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You may get numerous issues when accessing the D2L at East Tennessee State University. Don’t worry! However, the users who get the issues with the D2L at ETSU are not only you. Of course, there are many users including ETSU’s students, faculty and also staff who have the same problem.

If you get any D2L issues at ETSU, the Help Support will provide the problem troubleshootings to give the solutions for the users, surely based on the issues they encounter. So, what are the kinds of issues that you may encounter when accessing the D2L at ETSU? See the issues you face and find out the solutions for  your issues below!

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ETSU Help Support Contact

ETSU definitely provides the Help Support in helping the users either the students, faculty or also staff who face any issues related to the D2L. The users who encounter the D2L issues at ETSU are allowed to request and complain for your problems by phone, chat, email and also request form.

Thankfully, we’ll explain each method below!

  • By Phone

You can contact the Help Support directly by phone at 423-439-4648 (ext. 94648 from campus phones). However, making a call to Help Support is only performed when you are in urgent condition. Alternatively, if your problem is not urgent and still can be handled by exploring and reading some tips and tricks, we think that complaining by phone to ETSU Help Support is not allowed.

  • By Chat

Aside from making a call to ETSU Help Support, you can also tell your problem in finding out the solution by chat. To start a chat session, you can access the chatting support here. Once you access this link, you will be taken into a pop-up window that allows you to choose what they can help you with.

In the pop-up window, you will see a list of department you would like to reach, including:

  • General ATS Support
  • D2L Faculty Support
  • Synchronous Online Support

As you encounter the D2L issues, of course, you should select the D2L Faculty Support. After that, you have to enter your name, your email address and your questions. Make sure to tell your problems on the available bar as accurately as possible to let the ETSU Support team give you the best solution. Last, click on the ‘Start Chat’ button to start chatting with the ETSU Help Support.

  • By Email

If you are not in an urgent situation for the D2L, it’s better for you to send them an email. You can message the ETSU Help Support at Then, make sure to tell what your issues are and ask them to give the solutions for your D2L problems.

  • By Form

Help Desk Contact Form is also better to use when you are not urgent where you can feel free to use the form. If your issue is with your ETSU email account, you can enter a different email address that you have access to in the Email field. After that, you need to include your ETSU email address in the body of the message.

The Help Desk Contact Form can be obtained here.

The available forms that you should fill include:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Attach the supported files (optional)

Okay, those are all Help Support Contacts that you can contact to explain your problems and get the solutions.

Kinds of the D2L Issues You May Encounter

This post will also show you any kinds of issues that you may encounter when working with the D2L at ETSU. Here are they:

  1. Can’t login to D2L ETSU

The login issue is a common problem that most people encounter when working with the D2L at ETSU. If you get an issue where you cannot log into D2L ETSU that you can access here, your ETSU credentials may be wrong.

Well, the credentials here are the same username and password which you can use to login at the computer labs on campus. So, if you cannot login because of a wrong username or password, you can recover your username and password through the ‘Get Back into your account’ page here.

Alternatively, you can contact the staff to recover your ETSU credentials. Here are the alternative links that you can access if you cannot log into the official link: If you take an RODP class at ETSU, you may want to navigate to RODP’s D2L instance. In this case, RODP classes are hosted on a separate D2L page from ETSU courses. If you want to reset your password. (If you’re not sure what your password is or have to reset it, you can click the ‘Reset your ETSU Password’ link)

  1. Can’t find your courses at D2L

If you cannot find your courses at D2L, perhaps your instructor hasn’t submitted it yet. To view your courses at D2L ETSU, you should go to the Content feature that you can find in the top navigation bar.

However, all list courses that your instructor submit will be available on the Content section. This D2L feature is organized by modules and sub-modules. Of course, your instructor’s naming convention will vary, however, the navigating and accessing documentation will work the same.

  1. Don’t get notifications

Some of D2L ETSU students may get an issue where they do not get any notifications from the D2L. However, notification is the most important thing to inform you of the courses which have been submitted by your instructors or other information related to D2L.

Well, to get the D2L ETSU Notification, you can utilize the ‘opt-in’ option in order to receive email alerts or also text messages when their instructors submit a D2L course.

  1. Can’t use calendar to schedule

You may  get an issue where the D2L calendar is not working to schedule your assignments due dates, virtual office hours, exams and more that your instructor will submit to you. Aside from that, you can also add personal tasks to assist track group meetings, deadlines and milestones.

If you get this issue, make sure that you access the Calendar by clicking on the ‘Communication’ link group located in the top navigation bar and choose Calendar from the drop-down menu. If you still have a problem, don’t hesitate to contact teh D2L ETSU Help Support.

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