Free Printable Jigsaw Puzzle Maker for Teachers

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Apparently, there are some free printable jigsaw puzzle makers for teachers. One of them is Jigsaw Explorer. If you want to look for information about free printable jigsaw puzzle makers for teachers, here you are going to get that information.

Jigsaw Explorer – A Free Printable Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

Jigsaw Explorer is a free website that hosts lots of online jigsaw puzzles. Also, it offers a free tool for making your own online jigsaw puzzles. To make your own puzzle, simply you are able to visit the Jigsaw Explorer Create a Puzzle page. Then, you are able to enter the URL of the image which you want to use as the basis of your jigsaw puzzle. You are able to specify the number of pieces which you want your puzzle to have. It will be able to have as few as six pieces or as many as 1056 pieces.

Free Printable Jigsaw Puzzle Maker for Teachers

Using Jigsaw Explorer could be an easy method to make puzzles for your students based on topics which they are learning about in science or geography. Also, Jigsaw Explorer makes it easy to make puzzles based on pictures of pictures of plants, pictures of animals and landmarks. For your information, Pixabay is a good place for you to discover images to use in your custom jigsaw puzzles.

Here are some features of Jigsaw Explorer:

  • It has full screen display
  • It has a wide option when choosing the number of puzzle pieces for a puzzle
  • Jigsaw puzzle progress will be saved automatically, so you are able to return later to an unfinished puzzle and complete it
  • It has the ability to display only the edge pieces
  • It has the ability to easily move several pieces with the capture and release feature
  • Rotatable puzzle pieces
  • Multiplayer mode so you are able to collaborate on a puzzle with family and friends
  • The users are able to open any photo directly from your hard drive as a jigsaw puzzle

Also, you are able to create custom jigsaw puzzles based on your photos which can be shared easily with family and friends via social media and email.

Creating Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Explorer makes it easy to make online custom jigsaw puzzles that you can share with your friends, family or website visitors. You do not need registration, login, or passwords to create your own custom jigsaw puzzles at Jigsaw Explorer. You only need to enter the web address of your image file, click the Create button, and then your puzzle is ready. Also, you do not need to worry about uploading your photo because they do not store or copy your photo. They will not use, publish, or distribute the image link or resulting puzzle. It is your jigsaw puzzle and just you will decide who it will be shared with.

Sharing Your Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

When your custom jigsaw puzzle is created, then you are going to be provided with a web address for the puzzle. The puzzle’s web address can be shared easily with family and friends via email, tweets, Facebook, etc. The puzzles are able to be played on PCs, Tablets, Macs, and phones.

The custom jigsaw puzzle page needs the URL of the photo you want to use as a jigsaw puzzle. The photo has to be a JPG, PNG, or GIF image file located somewhere on the web. A few examples of places where you are able to store photos free of charge are and Need to note that many file and photo storage sites no longer allow photos to be directly accessed by URL, so they will not be able to be used for making custom jigsaw puzzles. A valid direct image file address will show .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif somewhere in the address.

Image Size: Although you are able to use any size image for the puzzle subject, we highly recommend using an image which is about 1500 to 2000 pixels in length along its longest side. That size is large to look nice for the users with large screens, and the puzzle program will automatically scale the image down for the users with smaller screens. Image sizes larger than 2000 pixels are going to take longer to load with no added benefit.

You will be able to select the initial background color for your custom jigsaw puzzle. Remember that the users are able to change the background color to whatever they want after the puzzle loads. By the way, how to remove a custom jigsaw puzzle? Need to know that a custom jigsaw puzzle link cannot be removed. But you are able to remove, rename, or relocate the image file referenced by the puzzle, that will make your custom jigsaw puzzle unusable.

Multiplayer Jigsaw Puzzle Games

Jigsaw Explorer offers you to collaborate with your friends and family on the assembly of the same jigsaw puzzle via the internet. Each player will see the moves of the other players on their own screens as the group assembles the puzzle together. Any jigsaw puzzle and any custom jigsaw puzzle at Jigsaw Explorer can be played as a multiplayer game.

When you begin a jigsaw puzzle, you are going to see the multiplayer button for switching the puzzle to multiplayer mode. When you click the multiplayer button, you are going to be asked to enter a nickname to identify you to the other players who will join the game. After submitting a name, please click the “Create Game Link” button to switch the game to multiplayer mode.

After switching to multiplayer mode, you are going to be shown a game link which can be sent to the other people who you want to invite to join your game. You are able to record or bookmark the game link because that link is how you are going to return to the game later if you want to. Then, you are able to wait for the other players to join the game, or you are able to leave the game and use the game link to return at a later time.

When other people receive your game link, then they are able to click it to join your game. They are going to be asked to enter a nickname to identify themselves within the game. Then, you are going to see an alert within the game which notifies you a player has joined your game.

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