GEICO Hiring Process 2022

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Government Employees Insurance Company, which is also more known as GEICO in short, is named as one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. It is second to another company. This company is popular, especially for its mascot, which is the tiny green gecko.

There are a big number of offices that GEICO has, including its headquarters that is located in Maryland. Currently, it has about 40k people who are working for this company. These employees are spread to a total of six key areas, including auto damage, claims, corporate & technology, customer service, leadership & management programs, and sales.

GEICO Hiring Process 2022

For those who are going to apply for a position at Bank of America, you might be wondering about its hiring process. Below is the list of the structure:

  1. Application

The candidate can apply for a job position online. It means they can do it on their comfortable sofa. This is the most favorited and the best method. If they want to try this, they can visit the careers site of the company. When they are there, they can just look for “recent job openings”. After finding the position that they want, it is time for them to click the title of the job so that they can be taken to a page where they can fill the application and submit it. Every applicant has to complete work experience and education history. In addition, they should also include a cover letter to complete the application.

Aside from that, they can also apply in person, which is by visiting a GEICO HR location. Compared to the first one, it is actually least preferred. If they prefer the second option, they will have to visit the location during the business hours.

  1. Initial phone screening

The initial phone screening is the introduction to GEICO and the candidate. The questions that are being asked will mainly focus on the resume of the candidate. Not only that, they will also focus more on the overall background. Basically, everything will include the questions about the relevant experience, strengths and weaknesses and details on the resume of the candidate, the one that makes them unique. For your information, every position that focuses on the customer will have a brief phone interview that will take about 30-35 minutes. As for the positions that have nothing to do with the customer, they will have a 30 to 60 minute interview.

In the initial phone screening, there might be a personality test. This kind of thing will be sent to the email of the candidate. Talking about the email, it will include the scheduled time for the interview. The format is like a questionnaire. The candidate will be asked to rate specific character traits, actions, or scenarios that are based on how much they agree with them. By using the results of this test, the company will decide if the candidate fits in the environment of the company and the role that they are applying for.

  1. Pre-employment testing

GEICO will give the objective assessment of the attitude and competency of the candidate by using the results of the pre-employment test. First of all, all candidates will be asked to come to one of their offices to do a test on site. When they are there, they will spend about an hour or two testing. When the test is done, they will be told whether they have passed or failed.

Apparently, the pre-employment tests that focus on customer include:

  • Computer skills: The computer skills test is a mix of the typing skills and the basic computer navigation.
  • Multi-tasking test: There are a total of two rounds of the multi-tasking assessment. Each of them has simple math equations on one side and customer correspondence on the other. There is no need for the candidate to complete every single task.
  • Customer simulation: This one will ask the candidate to answer emails and phone calls and help the customer while they are maintaining company expectations. In order to highlight how the candidate would deal with a situation, the company will usually include one or more difficult customers.
  • Spatial reasoning: This one will assess the ability of the candidate to understand claims that are being made and properly assess them.
  • Reading comprehension: This one is a brief test with the function to examine the ability of the candidate to understand correspondence arguments, and statements.

As for the test for the positions that are not focused on the customer will be job specific. The test includes:

  • Numerical reasoning: This test will be taken by the positions that are related to finance, data, and analytics.
  • Technical test: This one is a common thing for those who are applying for IT or the other positions that are related to technology.
  1. Final interview

It is possible for GEICO to conduct the final interview on the same day. Everything depends on the performance of the candidate during the pre-employment testing. If the final interview is not held on that day, as the candidate, the candidate will be invited back the next week.

In the final interview, the candidate will face some questions that are based on a combination of technical and competency. The ones who will interview the candidates will be a hiring manager and a key team in the field that the candidates have applied for. It is better for the candidates to go into detail and give the specifics when they are asked questions about the previous projects, jobs, and experiences. When they are asked about the questions about the specific job, please walk the interviewers through their through process and explain how they came to a given resolution.

Apparently, the final interview will be about 30 minutes to 2 hours long. Every candidate who has passed every stage of the interview process will be offered a job about a week after the final interview ends. If they accept the offer offered by the company, they will have to take a drug screening and to do a background check before they officially get the job.

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