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As parents of a student of Fair Lawn Public Schools  NJ (New Jersey), you are allowed to access Genesis to see the progress of your child at school. To be able to access Genesis Parent Portal, of course you need to know how to do it. Here, you will find the steps for accessing it.

Accessing Genesis Parent Portal Fair Lawn Public Schools

Do you want to access Genesis Parent Portal Fair Lawn Public Schools? If you want to access it, you are able to use this link When you access it, you will be taken to the Genesis page of Fair Lawn Public Schools.

Genesis Parent Portal Fair Lawn NJ
On the left side of the screen, there are some options such as Genesis Parent Portal, Genesis Features for Parents, Genesis Portal Registration, Staff – Click on staff name to email, and Genesis Parent Portal Tutorial. Since you want to access the Genesis Parent Portal, so you have to click on the Genesis Parent Portal. After that, you will be taken to a login page and you have to enter your login credentials.

Genesis Parent Portal log in
According to the website of Fair Lawn Schools, parents and students who have a Genesis Account will be able to log into the safe site by using their email as their screen name. For parent users, a random password will be emailed. After logging in, users will be asked to change the password. For students, they will use the same username and password as their Fair Lawn Google account they use in school.

For parents who have multiple children in Fair Lawn schools, they are able to choose a specific student from the drop down menu at the top right. However, for students who have Genesis accounts, they are only able to view their own information.

Important Menus in Genesis Portal For Fair Lawn Schools

When you access Genesis, there will be a number of menus in it. You need to know what they are so that you will be able to get the information correctly about your child.

  • Home Screen

In the home screen of Genesis, you will be shown basic student information, including schedule, photo, weekly attendance summary, ID and HR. It is important for you to know that parents are able to submit notification of a student Absence or Tardy from the home screen by clicking on the Notify Attendance Office.

  • Alerts

Now, alerts are available to be turned on for Letters (Attendance only) and Messages (forms and documents). If there are changes or updates which are made in these areas, there will be a message that you will receive where it alerts you to check the portal. It is important for you to know that alerts are not sent if you do not choose to turn on this feature. If you want to turn the Alerts on, you are able to follow the steps below.

    • First, you have to click on the Message Center icon which can be found in the upper right.
    • Then, you have to click on the Message Alert Set up tab.
    • Now, you have to check the Email and/ or Cell Phone (text) to which you prefer to receive your alerts.
    • If you choose to receive a Text Alerts, you need to update the Cell Phone Provider on the Contacts tab beside your cell phone. Note that text alerts are not able to be sent to provider which is marked ‘Unknown’.
  • Attendance

In the Attendance, you will be shown a color coded calendar with Tardy and Absence totals. HS will also show a tab of Class Attendance.

  • Grading

In the Grading, you will be shown the most recent Progress Report or Marking Period Report Card. In a drop down, you are permitted to review previous report cards.

  • Discipline (MS/HS Only)

In the Discipline, you will be shown the disciplinary action which is taken by the administration (Not Teacher discipline issues). For your information, this tab will not be available until further training is completed at both middle and high schools.

  • Gradebook (MS/ HS Only)

Here, you will see a list of courses, teachers (with email address) and current grade to date. Here, you will also be shown assignments due during the current week. It can be switched to List Assignments and choose a specific class or filter assignments (All, Missing, Incomplete). Here, you will also be shown posted grades and comments of assignments and attachments. It is important for you to remember that not all assignments will have an attachment, also not all graded assignments have comments.

  • Documents

Here, you will see a list of letters from principals, HR assignments (elementary) and other general information. You have to click on the Document name to view it.

  • Forms

In this menu, parents are able to give online permission for various actions. When there are new forms are posted, there will be an email alert which will be sent. If there are checks and X’s on the home screen, it will indicate which forms have been submitted.

  • Letters

In the Letters tab, you can view Elementary Homeroom Assignments/ Principal Welcome Back Letters. In addition, you will also view MS/HS student attendance letters.

For your information, at the bottom of the home screen, you are able to see check marks where they indicate the permissions which have been enabled. These are only able to be set by from a Genesis Parent Account. You are able to click on the Forms tab if you want to enable the various permissions.

In addition, now parents and guardians are able to edit or update their contact information in the Genesis Portal in the Contacts Tab. So, you do not have to print and edit the Emergency Contact Information page, but now you just have to edit your contact information directly on the portal. It is important for you to know that even though this information will update soon in the database, but the information which has been updated will not be shown on the Emergency Contact Form and it will be shown after the reports update each weekend.

Another important thing that you need to know is that attendance notifications are now able to be posted in the Genesis Portal instead of calling the school.

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