FEMA IS-1107: Adjuster Customer Service Course Overview

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IS-1107 is one of the sections available on FEMA’s exams that talks about the Adjuster Customer Service. This course is designed as a preparation for participants in dealing with customer’ complaints and also as the first person in responding to various problems happening to customers related to the flood natural disaster.

The participant who is taking the FEMA IS-1107 later will be an adjuster customer service who will directly interact with the policyholder once a flood occurs. As an adjuster, you will play an important role in representing the National Flood Insurance Program. This course focuses on how the adjuster handles the customer to get fewer appeals and closes faster.

FEMA IS-1107 Adjuster Customer Service Course Overview

The Objectives of FEMA IS-1107 Course

Just like other FEMA courses, the IS-1107 course also has several objectives that the participants need to do once completing this course. Certainly, there are some objectives available on FEMA IS-1107 course, here they are:

  • To make and maintain customer-centric focus during every policyholder interaction.
  • To establish rapport using empathy, integrity, likeability, sincerity, and friendliness.
  • To respond to and communicate effectively with policyholders.
  • To project a professional image by being prepared, respectful, having a game-plan, and knowing the Program.

After successfully passing the FEMA’s exams, you will then get a Certificate of Achievement noting CE earned through the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET).

Each hour of instruction completed will earn 0.1 CE Unit through IACET (.1 CE Unit = one CE). If you are joining a FEMA EMI Independent Study course in order to get CE, you need to confirm in advance that your professional board or other preferred entity would accept IACET CE.

It’s important to note, this course is not approved for continuing education (CE) credit by any State Department of Insurance. Additionally, EMI online courses cannot also be used to accomplish the adjuster authorization requirements for 2017 or for maintaining the Flood Control Number (FCN).

Questions of FEMA IS-1107 Exam

If you are looking for FEMA IS-1107 questions that will be available on exam, you will really get the questions in our post. Let’s see the questions of the FEMA IS-1107 exams below!

  1. Which of the following describes “The Platinum Rule?”

a. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
b. Treat others as you would treat yourself
c. Always let your conscience be your guide
d. The good that you do comes back to you

  1. Which of the following defines the word sincerity?

a. Seeing oneself in another’s shoes
b. Acting in a kind and pleasant manner
c. Showing regard and appreciation for someone’s worth
d. Being without deceit or pretense

  1. Which of the following defines the word empathy?

a. Seeing oneself in another’s shoes
b. Acting in a kind and pleasant manner
c. Showing regard and appreciation for someone’s worth
d. Being without deceit or pretense

  1. Which of the following best defines active listening?

a. Demonstrating that you have heard and understand the policyholder’s concerns
b. Acting in a kind and pleasant manner
c. Hearing the policyholder’s words
d. Seeing yourself in the policyholder’s shoes

  1. What is the most appropriate way for an adjuster to dress when inspecting a claim?

a. A collared shirt, such as a polo shirt; slacks, such as chinos; and shoes
b. T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers
c. A button-down shirt and tie
d. It depends on the claim

  1. Ed, an adjuster, has a heavy caseload after a recent flood. He arrives at a property to adjust a claim and thinks, “Well, this place was obviously a dump to begin with. I can get through this claim quickly and move on to the next property.” How did Ed violate the principles of a customer-centric focus?

a. By letting the modest nature of the property affect how he adjusted the claim, Ed did not treat the policyholder with dignity and respect
b. By calling the customer back within the promised timeframe, Ed demonstrated good communication skills
c. By explaining coverages to the policyholder, Ed instilled confidence
d. By actively listening to the policyholder’s concerns

Answers of FEMA IS-1107 Exam

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