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IS-1300 is one of the sections available on FEMA’s training, course and exam that talks about the Introduction to Continuity of Operations. On FEMA’s course, the Continuity of Operations is very important to learn, since it relates to the importance of continuity planning for organizations and communities.

Do you try to find out the FEMA IS-1300 Test Answers, but you do not get it yet? No worries! We’ll show you how to get FEMA IS-1300 test answers in an easy way. Okay, let’s see the way to obtain the test answers of the FEMA IS-1300 course through our post below!

FEMA IS-1300

Aims of FEMA IS-1300 Course

The FEMA IS-1300 course is intended to put down the foundation of knowledge for students who want to increase their understanding of continuity and establish a comprehensive continuity program in their organization or jurisdiction.

The students have to achieve a minimum passing score of 75% on final knowledge assessments or show mastery on performance assessments or research assignments to get the IACET CEU.

The aim to learn for the Continuity of Operations plan is to make sure the critical business function can continue or resume during and/or after a disaster. The person who must be involved in the creation of a continuity of operations plan is typically a staff member with access to senior management that is appointed as a liaison.

The Continuity of Operations plan may take 3 months from start to finish with assistance and feedback from the Continuity of Operation Program Manager. However, not all departments are required to develop a continuity of operations plan. In this case, Mission Essential Functional Areas (MEFA) are pre-determined divisions required to develop and maintain a continuity of operations plan.

You may learn about the needs that will be included in a continuity of operations plan. However, knowing what needs to be included in a plan does not need to be a hard task. At UNT, departments will have access to Mean Green Ready that takes you step-by-step through the process of making a plan. After all sections are filled in, the program will consolidate the information into a continuity of operations plan.

What Can the Students Learn on FEMA IS-1300 Course?

The FEMA IS-1300 course actually introduces the students to the fundamentals of continuity including the definition of continuity, the important elements of a continuity program, and the importance of continuity planning.

It is known that Continuity is a critical part of every organization’s mission to ensure the continuation of their important functions and services during a broad range of circumstances. That’s why learning about the Continuity of Operations is very important for those who are on FEMA’s training.

There are some course objectives that the participants should do  after completing this course. Here are the course objectives of the IS-1300 FEMA’s course:

  • Defining continuity
  • Explaining the importance of continuity planning for organizations and communities
  • Identifying elements that are required for a continuity program in your organization.
  • Explaining the key elements of a continuity program.
  • Describing the Whole Community approach to continuity planning.

How to Get FEMA IS-1300 Test Answers?

Unfortunately, we cannot directly show you the test answers of the FEMA IS-1300 course, since we didn’t get it, though we have taken a little research to get those answers. However, there’s no internet source that provides the FEMA IS-1300 test answer for free. Instead, you should make a purchase to get a FEMA IS-1300 test answer that costs $9.99.

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Okay, that’s how to get the answers of the FEMA IS 1300 test. Hopefully, you will get the high score of your FEMA test, after learning and getting reference from our post.

FEMA IS-1300 Test Answer Quizlet

FEMA test answers are commonly available on some sites that inform about FEMA’s courses such as femacourses.comtraining.fema.govfemacourseanswers.com, and others. After a little research, we found the answers of the FEMA IS-1300 test on Quizlet. However, the question and answer come in the form of flashcards.

Certainly, we’re not sure that they are real for the FEMA IS-1300 test. But if you’re wondering about the FEMA IS-1300 test answers available on Quizlet, we’ll show them for you below!

FEMA IS-1300 Continuity of Operations Planning flashcards:

  1. Goal
  • Familiarize self w/ requirements and resources available on SORM’s website
  1. The State of Texas
  • must be prepared to ensure the continuing performance of critical government functions under all conditions, including emergencies that disrupt normal operations.
  1. Effective Continuity Planning that identifies critical functions..
  • identifies
  • personnel
  • facilities
  • resources required to continue delivery of those functions -ensures resources will be available when needed through coordination w/ partners and stakeholders.
  1. Requirements for State Agencies Continuity Planning are established …
  • Texas Labor Code (Section 412.054)
  • Security standards in Rule §202.24 of the Texas Administrative Code
  1. Agencies assisting Texas State agencies in the development of actionable Continuity of Operations are..
  • SORM
  • Texas Office of Homeland Security
  • Texas Division of Emergency Management
  1. SORM’s Milestone List
  • Links to spreadsheets, data sheets, and tables that will help with their planning process.
  1. Direct COOP Plan Submissions to…
  1. FEMA Plans, Exercises, and Evaluation Templates found on…
  1. COOP Training and Additional Resources found on..

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