guns Germs and Steel Episode 2. Also, you are able to record your answers to each question by giving the facts, details, and examples as many as possible to answer each question. Please be prepared to discuss your answers with the class.

Here are questions and answers of Guns Germs and Steel Episode 2:

  1. At the time the Spanish conquistadors invaded the Inca Empire, they were armed with state of the art weaponry. Try to describe this weaponry!

Answer: The answer of this question will vary, but your answer should include:

  • Steel swords
  • Guns
  • Military strategies
  • Body armor (steel)
  • Helmets (steel)
  • Horses
  1. What is Jared Diamond’s clarification for why the Spanish had advanced to steel swords while Inca’s were still creating the tools and weapons from bronze?

Answer: Because Europe was close to the Fertile Crescent geographically, they inherited the 7,000 years of metal technology which had been developed there. Due to they had a various society who allowed for specialization, the Spanish devoted time and effort to produce the strongest, longest, sharpest swords possible.

  1. How did the battle tactics utilized by the Spanish conquistadors that assist the small army defeat the Inca army that outnumbered it by the thousands?

Answer: The Spaniards start by surprising the Incas. They were firing their own guns and coming out of their hiding place on horseback. When they rode, the conquistadors utilized their swords to cut, hack, and stab the Incas who were panicking, and fleeing rather than standing firm. If the Incas know more about this fighting style, maybe they were able to get victorious by sheer numbers, if they had survived their ground against the cavalry.

  1. According to Jared Diamond, what caused the Europeans “accidental conquerors”?

Answer: Because of their geographic position and history. The Europeans were the first to obtain the guns, steel and germs, so they were able to conquer other lesser developed civilizations.

Well, the text above is an explanation about Answer Key – Guns, Germs, and Steel Episode 2. If you want to know Answer Key – Guns, Germs, and Steel for the next episode, you have to continue reading the text below.

Answer Key – Guns, Germs, and Steel (Episode 3)

Talking about Answer Key – Guns, Germs, and Steel Episode 3, now we also want to share Answer Key – Guns, Germs, and Steel for episode 3.

Here are questions and answers of Guns Germs and Steel Episode 3:

  1. According to Jared Diamond, what is the factor which allowed the Europeans to develop the forces necessary to conquer huge portions of the world?

Answer: Geography. With having productive crops and animals, it would allow the Europeans to develop their guns, steel and germs. And finally they were able to conquer the world.

  1. Why were the Europeans that settled the South African cape very successful? Please describe two reasons.

Answer: The temperature and the climate in the South African cape is almost the same as what the Europeans had at home. Due to the Cape and Europe have a similar latitude (distance from the equator), then they are able to grow the same types of crops and also raise the same types of livestock in Africa like they did back home in Europe.

  1. How did disease let the Europeans to conquer the native populations in the Americas and in the African cape?

Answer: The Europeans introduced germs that those populations had never before been exposed to, especially smallpox. Due to the Europeans had been exposed to the disease over the course of centuries, then their bodies had built up a natural resistance (antibodies) to these diseases. When the people of the Americas and the South African cape came into contact with those germs, they were killed in massive numbers, creating the settlement of these lands much easier for the Europeans.

  1. While the Europeans trying to overtake the tropical position of the African continent that were responsible to introduce the killer germs to the native populations, in fact they also anguished from the effects of the germs to this part of the world. Please describe how those germs would work against the European settlers.

Answer: The Europeans were having a reversal of the pattern that they were used to. Rather than introducing the germs to the people that they hoped to conquer, they were being infected by the germs which were indigenous to Africa and losing their livestock and their own lives as a result.

  1. How did the native Africans protected themselves from the germs which made diseases such as Malaria and Smallpox? Please give some specific examples cited in the film.

Answer: The native Africans had developed their own immunity to Smallpox and Malaria through repeated exposure over thousands of the years and vaccinations that they had developed which could give immunity for life. Aside from that, the native Africans also knew how to avoid these diseases like Malaria by preventing infection. That was done by selecting to live in high, dry places where the mosquitoes responsible to spread the disease do not usually live. Because the native Africans lived in small communities, then they were able to minimize the transmission of diseases such as Smallpox and Malaria when outbreaks occurred. The European settlers did not understand about the causes of Smallpox or Malaria. Thus, they concentrated their settlements near water sources where they got the biggest exposure to Malaria. As they all lived in close proximity, epidemics were often happened, and deadly to the settlers.

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