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What is the meaning of Hood in Ghetto Slang? You may come to this page to find out that answer. Apparently, you are at the right page. Here we are going to find that answer. Also, you are going to find more Ghetto Slang and word’s meaning.

The Meaning of Ghetto Slang Hood

Hood: Short for neighborhood. However, it refers to a ghetto neighborhood.

The term Ghetto refers to a neighborhood that is characterized by low property values and little public or private investment. It is a slang term which is generally considered an offensive stereotype as Ghettos have historically been inhabited by racial minorities. Also, Ghettos may often be characterized by high unemployment, income inequality, inadequate municipal services, and high drop-out rates from schools. Neighborhoods which are classified as Ghettos may be underpopulated with abandoned homes or they may be densely populated with big families living in small spaces.

Ghetto Slang Word’s Meaning

  • Slim Shady
    A term of endearment utilized to express appreciation of someone or something.
  • Smoke Weed, Man Smoke Weed
    A derogatory term for something or someone of low value or status.
  • Slacktivism
    A term utilized to refer to any form of advocacy of radical or liberal causes.
  • Snicker
    An exclamation of amusement at another person’s incompetence or foolishness.
  • Ace
    Best friend
  • Aight
    Short for ‘all right,’ everything is cool.
  • B
    An east coast term short for bro or brother.
  • Baby Mama/Baby Daddy
    A person you had a child with.
  • Bail
    To go or leave. Short for leaving someplace
  • Bangin/Bang
    Short gang term for Gang Bangin, girl with a ghetto body, big booty, slim waist.
  • Banger
    Knife or a sharp weapon.
  • Bank
    Money, cash
  • Baller
    Meaning money makers in the hood, be it by illegal or legal activities. Also, it is a term for a street basketball player.
  • Beef
    Serious trouble with an individual, or group. It is to have arguments or war.
  • Benjamins
    $100 bills.
  • Benz
    Short for Mercedes Benz.
  • Biscuit
    Gun or butt
  • Blew it up/ Blew up the spot
    When a Hip Hop crew gives a great performance which leaves the crowd or observers screaming.
  • Bolo/ BOLOS
    Meaning: Be on the lookout.
  • Bomb
    A graffiti rampage on the trains and walls.
  • Break
    The percussive part of a 1970’s James Brown style record, where the drums play a funky beat.
  • Booya
    Sound of a shotgun blast.
  • Break it down
    To dissect a knowledge situation, and explain it in a simple format. Or to get down in any aspect of culture, particularly dance.
  • Buggin
    Buggin means you trippin or wilen
  • Bust / Bus
    To take action or fight/shoot a gun. Also, it can mean to dance, or get down
  • Busta
    A person who is fake or a punk who cannot fight, or snitches.
  • Butter
    When someone, something, or someone’s Hip Hop skills are smooth and great.
  • Buck/ Buck Wild
    To shoot someone, or at someone.
  • Bum Rush
    When a crew or group of people rush the gates or door of a party without paying. Bum meaning person with no cash, and rush meaning forcing their way in.
  • But/Booty
    When someone’s skills or something is not good.
  • Cheese/Cheddar
    Money, cash
  • Chill
    Relax, stay cool.
  • Chin Check
    Punch someone in the chin or face. To test someone’s chin with a punch to see if they can take it.
  • Chips
    Referring to casino chips, cash or money.
  • Chrome
    Guns, Chrome car rims
  • Chucks
    Short for Chuck Taylor Converse all-stars sneakers.
  • Clock, Clockin
    Killin time. Punch someone in the head
  • Clown walkin
    New young Hip Hop dance style. Uses a lot of footwork.
  • Cop
    To buy, originally a term for purchasing drugs
  • Crab
    A slutty girl.
  • Crackin/ What’s crackin/ Crackalackin
    What is happening?
  • Crib
    A person’s home.
  • Crooklyn
    Slang for Brooklyn
  • Cut up/ Cuttin the rug
    Refers to gettin down, dancing.
  • Dead Presidents
    Paper money.
  • Def
    Old school term for something great.
  • Deuce
    Ghetto way of saying the number 2
  • Dilly/Dealy/What the Dealy
    What is the deal? What is going on?
  • Digits
    Phone number
  • Dis
    Short for disrespect
  • Dog/Dawg
    Friends that you are able to count on in times of trouble. A person who watches your back.
  • Dome/Dome piece
    A person’s head. Typically referring to fighting and punching someone in the head, or shooting someone in the head.
  • Don
    Italian and Spanish word for God father.
  • Dope/dopenes
    Another word for someone or something great. Also, it can mean drugs or heroin.
  • Do or Die
    Slang for Bedstuy Brooklyn.
  • Drop Science
    Teaching street knowledge to other people.
  • Ghetto Bird
    Police helicopter.
  • Gritty
    Street, dirty, diggin deep.
  • Holla
    To call someone out, or contact someone.
  • Herb
    A punk, or someone who is soft.
  • Home Skillet/Home Boy/Homey
    Close friends from around the way.
  • Hood Rat
    Refers to a girl from around the way.
  • Hottie
    Meaning she is hot. She is a hottie.
  • Hummin
    Person with bad breath.
  • Hustler
    Person who is always on the grind attempting to make money.
  • Hype/Hype Man
    To perform Hip Hop with great energy.
  • Ice
    Jewelry covered with diamonds
  • III
    Way of saying something is so great it is sickening.
  • Iron Horse
    Subway train.
  • Jack
    Term for robbing a person, stealing someone’s car. Also, a word similar to dude.
  • Jake
    A cop, a police officer.
  • Jet
    To leave in a hurry.
  • Kicks
    Sneakers, tennis shoes.
  • Kickin
    Good, great, appealing.
  • Lifted
    Someone who is high off drugs or alcohol.
  • Mack
    A guy who will be able to get any girl he wants.
  • Mad
    A term used to explain when something is great or extra huge.
  • Murk
    To kill, or to leave.
  • Off
    Shoot, Kill.
  • One/One love
    Street way of saying good bye.
  • Playa/Playa Hater
    A guy who has lots of girls and manages to play them all at the same time.
  • Pop/Poped
    To shoot someone
  • Rikers Island
    A prison
  • Scrilla
  • Serve
    To defeat someone in a Hip Hop Battle.
  • Shorty
    A term for a young kid from the neighborhood.
  • Snuff/Sneak/Snuck
    To sneak an attack on someone when they are not looking.
  • Spittin
    When an MC or rapper starts rhyming.

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