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Due to the current pandemic, studying at home is a norm. Teaching-learning online should be done to continue the education. From home, the teachers will give files and learning documents online. Usually, these things will be shared to the learning sites such as Course Hero.

For those who just heard about Course Hero, it is the name of the educational site. This one gives a lot of different kinds of questions and answers for the students. It is also treated as an online storage by the students.

In order to learn the materials shared by the teachers on Course Hero, the students have to know how to download the thing that they want. If you are one of the students who want to download something on that platform, you are suggested to keep reading the post until the end as it features the useful information for you.

There are a few ways to download the Course Hero and all of them can be done without logging in. One of them is through Course Hero Downloader. In order to download the Course Hero through Course Hero Downloader, you can follow these following instructions:

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to go to the official website of Course Hero at
  2. When you are there, you can copy the document file URL from the file that you want to download from the site. Go to Course Hero
  3. Feel free to copy directly from the address bar in the browser.
  4. The next thing that you need to do is to open a new tab in the browser.
  5. Then, head over to the Course Hero Downloader webtools page by clicking this  link:
  6. After that, paste the URL of the document file in the column. paste the URL of the document file in the column
  7. Once it is pasted, it is time for you to click the GET LINK button.
  8. Please follow the next steps well.

The method above is easier compared to the one given by Scribd by using the Scribd downloader. This method shows the way to use the Course Hero download link generator.

As mentioned before, there are several ways to download the Course Hero. Apart from via the Course Hero Downloader, there are also some other ones. The first alternative is to download Course Hero files with CHDL extension. This way is preferred by many. If you want to try this way, using the Chrome or Opera browser is recommended. What is good about this method is there is no need for you to log into the Course Hero account. You can follow the guide below to try this method:

  1. First of all, download the CHDL extension. CHDL is the name of the Chrome extension that is used to download the files from Course Hero. In case you have no idea where to get it, you can go to GitHub where it is available for free.
  2. After the process of downloading the extension is done, it is time for you to extract the zip file.
  3. Do not forget to enable the Developer Mode on the browser before installing the extension into the browser.
  4. In order to make it done, you will have to open the menu, which is the three dot icon. This one is able to be found in the upper right corner.
  5. Then, choose the More Tools option.  choose the More Tools option
  6. Afterwards, choose Extensions.
  7. Lastly, activate the Developer Mode. activating the Developer Mode
  8. For anyone who is using another browser other than Chrome such as Opera browser, please click on the Extensions icon instead. Next, Manage Extensions and then activate Developer Mode that is located in the upper right corner by clicking the toggle.
  9. Once the Developer Mode option is activated, you will be able to see a few additional menus on the screen.
  10. Upon seeing them, please choose and click the Load Unpacked option.
  11. In the first step, it is needed for you to find the folder that you extracted before.
  12. Then, choose the Min to install it. choose the Min to install it
  13. After that, click the Select Folder button.
  14. You will need to wait for a while until you see a notification saying that the CHDL extension has been successfully installed on your browser. CHDL extension has been successfully installed on your browser
  15. When the installation process of CHDL extension is finished, you are able to use it if you want to download files from the Course Hero.
  16. To be able to do that, you can just look for the file that you want to download and open it.
  17. Then, right click on the body of the file.
  18. In the next step, choose the CHDL option and then choose Download this file.
  19. Please wait for the process of downloading to complete and everything is done just like that. , choose the CHDL option and then choose Download this file

The third method of the second alternative to download the Course Hero is for the members of the premium versions. The active user of Course Hero must know that there two versions of using Course Hero. Aside from the free version, there is a premium one. Two of them are able to be equipped with the number of Unlock Documents points that are used to open specific protected files or documents. It has been known that not every file or every document on the site is able to be downloaded for free. If you are a bit confused whether the download that you get from Course Hero us a free download file or not, there is a way to find out, as follows:

  1. Firstly, you should enroll in Course Hero. Connecting your Gmail or Facebook account should be done if you want to sign up.
  2. After signing up, look for the file that you want and then open it.
  3. Next, scroll down and then click Views all pages.
  4. By following the step, the attached file will show up as a pop-up.
  5. Lastly, click the Download button that is located in the upper left corner to download the file.

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