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When the students learn within the Freckle, they surely will find  a number of student dashboards. Well, the Freckle student dashboards are designed to allow a customized experience for all students. Certainly, if you’re new to Freckle, you may not know yet how to use the dashboard, as there are some sections you should understand.

Thankfully, this post will show you a guide of Freckle Student Dashboard to make it easy for you to use it. So, let’s find out the Freckle Student dashboards guide through our post below!

Guide for Freckle Student Dashboards

Freckle Student Dashboard Guide
The students will find different dashboard designs provided for Kindergarten-2nd, 3rd-5th and also 6-12th grade students. You will see some section in all student dashboard:

  1. Student-guided practice

In this section, there are ‘Math’ and ‘ELA’ buttons to lead  the student to adaptive practice.

  1. Assignments

You will find an ‘Assignments’ button to lead the students to both ELA and Math assignments.

Let’s see the guide of Freckle student  dashboards for each grade:

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Dashboard

In the K-2d grade dashboard, you will find some sections, here are they:


  • Number Basics material will assist  the students with basic number recognition
  • Number Facts material will assist of  building your students’ basic number sense


  • Word Study will help to build your students’ foundational word patterns and  spelling.
  • Decodables assist the students to begin to learn and to read.
  • Sight Words assist the students to identify common words. Only Kindergarten-1 will see Sight Words on the student dashboard. However, the teachers of grade 2 will be able to add it to the student dashboard via the rosters page on the teacher dashboard.

From my teacher:

  • This section provides the teacher’s activities that they have assigned to their students.

The 3rd – 5th Grade Dashboard

In the The 3rd – 5th grade dashboard, you will find some sections, here are they:


  • This section can be found on the dashboard homepage.

The Math Button:

  • This button will lead the students to both  Adaptive Math Practice and Fact Practice.

The ELA Button:

  • This section leads the student to both ELA Skills Practice, Word Study, and self-guided reading practice.


  • This section shows some activities that the students have assigned from all subjects.

The 6th – 12th Grade Dashboard

In the 6th – 12th Grade Dashboard, you fill find some sections, here are they:

On the dashboard homepage, you will get some visible sections including:

  • Leaderboards
  • Activity Feeds
  • Growth
  • Goal Setting
  • Domain Mastery

The Math Button:

  • This button will lead the students to the Math Menu, in which they are able to select between Adaptive Math and Fact Practice.

The ELA Button:

  • This button will lead the students to the ELA menu, in which they are able to select between the ELA library, ELA Skills Practice and Word Study.

The Assignments Tracker:

  • It will show you all assignments that the students have not completed yet and have completed from the last 30 days.

Well, that’s a guide for all grade Freckle dashboards that will ease you to perform some certain activities within. So, make sure to understand the navigation available on the dashboards, based on your grade.

How Does Freckle Student Dashboard Work?

With the use of Freckle Education, the students will experience studying with a standard based program with resources for science, ELA, math and also social studies especially for K-8 students which adapts to individual student skills.

In the Freckle program, you will find more than 30,000 math questions and over 500 ELA articles which often encompasses science standards and social studies, as well as ELA standards. Aside from that, there are also five reading levels which are offered for each article.

This program provides students to play through different scaffolded levels of problems and articles to obtain coins. It also offers both teacher created assignments and adaptive practice.

Start Using Freckle

To start using the Freckle education program, certainly you have to get a class code and know the login portal. Sure, you can get a class code from your teacher.

Here’s for basic use of Freckle!

Step 1: Login into Freckle official site

Login into Freckle official site

  • You need to access Freckle at Alternatively, you can also download the Freckle app on iPad from Self Service.
  • Once you are at the login portal, you need to enter the student’s unique class code.

Step 2: Begin doing some activities

After you are at your Freckle dashboard, you will get started to use this education program. Your teacher probably uses Freckle in a few different ways including instructing the students to practice on their own in Freckle and assigning practice. The activities in Freckle can also depend on the level of instructions your school provides through the Freckle program.

In  Freckle, you will find some sections and perform the activities within, here are they:


The teachers probably select to assign work to the students. Then, a number of assignments will appear in the student’s dashboard. Through this section, the teachers will assign ELA practice, math practice or also social studies or social articles to the students. Of course, the students have to focus on assignments from their teacher, before taking other activities in Freckle.

Independent Practice

With the Independent Practice section, instead of assigning practice, the teachers probably simply require the students to practice in Freckle for a certain amount of time each day or week. It means that you’re able to access Freckle and practice on your own at any time, even if the teacher does not give you specific instructions.

Well, there are at least some different ELA, skill level-appropriate math and age-appropriate activities which you can practice independently. Moreover, the teacher probably inform you which activities you have to complete.


You can do some activities within Freckle. For Math, you will get Adaptive Math, Number Basics, Number Facts, Fact Practice. For ELA, you will get library activities, skill practice, grammar, decodables, Sight Word and Word Study.

Step3: Get Rewards

When the students answer the questions correctly, they surely will earn digital ‘coins’. They can then go to ‘Piggy Store’ to buy decorations for their avatar such as wigs, shirts and accessories,  after they’ve completed a level or also have earned a certain amount of coins.

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