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In MasterClass, you will be able to learn a variety of skills directly with professionals. You definitely can choose who you study with to improve your skills. To take a class in MasterClass, you need to sign up first and make a subscription by choosing one of the annual subscription price plans.

If you want to learn cooking in MasterClass, you can choose to learn with Gordon Ramsay. It is known that Gordon Ramsay is a savage judge in the famous cooking reality show called MasterChef. Before taking Gordon Ramsay’s class, you can see some reviews regarding his class in MasterClass through our post below!

Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Review


Just like other professionals in MasterClass, you will learn downloadable PDF formatted workbooks for effective and efficient learning. Gordon’s courses are really helpful to understand and taught in a better way.

It is known that MasterClass has a number of courses in almost every genre with more than 100 courses. So as with Gordon Ramsay, he has cut down his courses into two parts, even though he teaches only cooking. Part I actually covers the principles and techniques used in cooking, around 4 hours covering 20 lessons, while Part II covers learning how to cook using his recipes at home, around 4 hours but this part only has 15 lessons.

The 20 lessons in Part 1 break down into the general sections, including:

  • Getting to know Gordon Ramsay
  • Mastering the kitchen
  • Mastering vegetables and herbs
  • Elevating eggs
  • Developing knife skills
  • Mastering meat: beef, chicken, lamb and pork
  • Mastering seafood: shellfish and fish
  • Making the perfect pasta
  • Recipes

What Will You Learn in Gordon Ramsay’s Class?

Gordon Ramsay’s courses are divided into some sections. To make it easier for you to understand what you will learn in his class, we’ll show you each section below!

  1. Getting to know Gordon Ramsay

In the first lesson, Gordon will talk about his journey into becoming the chef he is today. This introduction is about a motivation class that was inspiring to know his story.

  1. Mastering the kitchen

In this section, Gordon Ramsay shows his kitchen and quickly dives into the lesson in which he lists out all the important things that every kitchen should have, known as must-have items.

  1. Understanding vegetables

Understanding vegetables will be learned in lesson 4 where he reveals his secrets on checking a vegetable’s freshness and creating the best use of vegetables which you may throw in the trash can.

In this section, you will also learn to understand herbs better and specific techniques to know the flavor as well. The entire lesson actually consisted of precious points. Even though the rest of the course is practical, you may want to take notes of all the theoretical parts in which he teaches important things to remember about vegetables.

  1. Only eggs

Gordon Ramsay also gives you a lesson through only eggs that was fascinating to watch. In this lesson, he talks about eggs from poaching to cooking to pairing. Of course, he covers it all brilliantly. Furthermore, you can also learn luxury pairings with eggs in an easier way that was so interesting to watch.

  1. Handling knives

Since knives play an important role in cooking, Gordon Ramsay actually teaches all the unique ways to handle a knife for a smoother workflow. He also demonstrates using various kinds of knives and the body’s coordination with them.

  1. How to cook non-veg

Cooking non-veg will be learned in lesson 8 – 10. In those lessons, you will learn to analyze a whole chicken, search for bone marrow, and adjust cooking techniques to the requirements of the meat. He will also teach the freshness test with fish as he performed in lesson 4 for vegetables.

  1. Learning restaurant recipes like a professional

Through Gordon Ramsay’s lesson, you will master restaurant recipes like a professional in Part II. Of course, you will also obtain various recipes in this lesson. There are at least 14 exclusive recipes you can find in Gordon Ramsay’s cooking collection.

Pros and Cons of Gordon Ramsay’s Class

We got the pros and cons of Gordon Ramsay’s class at Learnopoly. There are some pros and cons of Gordon Ramsay’s class that the author has after taking the course, here are they:


  • You will easily get hands on and practical tips from Gordon Ramsay himself
  • Having unique insight and explanation into the theory behind great cooking that equips you to increase your skill at the end of the course
  • He uses unexpected ingredients to make a recipe and encourage you to think outside the box
  • Amazing production values
  • Get to know the alternative ingredient suggestions to allow for dietary requirements


  • There are some complex recipes that are demonstrated with some components already made
  • Sometimes uses hard method to find ingredients
  • In a video, Ramsay was seen to keep blowing the steam away from the pan. The author thinks that it’s likely so they can capture a better shot of the food, but it is so dirty.

What Do People Say About Gordon Ramsay’s Class in MasterClass?

To convince you to choose either choosing Gordon Ramsay’s class in MasterClass or not, we will show you some reviews regardless of Gordon Ramsay’s courses in MasterClass. We also got those reviews from some internet sources. Let’s see them below!

An author named Glenda Allaway wrote an article that shows the review of Gordon Ramsay’s class in MasterClass. The author said that every one who takes his class in MasterClass may be a fan of Gordon Ramsay.

Based on the author’s review, Gordon is an incredible teacher who cares about good food. In the course, he actually understands and explains everything in excellent detail. Moreover, he does not only show you steps to follow along with, but he also equips you with great theory and practice which allow you to reach great things in the kitchen long after this course is over.

Throughout the entire of his course, Gordon shows you great practical advice. The workbooks will also help you to give even more. In the video, he was seen to always wash his hand, as he emphasizes that cooking without due care and attention will be dangerous.

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