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Many people realize that the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Exam is extremely hard. Those who can pass the exam are actually recognized as elite professionals, since it shows competence in a very sensitive and important field of business.

To pass the exam, people will try to look for the CFA study materials. Today, there are numerous free CFA materials scattered on the internet. However, you should be careful, since the CFA materials found on the internet may be inaccurate or outdated. Thankfully, we’ll show you some free CFA study materials you can get. Here you go!

Some Free CFA Study Materials

To get free CFA study materials, you have to spend a lot of time on the internet and you will easily find thousands of free resources that are available to help you learn about virtually anything. Even though some free preparation materials are a better use of your time than others, studying for the CFA is no different.

It is known that the CFA Exam consists of three parts such as level I, Level II and Level III. You definitely need to pass them, so you need to begin with Level I study material before you worry too much about the other two sections.

Here are some free CFA study materials!

1)  300Hours


The 300 Hours provides a free CFA exam study planner. Certainly, a study plan is a must-do for all CFA candidates to track progress, target improvements and manage time. The 300 Hours have created and shared their free, personalized CFA study Planner tool that has been used by over 50,000 happy candidates.

The 300 Hour study planner will help you to predict your CFA exam score, track all your study efforts, benchmark your mock scores against historical candidate data and also map the curriculum that you have covered, identify weak spots and auto-prioritize.

There are a number of features available on the 300 Hour Study Planner, including:

  1. CFA exam calculator guides

It will allow you to learn more BA II plus or HP12C calculator guides. When it comes to selecting the proper calculator for your CFA exam preparations, it can quickly get confusing and overly complicated.

  1. CFA exam tips

The 300Hour has around 10 commandments for all levels. It’s not strange if the CFA exam offers a painful process of studying and passing all 3 levels of the exams. What you should do is to just simply how to prepare for each level to maximize their opportunity of passing.

  1. Free probability distribution tables

You should know that common probability distributions can be a nightmare for some, particularly if you are new to statistics. Here’s the following list of probability distribution tables which you would have to learn how to use for Level 1 and 2:

  • Z-Table (Cumulative)
  • Student’s T-Distribution
  • F-Table at 5%
  • F-Table at 2.5%
  • Chi-Squared Table
  • Durbin-Watson Table

2) Kaplan Schweser

Kaplan Schweser

Kaplan Schweser offers the free trial CFA exam for a week that is available for all CFA levels. It provides free CFA fundamentals eBook for new and aspiring candidates. Of course, this is an excellent introduction to the main topic areas of the CFA level 1 exam. Each chapter on the CFA exam will conclude with a sample of multiple-choice questions, explanations and complete with answers.

3) UWorld


Uworld provides free 90-day access to CFA level 1 learning platform that is highly focused on passing the CFA exam through practice questions. This platform offers full access to their Level 1 package for 90 days, primarily focused on more than 2,000 practice questions that are accompanied with detailed explanations, the ability to create flashcards, calculator keystroke cards and notes easily as you practice.

4) Salt Solutions

Salt Solutions

The Salt Solutions offers a free trial for all CFA levels that are now live for level 1, 2 and 3. They provide a full CFA exam product, so you will be able to use this to prepare for your CFA exam fully.

5) IFT


IFT offers free important concepts for level 1 and level 2. IFT has been famous for its no nonsense that was founded by Arif Irfanullah, a CFA charterholder who has been helping CFA candidates pass the exams since 2011.

IFT has a really great free resource that is called ‘Essential concepts for level 1 and level 2 that they are giving away for free. That’s also running a free trial of its core CFA study product with hours of free sample video lectures, question banks, study notes and lecture slides for you to evaluate and then try it out.

6) Bloomberg Exam Prep

Bloomberg Exam Prep

Bloomberg Exam Prep offers a free 14-day trial that focuses on online learning, splitting learnings into micro lessons that are accompanied with thousands of practice exams. Well, their basic package alone actually comes with 7 full practice exams.

The lessons cover online learning for all 3 levels of the CFA exams, even though there are several complaints of quality issues for level 1 that they are working on ironing out.

7) CFA Institutes

CFA Institutes

CFA Institutes offers practice questions which are based on curriculum topics, designed to help strengthen your understanding of the curriculum when you study. CFA Institutes are 100% free from CFA Institutes that are available to all registered candidates of all levels.

Mock exams are provided by CFA Institute for all registered candidates who have access. It sounds obvious to some. However, there are quite numerous candidates every year who do not even know that they have free material from CFA Institute.

The number of mock exams and formats will vary from year to year. However, you don’t miss this chance to gain some practice directly from CFA Institute. In fact, CFA Institute makes those mocks from unused past year questions. It is as close to the real thing that you are going to get.

The mock exam is arranged with properly the same topic area weights, format as the actual exam and time per question. The multiple mocks will be released per Level 1 in the Learning Ecosystem about two months before your exam date.

Okay, those are the free CFA study materials list you can find on the internet.

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