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Great Lakes Student Loans is the term to call loans offered by Great Lakes. There are two kinds of loans offered. Those are the subsidized federal student loans and the unsubsidized federal student loans. What is the difference of the Great Lakes educational loan services?

According to the official website of Great Lakes, the main difference between the two is who is responsible to pay the interest on the loan while you are enrolled in the school at least half time. With the first time, the federal government pays the interest on the loan while you are in the school at least half time and during the deferment. With the second offer, the borrower is the one who is responsible to pay the interest on the loan.

Apparently, you have to log in to manage your student loans and to access your profile and the other details about your account. To do Great Lakes student loans log in, the first thing that you have to do is to open the official website of Great Lakes. When you are in the homepage, drag your cursor to the top right of the page. it is where the Log In button is located. Please click on the button to be taken to the Log In page. You will be asked about one thing which is your user ID. Please enter your user ID, click the blue Continue button, and follow the rest of the instructions well.

If you are having trouble while logging in, there are several possible issues that might happen. The first possibility is Great Lakes my no longer service your student loans. If it is the case, you can review the recent communications about your student loans for lender or services contact information in case your loans were just transferred. The second possibility is that you need to create the new password or PIN or retrieve your user ID. you can do it by filling out the form that can be found in the official website of Great Lakes.

For further information about Great Lakes Student Loans, please visit the official website of Great Lakes. It is the best source for you to look for the information about Great Lakes and the loans, including about Great Lakes student loans number. if the information you are looking for cannot be found on the official website, then you might want to contact the representative of Great Loans. You can call 800 236 4300 or 608 246 1700 for local or international. It is available during the hours of Monday to Friday from 7 00 AM to 9 00 PM. Before making a call, you have to know that some calls may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. If you are too lazy to talk directly, there some some alternatives for you. The other things that you can do to get in touch with the representative are to send a mail, send an email, and send a fax.

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