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Reference modules from Elsevier are comprehensive online peer-reviewed source which cover all aspects of interdisciplinary areas of study in the sciences. Reference modules from Elsevier provide collections which are subject focused of current encyclopedic and comprehensive articles and these are combined with new and exclusively-written articles within the discipline to make one online information source which is authoritative hosted  on a trusted platform named ScienceDirect.

This content is time-stamped, continuously updated and curated by an expert Editorial Board and it is built for the demands of today’s research environment to be able to support the seamless success of researchers and students.

Reference Modules in Elsevier Evolve are the one-stop subject solution which are:

  • Continuously advancing. It means that the content is continuously reviewed, updated, commissioned, and date- stamped.
  •  Authoritative. It means that each Reference Module is overseen by an expert editorial board appointed for their stature in their field.
  • Comprehensive. It means that the modules cover all areas of the field and the Reference Modules provide understanding of the whole spectrum of the subject, essential for researchers and scholars working across multiple disciplines.
  • On ScienceDirect. It links to relevant journal articles and book chapters.
  • Foundational: Reference Modules in Elsevier Evolve provide the fundamental understanding of a subject, important for students and interdisciplinary researchers needing an up to date and accurate overview of the field.

In the website of Elsevier Evolve, there are two kinds of logging in including students and educator. If you are a student, you are able to click on “I’m a Student” and if you are an educator, you are able to click on “I’m an Educator”. Then, you will be brought to a page where you are able to find Sign In in the top right corner. Click on that Sign In menu if you want to log in. After clicking that, there will be two fields appearing which includes username or email address and also password. So, make sure that you have registered so that you are able to log in to Elsevier Evolve to get access to modules. Then, if you have entered your username or email address and password, you have to hit the Sign In button under the fields. If you do not have an account yet, you are able to click on Create Account under the Sign In button. Then, if you forget your username or password, you are able to click on Forgot Username or Password link under the Create Account link. If you click on the Forgot Username or Password link, there will appear a pop up window where you have to enter your username or email address which then you will be sent an email containing your username and a link to a secure web page where you are able to reset your password.

Well, if you need scientific, technical, and medical resources, you are able to rely on Elsevier Evolve because Elsevier has published more than 430,000 articles annually in 2,500 journals. Its archives contain more than 13 million documents and 30,000 e-books with total downloads amount to more than 900 million yearly.

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