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If you are a new student at GSM London, you need to login into GSM Student Portal to do many things. Here you will find the information about GSM Student Portal. Please read its explanation below.

GSM London formerly is Greenwich School of Management (GSoM). It is a private provider of higher education which based in Greenwich, south-east London. Then, it also located in Greenford, west London. Based on the research, GSM London was founded in 1973. it offers business-specific courses at undergraduate, postgraduate levels alongside other specialist training, and caters to a large number of international students. Since 2015, GSM London has educated over 25,000 students. We get information that it is owned by the private equity firm Sovereign Capital. GSM London provides the Student Portal for all students to access GSM’s database. Of course, there are lots of things which you can do by using GSM Student Portal.

How to access your GSM Student Portal account? Firstly, you have to go to the official website of GSM London. There are some section menu at the homepage of the site. In this case, you have to select Student Portal menu to bring you to the page where you are able to login to your GSM Student Portal account. After you arrived at the page of GSM London Student Portal, there are two columns that you have to fill out to start login. The first column is Student ID, so please enter your Student ID correctly. Then, the second column is password. Please enter your password correctly too. After you have already enter your username and password, then you just need to click at Login button. By clicking Login button, you are able to access your GSM Student Portal account. As we said before that there are lots of things which you can do by using GSM Student Portal such as check your grades, view your scores, check your schedule and more.

By the way, how do you do if you cannot remember your password? For this case, you need to reset your password. There are some ways in resetting your password. To reset your password, you are able to submit your username. Or you are able also submit your email address. If you are in the database of GSM Student Portal, so an email will be sent to your email address including the instructions how to get access again. Now, you are able to try to reset your password by username.

Then, please enter your username in the field that provide by GSM Student Portal. Wait a few seconds until you get an email to confir whether you really want to reset your password or not. After you get an email, you have to follow all the insructions. Then, for you who want to reset a password by email address, you are able to enter your email address in the field that provide by GSM Student Portal. The next step, you shlud get an email and do all the instructions so that you can reset password successfully.

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