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In order to use the Global Combat Support System (GCSS) Army, the personnel need to register first. The self-registration is necessary for personnel to create their own record in the GCSS Army. Their own records are then used to identify as a future GCSS-Army user or also equipment operator.

Are you a person who wants to register in the GCSS? Unfortunately, you do not know the link portal to register. If so, you need to worry, as this post will give you a link that you should visit for GCSS Army Self-Registration Portal. Here you go!

GCSS Army Self Registration Portal

Portal for GCSS Army Self-Registration

To register in the GCSS Army, make sure to visit the correct link. It aims to avoid you if you register in the wrong portal. Thankfully, we will show a correct link for GCSS Army Self-Registration Portal.

The portal link for GCSS Army Self-Registration is https://www.gcss-army.army.mil/HR.Self-Register/. If you want to register in the GCSS Army Self-Registration, make sure to visit the link, please avoid to type the link on your browser, as the link is case-sensitive and should be entered exactly.

If the personnel need to self-register, they will need the unit’s SAMS-E computer that has been set up in the same area. However, it aims to validate that the Army’s personal data in SAMS-E will match the date input into GCSS Army.

Therefore, there are some requirements that the personnel need to meet, here are they:

  • Name: The personnel’s name must contain Last name, First name, Middle initial and Suffix.
  • Date of Birth: It aims to identify the personnel’s birthdate.
  • UIC: The Soldier’s SAMS-E data must be loaded in the UIC of Self-Registration.
  • Personal Data: It contains the personnel’s weight, height, eye color and also their hair.

Once the personnel have met all requirements, they must then insert their Soldier’s CAC (Military, Civilian or Contractor) into a reader attached to the computer. Then, they must go to the portal link that we have mentioned above. Afterwards, they need to follow the steps that may display on the screen.

How to Log into GCSS Army Portal?

After the personnel have registered in the GCSS Army Self Registration Portal, they need to log into the GCSS Army via the portal login. The personnel can access the GCSS Army portal login at https://www.gcss-army.army.mil/. It’s highly recommended to log into the GCSS Army portal login using the Internet Explorer.

Then, the personnel have to click GCSS-Army Log-in shortcut or saved favorite. After that, they can click the ‘Log In With CAC’ option. Additionally, they are able to access the HTML GUI in the GCSS Army Portal. It can be performed if the Java Software is not loaded or if they cannot access the JAVA GUI).

How to log off? If they need to log off, they need to close the browser screen or click on the Log Off beside EUM+.

What is the GCSS Army?

The Global Combat Support System-Army or better known as GCSS is one single system containing the functionality that is associated with the business areas of maintenance, supply, tactical finance and also property.

In other words, GCSS Army is an integrated system in which the users who have access and permission will be able to login and do their business area missions regarding their position in the modular structure of location throughout the world.

Moreover, the integration here means that all data appears in a single database. That is also accessible to all authorized users. In this case, the integration will show timeliness, accuracy, as well as to enable significant economies of scale in areas such as system support, management and training.

The GCSS Army is going to eventually replace some Army management information systems which have been outage. The system is being developed with the SAP-ERP system. Moreover, it will be used across tactical logistics environments within the National Guard and the Army’s Active and Reserve components.

In the GCSS, the users may find ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning. Sure, it also has meaning that supports the system.

  • Enterprise means the entire organization structure (The Army);
  • Resources means all equipment, facilities, personnel, funds and more;
  • Planning is the systematic planning, coordination and execution of all Army logistic business with one single software system and common hardware.

Learn More about GTRAC

In the case of GCSS’s training, the users probably will find the term GTRAC. It aims to be the source for the most current GCSS-Army WTB and Wave 2 online NET. In this case, WTB will familiarize the user with the GCSS-Army system in order to prepare for follow-on familiarization sessions which happen during the D-180 sequence that leads up to NET and conversion.

GTRAC will allow the trainee to self-register and accept a completion certificate once successfully passing the corresponding test as well as complete training material online. Then, the trainees are able to progress at their own pace.

It is also recommended that they review the WBT material several times before they attend or access NET. In this case, we also recommend that each trainee will move deliberately through the training to make sure full comprehension.

The overall purpose goes beyond passing the exams. Its purpose is a full understanding of its system. Well, the better students understand GCSS-Army before they are  attending or accessing NET, the better they will absorb the detailed NET materials.

However, it will generate a smooth transition to post conversion activities. To view in depth look into the functionality of GTRAC including Accessing GTRAC, Registration, Web-Based Training (WBT), Wave 2 NET, Wave 2 New Equipment Refresher Training, Assessments and Certificates of Completion, they need to follow ‘GTRAC Smart Book’.

How to Encounter Any Issues on GCSS?

If the personnel encounter some issues when they are accessing the GCSS Army, they will ask for help through GCSS the Help Desk. They can access the GCSS Help Desk once they have registered before. They will then be required to go to the web link. They also need to  complete an initial registration form in order to get access to the GSCC Army.

The GCSS Help Desk can be reached by following ways:

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